Dina Lohan Wants to Sue ‘Glee’

November 18th, 2010 // 45 Comments

Despite the fact this is the kind of shit that has finally turned her daughter against her, Dina Lohan is shoving her gin funnel in the press again after Gwyneth Paltrow played a Spanish teacher on Glee who used a creative method to reach her students. Gossip Cop reports:

In the scene, Paltrow’s character asks in Spanish (and translated via subtitles onscreen): “Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right?”
Then, in an effort (presumably) to teach the students the number 5, Paltrow’s character quizzes, “How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab?”
… Well, Dina Lohan is not letting this slide. She tells Gossip Cop, “Our lawyers are sending a letter” to “Glee” on the grounds that the show allegedly defamed the actress who, by all accounts, is working hard on her recovery.

Right. Because absolutely no one was aware Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of rehab almost as much as Charlie Sheen until Glee brought it up. This whole time we just assumed she lived a quiet, unsung life teaching inner-city youths the power of calculus. Damn you and your saucy song-and-dance numbers, Glee. Now those kids’ll never make it to the Math-Off. How do you sleep at night?

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  1. NeNe

    Who doesn’t Dina wanna sue? She is a money grubbing bitch, and since Lindsay cannot support Dina right now, she has to get her money elsewhere. I thought the show was hilarious. I do not think it will affect her rehab in any way, and I do not see any merit for Dina to file a law suit. Then again, isn’t she the same woman who caused a stink at Carvel?

    • Randal

      Well… duh!

      The Lohan name is well known worldwide and using it as a reference is taking away royalties that the family is not collecting.

      Lately Lindsay has been keeping it on the low-down but when she does POP back into the scene, she’s doing it with a BANG, as seen here with her pattened pout while sporting a cute summer dress.


  2. NeNe


    Maybe someone should sue Dina for being an awful parent.

  3. I guess that’s how the “C” sues it. ;)

  4. Eric

    Maybe Dina Lohan should get a job and stop capitalizing on her daughter’s fame and misfortune.

  5. Hello

    Can Dina Lohan please burst into flames?

    The fact that she’s been divorced from Michael Lohan all these years and claims to hate the sight of him, yet still uses his last name, shows what a famewhore this woman is. She can’t bear to let go of Lindsay’s last name, because that’s where the money is.

  6. Punky

    Too bad the suit will be thrown out. You really can’t defame someone who’s out in the public light. Lindsey didn’t lose any money and her career wasn’t harmed by the mention of her. Sorry Dina, maybe you need to stop using shady lawyers, it’s not like you can pay them anyway.

    • Also dont u have to be the victim to sue for slander?

      Get a real job dina you fucking leech

      • Rather

        Unfortunately this exact ploy has already paid off for Team Lohan at least once. Remember the E*Trade Super Bowl commercial? E*Trade, presumably in an effort to get the entire thing behind them, settled out of court. The terms were confidential, but someone leaked that a monetary settlement of some type was involved.

        It’s too bad E*Trade didn’t use the name Britney; Starbucks is a lot cheaper than coke.

        “Wha? They’s all gonna give me a $50 gift card to Starbucks? Tell dem to throw in a bucket of chicken and dey’s got a deal!”

        I’m probably overplaying Britney’s negotiating skills.

  7. Photoshop Police

    ‘WANTS’ to sue.
    Probably won’t, because:

    a) Her daughter has already de-famed herself. You can’t get much more defamer-erred. (yes, I know it’s not a word!)

    b) She will be wasting whatever $$ she has left on lawyers.

    c) She secretly wants to be on Glee and this is her way to get them to notice her.

    d) She’s still trying to be on good behavior to get her daughter’s free ice cream privileges restored.

  8. devilsrain

    what a waste of time

  9. herbiefrog

    what a beautiful young lady…

    …and all you can talk about
    …is the drama
    …surrounding her
    …i.e her supposed parents ?

    keep on keeping on babe ))

  10. Troy

    Uh, it’s not defamation since it is used in that context. And it is no secret that it is true. Now if they said something like Lindsay Lohan f’s monkeys in Africa while killing babies; that would be defamation.

    • dumbass

      It’s not defamation if it’s true – are you sure she doesn’t fu(k monkeys in africa while killing babies? do you have any pictures of her in africa not killing babies while fu(king monkeys? Besides, you’re assuming anyone gives a rat’s ass about african babies or monkeys. If God gave a sh!t about africans he wouldn’t have put them in africa, now would he?

  11. anonymous

    I don’t think Paltrow’s comments on Glee can be defamatory if they are true.

    x100 on Dina being sued for awful parenting.

  12. guitarguypa

    Can I sue Dina for being a bad human? I want money, because if some alien race lands on Earth and meets her, we’re doomed…

  13. Euroman

    She looks hot sober and all cleaned up. I’ll hit that any day

  14. first up they are not allowed to use a person’s name without permisson.

