Demi Moore once hosed down lesbians with her breast milk, says Madonna’s brother

August 29th, 2008 // 56 Comments

At an after-party for Madonna’s recently launched Sticky & Sweet Tour, her brother Christopher Ciccone felt the mood was right for sharing a lactating Demi Moore anecdote with The Sun. But, then again, when isn’t the mood right for a Demi Moore story about breast milk? (Answer: Christmas dinner. I’ve been shunned.):

He said: “We went out and Demi was dancing up on me and humping me from behind. She was lactating at the time and she was squirting breast milk at my lesbian friends.
“My friend Michelle called me the next morning and asked me: ‘How do I get breast milk out of my black dress?’
“I replied: ‘How the f*** would I know? Call Demi!’”

Try club soda. Now, keep in mind the source of this story is Madonna’s brother and The Sun. So the only place this really happened is my mind – and right now: “Look out, Demi, she wants you to sign a petition for gay adoption! PEW PEW PEW!”


  1. Spanky

    I would not complain about getting squirt with her breast milk. Yum Yum!!

  2. Virgodoll

    Wow that story sounds completely made up

  3. rough daddy

    im trying to figure out if this story is sexy or not!!!

  4. Noelle

    Weird story, but FYI, breast milk does not stain anything. Formula does.

  5. Ed Castillo

    @ 4

    Perez is W-E-A-K.

  6. Confused

    Count me in.

  7. Sapnky

    I’d like to squirt them up like a fountain while I was hammering by 2 inches between her boobs.

  8. havoc



  9. Ed Castillo

    #4 got deleted so my last comment makes no sense.

  10. joey cantalopes

    Are they sure it wasn’t silicone that was squirting out?

  11. Minic

    Slurp!!!! Lookin goo Demi lets give some to Lindsey!

  12. sixpack

    Greatest story ever.

  13. Not That Guy

    Oh, so this forum is an open forum unless you point out how weak the story is? Awesome.

  14. Ted Mosby

    She looks like a squirter

  15. katia

    omg i do not get demi’s appeal!

  16. Ed Castillo

    Lactating breastiges was my “thing” for awhile. It still surprises me what I get into after years of using my luxury condo as a girlie turnstyle.

  17. joey cantalopes

    #15 because you are a fat ugly cow of a woman

  18. dude_on

    Who doesn’t have a lactating lesbian squirt story in their past? Please, should we just start boring each other right now? Dime a dozen. Throw in some midget tossing/mud wrestling etc – if you want my interest.

  19. Greg

    Where is the video???????

  20. Randal

    How is it that Demi has kept her hair glistening and full of bounce over all the years that have passed us by? Demi, you are looking great and have kept in excellent shape, aging like a fine bottle of wine.

    Aston is one lucky man to be loved by you.



  21. wanks

    hmmm……Mr Geekologie, did you write this post? PEW PEW PEW!

    She is a MILF Cougar!

  22. will

    Randal, you fucking fairy:

    It’s ASHTON.

  23. Deechronic

    that would never happen…

  24. nipolian

    He’s 48 years old and uses phrases like “We went out and Demi was dancing up on me”………………..he must be a really cool guy.

  25. Randal

    I spell it f a e r i e you dirty cunt derived whore

  26. Melissa

    People are so god damn stupid sometimes…

  27. spindoc

    Gee, what a shock, a chick with a skank mother, who ran away from home at 14, posed for skanky pictures while she was 16 still acts like….a Skank. It’s not really a shock. However that doesn’t change the fact that Madonna’s brother would only seem classy if you put him next to somebody like Janice Dickenson. The guy is some little uneducated toad from Mi trying to leech out the last bit of his sisters fame. It would be sad if he wasn’t such a tool.

  28. Pat

    Who cares about this made up story…the real question is, why did John McCain just forfeit the election?

  29. Alli

    That looks like a dress I saw at Wal-mart the other day when I was buying dog food…

  30. Seriously for her age…..she’s smoking!

    This story is so fabracated because if she ACTUALLY did pull a squirter…..those lezbos (and i mean that in the most endearing way possible) would have been asking for a second shot.

    A passionate night with Demi and then breakfast in bed….breakfast being Wheaties and MILF, er, MILK…..yup, i’ll have seconds!

  31. Chris

    She peaked with those hairy beaver shots when she was teenager. You’ve got to be a psycho to think her current testosterone + plastic surgery look is attractive.

  32. Spanky

    @15. It is becasue even at her age she could wrap the coochy around you and ring a penis dry with one stroke and make change afterwards. That thing is magical.

  33. Boston_Freek

    Check out the lady behind Demi in pic #1. Those eyes look like they could burn a friggin hole through Demi’s skull.

    Oh, and, by the way Randal, I still think you’re wicked pissah.

  34. pistolita

    whatever she’s paid the devil to keep looking young has been well worth it. she looks amazing.

  35. haha

    i am a woman
    she’s hot
    i hope i look like this when i am her age!

  36. haha

    i am a woman
    she’s hot
    i hope i look like this when i am her age!

  37. a reader

    Exactly what is this site for? trash the good looking celebrity in the picture because you’re never gonna even resemble the looks of her? write hatred lines against ethnic minorities? expell all kinds of venom so after hitting the enter button you will have magically given the world a piece of you?

    OOOOOH I bet that makes you an allmighty one….

  38. Beth

    She looks so good for her age. HOT! Why did her daughter turn out so fugly?

  39. Dobba


    Is the Pope a Pedophile?

  40. Lalala

    Ummm…..breast milk doesn’t just squirt out like a water gun!!! it can slowly leak out occasionally…this story is either totally fictional or insanely exagerated! Sorry to ruin the fantasy boys….

  41. NY Ted

    Hmmm…maybe it was Ciccone who was doing all of the “squirting”…???

  42. Deviant Author

    FYI, poster #41, it can and does.

    I breastfed all three of my boys way back when they were babies and I can tell you from experience that I could sit on one end of our couch and if my milk let down, it would spray clear to the other end of the couch lengthwise.

    Yes, I was the center of many Milky Way, Dairy Fairy, Dairy Queen jokes back then. :)

  43. keep it real yo

    She’s all plastic now so who knows what she looks like at 41

  44. a reader

    I can also account for milk squirts, #42: way to go! no wonder you were the center of jokes.

    Funny as it is, I still don’t get the guys fantasy #40 was referring to…guys actually have fantasies over milk squirting?, the male maind never ceases to amaze me…EW

  45. Dan

    Meat tenderizer.

  46. Rant

    Demi looks like shit now. She looks so plastic, I swear if you look at at her ass it would read “Made in China” and “Copyright Mattel”

  47. Beastman AIDS

    @ Randal

    how does she keep “her hair glistening and full of bounce”???
    Your a fairy, buddy.

  48. carla

    she is crazy, that disgust! then Demi Moore is bisexual puajjjjjj

  49. jumpstart

    How does Demi look so good at her age?????

  50. Tracey

    I think she is morphing into Cher. Have you ever seen them together? Also. she has man hands.

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