Denise Richards Is Done Taking Care of Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller’s Demon Twins

November 6th, 2013 // 45 Comments
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While Brooke Mueller‘s been bouncing in and out of rehab and/or jail, Denise Richards stepped up and assumed temporary care of her twins Bob and Max because Charlie Sheen fills his mansion with porn stars. Except she’s quitting this bitch because they’re dead-eyed, shit-throwing zombies who tried to murder her dogs which seems odd for children created from the sperm of Charlie Sheen and the eggs of a crack addict. TMZ reports:

Sources connected with DCFS tell TMZ … Denise wrote a letter to the agency, saying the kids are violent and out of control, and she says it’s ALL Brooke’s fault.
DCFS sources say the letter details horrifying conduct. Denise says Bob and Max often go into a “zombie-like state” — they repeatedly kick her dogs in the head and squeeze their heads with both hands while watching the dogs whimper in pain. She also says the kids will flip from sweetly petting the dog to strangling the animals and lifting them off the ground by the neck.
According to the letter, Denise would tell the kids they were hurting the dogs, and Bob and Max would reply that they wanted to hurt and kill the dogs.

On top of that, the twins have been attacking teachers, classmates and Denise’s daughters when they’re not throwing shit at them. Actual shit. Meanwhile, Charlie is handling this delicate situation involving the developmental growth of two young boys with tact and decorum as his wont:

Okay, maybe that’s a tad overboard, but at least he’s not quoting Apocalypse Now and threatening to hang social workers in the town square as he becomes a force of nature with the winds of slaughter at his back:

“These crimes against my children will be exposed. These war criminals will be hanged at dusk to a cheering and jeering crowd, gathered together in love in support of all children who are mercilessly discarded like garbage by CPS. Which by the way stands for ‘CAN’T PROTECT SHITE.’”
Charlie ends with an ominous threat: “The storm is brewing. Their roofs are leaking. I am the Tsunami your mommy warned you about your whole childhood. All of you renegade deplorable pigs are marked for slaughter.”

“And as I cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war, the people of this city will scream for justice. ‘Let Charlie have his kids!’ they’ll say with muskets ready to mete out gale-force change like so many F18s. ‘Porn stars make great nannies!’ will be the cry from the hills. ‘What’s a little coke?’ these insatiable revolutionists will cheer as their shackles are loosed and they turn this festering fuckhole of a town into a smoldering pile of ash because I am the night! I’M BATMAN!”

Three Days Later…

“I was in a custody battle? Watch #AngerManagement only on FX!”

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  1. Inner Retard

    Isn’t reincarnation work only for people who are dead? Because the Menendez brothers are still alive.

  2. Fucking sad. I’ve got nothing else to say.

  3. josh

    I know the comment section of celebrity gossip websites are the last place to praise celebrities (after all, people read these blogs because they hate celebrities, not like them), but massive respect to Denise Richards for looking out for these kids that aren’t even hers.

    I know the whole “winning” thing was hilarious but when you remember there are kids involved it starts to get very depressing.

  4. Tiggles

    This raises an important question – which Home Depot?

  5. I expect nothing less from Charlie Sheen’s kids. Poor Denise. Cruelty to animals as a child is one the steps to becoming a future serial killer btw.

    • Convex

      Really? Denise’s two eldest daughters are also Charlie Sheen’s kids, and they don’t seem to act out. That being the case, the problem is clearly Mueller.

      • Actually, it’s both of them. Boys model their behavior as males by observing their father – while mommy may be totally dysfunctional and a junkie, just look at what Dad’s twitter feed’s taught them about how to treat their mother, and by extension, other females. They might not understand exactly what Daddy means by that particular message, but you better believe that attitude has been alive and well for most of their lives.


    It’s called discipline. The little shits need their asses beat. Sometimes it’s just necessary.

    • reinhard heydrich

      I agree 100%!!!

    • You're a piece of shit

      Yea, that’s the solution. Beat kids with an insane father and crackhead mother.

      • You don’t necessarily have to beat them, but they do need discipline and are clearly lacking. No one’s a piece of shit here.


        YES BY ALL MEANS LET’S CODDLE THE LITTLE ANIMAL TORTURERS. Because the lives of two little brats TORTURING ANIMALS is so much more important than the dog’s, right? Fuck you, shithead. This is where serial killers are born. And those little brats need a foot up the ass. I don’t care how fucking young they are, hurting animals is NOT cool, acceptable or rational, even in CALI-fucking-FORNIA. Quick call PETA, we’ve got a real case for them here.

      • I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before, Edward, but you’re an asshole. Never reproduce.

    • JC

      Beating might help with sneaking extra cookies or watching TV without permission, but it ain’t gonna help with animal torture. It just means they’ll start their serial killing spree at age 15 instead of 16.