    If Dina gave permission to use her name. then she can’t sue for shit. all this is gonna do is scare people from giving them writing credits.

    BTW I still want to do Natalie portman in the ass.
    Yes i am dragging another story into this one. but hey who can blame on that one.


    White oprah is so fucking delusional. You can’t defame someone if you use information about them that’s in the public domain. Lindsay lohan has serious mental issues (probably caused by her bitch of a mother) and has been to rehab 5 times. Apparently, if you live in WO’s world, the facts mean little; the only thing that matters is “no one is allowed to make fun of lindsay”. Well, the jokes on you, bitch; this is going to get thrown out immediately. Suck on it, Dina!

    • Pangulin

      The problem with this line of reasoning is the fact that you have to have been a reasoning and intelligent straight (as in not high) person in order to be delusional. She can’t begin to see that there is anything wrong with Lindsay’s lifestyle because Lindsay learned it from her momma. Remember, Lindsay doesn’t have an addiction. At least, that is the “truth” according to WO. I truly believe she has told that tale so many times, she convinced herself that Lindsay was just visiting those rehab centers to aid them with patient morale. You know, like the USO does for our troops with celebrity visits to our men and women in uniform around the globe. There is also the possibility that she thought it was just a way for Lindsay to take a vacation in a spa setting where the paparazzi could not cause LiLo any troubles by telling lies about her actions and drunken/drugged out state of mind.
      Sadly for Lindsay, she lacks the moral strength to tell this worthless waste of skin to take a long walk off of a cliff or face a lawsuit for allegedly being a parent.
      I think that Dina’s and for that matter Michael’s disappearances, would do wonders for Lindsay’s rehabilitation and recovery from the damage that has been done to her life.

  16. LJ

    Can the State of California ( i.e taxpayers) sue Lohan for Court cost for all the crap she has put the Courts through in the past year?

  17. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Milk -a-whaaa??

  18. Frito

    I failed the bar exam 6 times, but isn’t defamation saying things that are NOT true. Dina Lohan is awful.

  19. If anyone wants to sue, it should be LINDSAY, not Lindsay’s gold digging mother. Someone put a muzzle on this old skank already. If I were Lindsay I’d kick the shit outta her. Speaking of Lindsay, anyone else notice she is starting to look healthy and delicious again?

  20. Oh with regards to my last post, Lindsay is over the age of 18. In order to sue for defamation of character the person being defamed, if alive, must sign off on the suit. Lindsay’s mother has no right to sue anyone on behalf of Lindsay because she isn’t the guardian of Lindsay’s estate or of Lindsay.

  21. just me

    “Explain the dinosaurs to me then, eh ?”

    Dina-saur? … that’s Lindsay’s mom.

  22. Ryan

    lmao Dina’s an idiot. So is Lindsay. First E*TRADE, now Glee. These dumb bitches will sue anyone for anything.

    • Pangulin

      Ryan, it has been stated on several sites today that Lindsay is furious with her mother (I use the term loosely) for this latest action. In fact it was reported earlier today that Lindsay thought was funny.
      I think we should try very hard to separate the antics of the bi+&h from the young woman she supposedly gave birth to. White Oprah has only her own interests in mind whenever she opens her mouth……well, only her primary interests in mind…”Got to Have Press Coverage !! Got to Get Money For Me,UHH I Meant, Lindsay!”‘

  23. martin beck

    I don’t know what the fuck Dina Lohan is complaining about . Very early in my career ( during the punic wars ) my agent told me ” there is no such thing as bad publicity . I notice on IMDB Lindsey has a shit load of work ahead of her

    Hey man I love lindsey ( actually I love her legs )


    • Pangulin

      The rest of her physicality (read: Boobs and Butt) isn’t too bad either. She can take the place of the comforter on my bed this winter. I am quite sure that she would keep it very warm at “Casa Pangulin”. As her reward for services rendered,I would make sure her rehab continues undisturbed by things like visits for her “parental units” demanding their monthly cash rewards for being such marvelously protective parents.
      What a pair of wasted bags of skin, those two really are. Between White Oprah threatening to sue half of the U.S. for misusing her daughter’s vaunted name and Michael calling out parents of other teen and twentysomething stars (Demi Lovato’s dad), then threatening them with violence, you just have to believe the reason Lindsay is an addict is to escape from the world they have created for her.
      Maybe, Lindsay truly isn’t an “addict”….. maybe she is a “chemically enabled” runaway!

  24. Lindsay Lohan
    Commented on this photo:

    why are their outfits so matchy-matchy?

  25. Lindsay looks so beautiful here!! At least she isn’t fat like 90% of American women bahaha

  26. Remy Cool

    Glee isn’t trying to publicly defame Lindsay. She does a good enough job of that on her own, and I’m guessing that the reason she’s so twisted is because of issues with (as if it wasn’t painfully obvious) her mother.

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