Dina Lohan approves of nude Lindsay photos

February 20th, 2008 // 77 Comments

Dina Lohan approved of her daughter Lindsay’s nude photo shoot with famed photographer Bert Stern. Dina felt the photos were “tastefully done” and defended Lindsay to People magazine:

“I respect the photographer as an artist, so I look at them artistically. For him to call Lindsay 46 years later and to say can you recreate these photos is an honor. I looked at it as art, and as Lindsay doing a character. So I don’t look at them like it’s Playboy; she was being a character. So if you look at it that way, you can look at it as a mother…. I wouldn’t have sent my 14-year-old to the set [if the shoot was in bad taste]. And obviously Lindsay wouldn’t do anything with her sister there, that was risqué.”

Because walking around topless in front of an impressionable 14-year-old isn’t risque. Genius. Dina Lohan, everybody: Exhibiting the parenting skills of a wombat since 1986.

Photo: New York Magazine

  1. BOB

    stupid cunt

  2. 1

    *since 1986

  3. Doomhammer

    The title should read “Whore mother approves of whore daughter”

  4. deacon jones

    I always thought this chick was hot, minus the freckles, but man does she have a nice ass and pair of tits, the fake eyelashes look pretty shitty on her though

  5. BOB

    yup 3, everyone on long island knows she sleeps with married men

  6. Zee Brat

    It’s really not a big deal. They’re artistic nudes. Lots of actresses/models have done them. I really do think its an honor that he wanted to take those photos of Lindsay. They came out great. Does she look exactly like Monroe? No, because she’s not fucking Marilyn Monroe.

  7. heather

    She is another topless girl! She looks hot! Someone saw her profile with hot & sexy photos on ‘M e e t R i c h. c o m’, a dating site for celebrities and
    millionaires. It seems the profile looks sincere and attractive. Is it real!?

  8. Boop

    they should use this picture for anti drug commercials. crack is wack.

  9. kimmy

    why on every single post of lindsay, no matter how clearly terrible this hag looks… there is always someone posting “she is so sexy. look at her ass and tits omggg.” does lindsay people you people or are your eyes not working properly??? she has the body of a boy, underdeveloped nipples, wrinkly hag face, eyes like a holocaust victim, disgusting arms, and freckles on every single part of her body. is this really what men find hot nowadays??? what am i missing please let me know

  10. Anon

    Why do women seem to think playboy is full frontal hardcore porn.
    It’s far more tasteful than the other rag mags.

    Most of the pics are like that unless the one i seen was a one off.
    Like that but with attractive girls… mostly.

  11. lipper

    If she doesn’t want to LOOK like a bad impersonator of Monroe, then she shouldn’t of done a shoot like Monroe. Simple as that.

    And I don’t think they are good at all, rather dull and think it could’ve been a lot more ORIGINAL. All I’m saying.

  12. Thumper

    I kind of like all the freckles. Especially the big, pre-cancerous one on her lip. It makes me want to fuck her so hard I get her mother pregnant. Even though Dina most likely has already gone through the “changes”.

  13. alan

    Not hot at all. Flabtacular body composition, freckles, crappy skin, and a face that looks like she’s forty years old.

  14. Phillip McGraw PhD

    Just ’cause “parent” and “pimp” start with the same letter doesn’t make it right for a Momma to act like a whorehouse Madame. Having Dina Lohan as a mother is like trading your parachute for a cinder block before jumping. i don’t want to be judgmental here but when the hound starts walking that funny, somebody screwed the pooch, goddammit.

    –Dr Phil

  15. LL

    Dina should’ve talked her out of that fugly blonde hair. It makes her look like an old whore.

    I think Marilyn was at least 10 years older than Lohan when the original pictures were taken and still looked several times better.

  16. How’s this for art? I just sprayed a map of Indonesia on my monitor.

  17. Shandra

    She has droopy tits and a fugly face. No curves whatsoever. Amazing that she could think she could do Monroe, who had a figure and was gorgeous in the face. She is a pitiful excuse for Monroe. Monroe also had talent.

  18. Freckles should be outlawed.

  19. PrettyBaby

    #16 Fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I’m with #3 Doomhammer

  21. Hi Baby!! Hi Rich!!!!

  22. fergernauster

    Yeah. The cheap-whore wig’s gotta go. I agree. She doesn’t do blonde well at all.

    And the freckles… sweet mammy brown, I cannot get past them to even look at her non-existent curves and sloppy breasts.

    These pics are a disappointment.

  23. I wonder if her firecrotch has freckles too….. Hey Rich, go check for me!!!!

  24. mariaC

    pleas dew knowt maek fUn of hAir!!!!# She lokes luveLy in ph0tograffs! Seh is jeSt like marrylin Munro!!!!!!!!! i LoV linsey!!

  25. Stjepan

    all i gotta say is Long Island…….. there isn’t much more to write about, it explains everything

  26. #19 – In all fairness, this joke has been told by countless people in the past… but they usually choose Hawaii or the Florida Keys… I spew in buckets.

    #18 – Her freckles remind me that my power spray painter is on the fritz, and my wall is mottled.

  27. #25 – Have you ever been to a mall in Long Island? It’ll make you a walking boner.


    the only old speckled hen i like comes in a bottle.

  29. Auntie Kryst

    Dina YOUR daughter is a cinnamon whore. I like how she tries to convince herself that these pictures are art and not global wide jerk off material. She wants to convince herself she is a good MOMMA.

    PS, I put a couple words in CAPITAL LETTERS to make a stronger point. All I’m saying.