      • j/k

        Beating your kids is not like beating up an a-hole at a bar. You are not taking out aggression, you’re teaching them that there are painful consequences for bad behavior. Teaching your kids this early will prevent them from ever getting to the point where you need to beat them but when that boat is missed, it’s time to introduce you to my belt.

      • You can’t beat a child who you feel is displaying sociopathic tendencies in order to teach him empathy, nor can you instill the concept of “consequences” into a child who’s already violent by demonstrating that even more violence is the solution, because by your logic it will teach him the result of his actions. Nice going – now look up “irony”.

        You didn’t just miss the damn boat, you chose to make the next one you took the fucking Titanic.

      • I’d be curious to know how many of the “beat the kids” advocates actually have kids. Especially ones that have been allowed to run feral like these two have. Remember now, that’s real kids I’m talking about, not made up kids for your anecdotal internet argument.

      • It’s really easy to gratify outrage, especially when it’s an animal that’s being abused, by yelling “beat ‘em until they learn”. Hell, I’d be hard pressed not to permanently knock a kid until the middle of next week if I saw them doing that. And while it might make me feel incredibly, awesomely good, all it would do is make the situation worse.

        So, ultimately, what I’m saying is that the death penalty is the only real solution.

      • cindy

        The real crime is that Denise wants to take the two terrors to get therapy; but because of the way the Court set up custody she has to get Brooke’s permission first, and Brooke keeps vetoing the counseling.

      • Dox

        “Long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to light.”

        You are of course, absolutely correct. Sadly, with psyche’s this young and impressionable, the damage being done by both parents is rapidly becoming immeasurable. Children, are in essence, a sponge. Within the first years of their lives they learn almost everything about behavior from their parents actions. They may not actively remember it, but it is there.. buried in the subconscious, and will help to define them in their early, middle and late years.

        As an adult we have the opportunity to change behavior. But the way is hard, and long… even though we understand far better than as a child, what we are trying to do.

        A child has no chance at all. They do not understand. They simply parrot what they have learned, and abide by the impulses their genetics have given them.

        All of this leads to one conclusion. Charlie Sheen is a douchebag of epic proportions. That he would condemn his own sons, through his vile behavior to a life filled with such pain and inability to relate or form bonds is proof.

        For the mother… “Mother is the name for God, on the lips and hearts of little children.”

        I wonder if she realizes just how deeply she has failed them.
        I wonder if she cares.

      • j/k

        Certain people on here love to jump on soapboxes and try to force the world to agree with them by insulting anyone who has a different opinion, much like right wingers. I have dealt with completely disrespectful children and in those circumstances fear is the only thing they will respond to. Not fear of pain but fear of falling out of favor with someone they love/respect. That fear forces them to think about their actions and why they caused such an outcome. Usually they already know what they were doing was wrong and feel remorse for pushing their relationship with you to the edge. They say they’re sorry, draw you a picture, you hug and watch tv together on the couch. You threaten them often but you might only have to ever actually beat your kid once. Judging by the comments I think I’m the only one who has kids.

      • No j/k, you’re not the only one with kids. You’re just one of the leftovers that still believes that the use or threat of violence is the way to get a kid to learn to function in the world. The rest of us use a firm set of rules and actual parenting skills.

      • Teaching your kids to respect you and make good choices is hard work and an “every moment they’re awake” job. Teaching them to fear you because you’re 4 times their size isn’t sending the message you think it is.

      • This reply system is all over the place. It rarely seems to go where it is intended.

  7. Slash

    Jesus, this is sad.

    And kudos to everybody who has enabled Charlie Sheen. He’s obviously done a bang-up job as a dad. Winning indeed.

    In a way, this is an endorsement of the idea of nurture over nature. Denise Richards has kids from the same sperm donor as Brooke whatsherface, but apparently being raised by a decent human instead of a couple of crackheads makes a difference. Huh.

    • Dox

      In regards to nurture vs nature… I would say this.

      Nature is a bitch. She can and will include little surprise packages in your body, things that directly effect your behavior. Such as schizophrenia, bipolar, and other wonderful things…

      No amount of nurture in the world can stop these… if you have them, they are as inevitable as death, but far more scary.

      Nurture, however, can alter how you approach them. How you approach the treatment for them, and how you react in spite of the chemical mismatch in your noggin.

      While someone that suffers from Bipolar disorder may not be able to stop the inevitable tsunami of emotions. If nurtured correctly, they will take steps to insure the damage is minimal to others around them, while they search for a plausible treatment.
      Other times, they may remove themselves entirely from society in an attempt to keep others safe from the mixture of emotions, or rage that they feel.

