Dina Lohan Sold Abuse Photos To Entertainment Tonight. Of Course.

Dina Lohan Black Eye

When you’re a pimp stupid enough to leave your ho in another country unsupervised, of course that trick is going to start holding out on you, so here’s Dina Lohan in an old photograph from the 80s where she’s allegedly sporting a black eye from Michael which she naturally sold to Entertainment Tonight. (I’m not positive if the baby’s Lindsay, but it looks like it wants to steal something just off-camera, so probably.) Because why only get paid for an interview when you can hold out and sell the photos, too, thus double-milking your family’s shame and dysfunction? Or possibly even triple-milk if Barbara Walters plunks down on the rape kit Dina kept in a lockbox for 20 years. Legend goes, Michael’s pube is still attached to it…

Photo: Courtesy of ET Online