  30. fergernauster

    Toss aside this befreckled bimbo.

    Didja all know that TYRA BANKS crapped her size-16 pantaloons @ the recent Fashion Week in NYC???!!!

  31. Fag

    My hard cock approves of the pictures, too.
    I’ve printed out all of these pictures and have put them on my walls.

  32. She’s re-creating Marilyn (who is vomiting in her grave, BTW) and Marilyn was kind of a whore. So, there you go.

    That being said, God DAMN she’s ugly, spotty, and misshapen!!

    (don’t care if I spelled that right)

  33. fergernauster

    Tyra Banks shitting her diapers is a far more interesting story than this…

    C’mon, Superfish… DELIVER!

  34. Go, if you want to read about Tyra’s shit, go back a few days and read it already. OLD NEWS!!!!!

  35. Racer X

    What is she 12 yrs. old? Why is the mother giving a statement?

    /Only in Uhmerica

  36. Harry Ballzack

    7. heather – February 20, 2008 10:25 AM
    She is another topless girl I would love to eat out ….She looks hot! Someone saw her profile with STANK & WET photos on ‘M e e t b i c h e s DOT co m’, a dating site for DUMB CUNTS and STUPID ASSHOLES I spam for

    Ahh Heather ….. I knew you had lesbo in you …. it shows in your comments
    (hahahahahaha ………………………………..)

  37. D. Richards (Pedo.)

    Of course Lohan’s mommy isn’t going to protest what essentially creates a career.

    Oh boy! Lohan’s barely teenaged sister was at the ‘shoot’?! I wonder what the little tyke was thinking about while looking at her big sister’s naked body. Was she fantasizing about tasting her big sister’s — I, agh, my stomach’s upset. I’ll be in the bathroom for twenty minutes.

    Hold my calls.

  38. fergernauster

    RP… I am bored. Please paint a mental pic of Long-Island mall-girls for me… and make it I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G. Tickle my privates.

    Thanking you in advance…

  39. nude dude

    Ladies and Gentleman, you are staring into the face of moral decay.

  40. this whore has been looking for an excuse to take off her clothing and an “artful” photoshoot was just that. she looks horrid from her straight hips to her freckled body. when she is laying on her belly, she has the ass of a five year old lying on the living room rug. and how in theFUCK did her implants get so saggy in only 4 years? rememeber when she wore the potato sack dress and her TITS LOOKED LIKE POTATOES? why did she think it would be good to let them sag, to prove they’re real? pathetic whore, hideous photos, an insult to marilyn monroe, and a nsaty pasty body to boot. maybe she should do dome good acting and get some attention rather than always flashing all of her nasty privates.

  41. HehMorons

    1. To all the girls calling her a “whore” don’t pretend that you don’t let people take pictures of you naked. You can pretend you don’t but you’re lying.
    2. The girls calling her nams are simply jealous. She may have issues but her body is great and she is attractive. It’s okay. Why don’t you stop eating those twinkies and put down that soda and you might be able to look good naked.
    3. It’s not like she is shoving a dildo up her vag. You clearly don’t understand the point of the photos, which is fine.
    4. The person who claimed Lohan didn’t look like Monroe and shouldn’t have done the photos, learn to read. The photographer didn’t pick Lohan because she might have looked like Monroe. If you knew anything about Miss. Monroe her personality traits fit along with Lohan, Hilton, and so on. She was always in the paper and everyone wanted to know what she was doing.

    The end.

  42. to hehmorons

    i am a guy calling her a whore so am i jealous? she looks like a slut to me and not a hott slut but a nasty pathetic slut. tyra shitting her pants is more itneresting than this ho.

  43. barcham

    What the hell is the problem Americans have with seeing a bare breast? What is so obscene about it? Go to most beaches in Europe and you will see topless women everywhere as well as families with children of all ages. And no one there is screaming about obscenity. Grow up.

  44. Sam

    Talk about pimping your daughter. Where are these people’s moral compasses? The Bermuda Triangle? Did we really need to see another Marilyn impressionist? And a BAD one at that? If I were Lindsey, I wouldn’t have let them print those photos. They make her look pasty and pudgy and not a pretty young woman. Her body has no definition. Doing a hundred crunches b4 the shoot was like dieting on the day of your 20th high school reunion.

  45. 10pound

    AGREED #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    stupid cunt

  46. Bunny

    #43 seeing a topless woman on the beach in Europe is one thing but seeing a topless Lohan is just wrong….putting a blonde wig on a 2 ton gorilla would be more pleasing to the palate

  47. Nita

    Anna Nicole Smith did a photo shoot as Marilyn Monroe and the resemblance was amazing & quite beautiful…but Lohan is a disgrace to her memory

  48. I would gamble that 90% of you chcicks could only pray to have tits this nice… I would also gamble that about 90% of you chicks would keep your inferior tits as thanks for not looking like a walking measles outbreak.

    #38 – The saddest thing about seeing a LI hottie in the mall, stepping out of her Beemer, LV bag in hand, 7even jeans fitting snuggly around well shaped curves, enough hairspray to freeze King Kong in his tracks, manicured everything, a hint of expensive thong and matching bra, pouty full “I’ll blow you” lips, name brand spike heels, bedazzled cell phone, bulging breasts, VS, Bebe, and Neiman Marcus bags in hand, is when they open their mouths and you find out they’re 16 or 17.

    Sad… really.

  49. fergernauster

    Let’s just cap it quite nicely and admit that Lindsay looks like a twat here.

  50. Matthew

    the parting mom is at it again

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