      While not an ideal solution, it buys time for treatment and medications to begin to work. To help them to integrate back into society. And that, is all nurture.

      Sometimes… nature just sucks.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        *** No amount of nurture in the world can stop these ***

        Don’t know how much psychological knowledge/learning you have, Don (outside of having google at your fingertips), but my studying of the field predates the creation of the internet, and the notion that schizophrenia is a totally innate condition is news to me. Even a quick google search by yourself before you posted would have immediately turned up this (from the site called, no less, schizophrenia dot com)…

        Experts now agree that schizophrenia develops as a result of interplay between biological predisposition (for example, inheriting certain genes) and the kind of environment a person is exposed to. These lines of research are converging: brain development disruption is now known to be the result of genetic predisposition and environmental stressors early in development (during pregnancy or early childhood), leading to subtle alterations in the brain that make a person susceptible to developing schizophrenia.

        How many people currently living in the US have been monumentally predisposed to schizophrenia by their genetics yet didn’t develop the condition because of an excellent and/or “lucky” upbringing? There are bound to have been not just 1000s but 10s of 1000s. The nature vs. nuture argument as it relates to the psyche, is so defunct I frankly don’t know how or why it continues to exist. Psychologically speaking, Human beings are neither total blank slates nor “irrevocably doomed” via biology to (___fill in the blank__). The question isn’t whether there’s any interplay between the internal (biological predispositions) & external (upbringing/culture), it’s how much & what kind of interplay underpins whatever condition is being considered.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        I failed to add, that I wasn’t having a go at Don personally for being *wrong*, but rather couldn’t let something posted slide that, if read & accepted, meant one could come away thinking there’s possibly NOTHING Charlie or Brooke could have done here to prevent their boys from developing such behavioural traits. These 2 have failed their boys. There’s nothing that can be posted to let them off the hook – that their boys might actually be schizophrenic would be no excuse.

  8. JimBB

    Still better behaved than their parents.

  9. If Sheen has to testify about Brooke’s hardware store behavior, would it be called a Home Deposition?

  10. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Shit. Even Grigori and I were better-behaved than these monsters. But then, our parents were fairly normal mortals.

    What does that say about Charlie and Brooke? Start in, folks.

  11. kickstarter(dot)com/charlie_sheen_vasectomy_for_good_of_humanity_pleeeez.

  12. JungleRed

    “Dead eyed, shit throwing zombies” who try to murder the family pet? Awww, come on! That’s ALL kids at some point or other.

  13. meme

    what the fuck is children services thinking let their crackhead mother have unsupervised visits with them? poor kids…they are being screwed by system and their parents.

  14. leila

    This is so sad and also so fucking PREDICTABLE. The only thing that is shocking is that Denise Richards has been able to do the super-human task of somewhat protecting her own children. I can’t even imagine how she has done that, while trying to help those boys. But it’s hard to help kids when the parents who are still in their lives are relentlessly shitheel self-indulgent people who blame others for their problems. As much as I feel for those boys and want them to be okay, I completely understand why Denise has done this. She has to protect her own children–one of whom is barely out of infancy. SO SAD.

  15. Dox

    Two more lives completely fucked thanks to arrogance, drug abuse, and a complete lack of social responsibility.

  16. Three words:
    Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

  17. 2fortheShow

    I would hazard a guess that these boys might have child-onset bipolar disorder. Both my kids suffered from it & with treatment, counseling, and a special-day school setting they are doing amazing. It’s a long-term thing though & they have been a ton of work & require VAST amounts of patience. I keep drilling it into my now teenage son that he is going to be responsible for his mental health. Everyday he makes choices, to take his medicine, to go to sleep on schedule (sleep is impt w/bipolar disorder) to eat right & not get blood sugar out of whack , to talk to his counselor & us rather than act out, etc. I cannot imagine dealing w/what I did and having them not even be my own kids. Some days I just wanted to run. She really needs a medal of valor. And if what someone said above is true (Mueller is vetoing counseling) she is an evil, sick human being. Those poor boys. :-( This is not a fun post.

  18. whatever

    There is no lack of money. Those kids could be very well taken care of, if they had remotely sane parents. Sadly both parents need care. So the kids need to be cared for elsewhere, by others. Clearly they never even had a sane nanny by their side from birth. There is no lack of money. Poor people with these same problems have real excuses for being unable to care for their kids. Brooke and Charlie are simply unwilling to take care of their own kids. I thought hiring a good nanny would be priority number one, and then they could go back to using drugs, but no, the kids were left alone and mom and dad crawled away into a corner to get high. Self- neglect and child-neglect, Charlie and Brooke are fucking horrible people. Kids are screwed for life, no cure, no fix. No doubt a danger to themselves and others, not only in the future but in the present, from what we’ve heard. Good God help them…

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