Demi Moore’s in a Bikini Again

Here’s Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher vacationing in the Caribbean over the weekend, and once you’re done gawking at $1.6 billion worth of cosmetic surgery on her, check out the book he’s reading: “The Youth Pill: Scientists at the Brink of an Anti-Aging Revolution.” Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Medical journalist Stipp explores humankind’s obsession with postponing death, a pursuit as old as humankind. Whether it be by vasectomy, magical rejuvenating waters, or downing potions comprising ground-up monkey testicles, humans have been willing to resort to extreme measures in pursuit of extending life. It is not just life we desire; it is a long, vigorous life that exerts an irresistible siren call. For much of history, those efforts have suffered the bad reputations of charlatans. However, and more so recently, standing apart from the cranks (vasectomy) and hustlers (monkey gonads) is an ever-expanding number of earnest, credentialed scientists and gerontologists who are making daily strides toward the elixir so many seek. Stipp’s experience as a popular Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine writer have blessed him with a singular style, crafting complex explanations of scientific discoveries (and failures) into eminently enjoyable reading. Whether or not the notion of living energetically to the age of 150 appeals, Stipp makes the research compelling.

Obviously, Demi’s cool with him reading this book or else this would be about as offensive as whipping out a Hustler, but what the fuck? He might as well hold up a sign that says, “Hey, my wife’s old and going to die soon.” On that note, I always suspected these two sat around drinking powdered testicle shakes, but lacked the journalistic integrity to trust my gut. Never again!

Photos: INFdaily