Demi Moore Was Smoking ‘Something’ Now

If you heard about Demi Moore doing whip-its and went, “Ha! Are we going to find out she was doing salvia next?” We’re finding out she was probably doing salvia next. People reports:

Demi Moore was having convulsions and “burning up” at her Los Angeles home after she smoked an unknown substance, according to the 911 call tape released Friday.
“She smoked something. It’s not marijuana, but it’s similar to it. It’s similar to incense,” said a female caller.

And if you thought that was the lowest this situation can go, it turns out Demi Moore’s Lindsay Lohan now, so she’s officially hit rock bottom. Or so pretty and really turning her life around, depending on who you ask. Via TMZ:

Sources connected with Red Bull North America tell us … Demi was so dependent on the energy drink, the company used her to market the product.
Sources from the Red Bull company tell us … the delivery schedule was frequent enough to ensure Demi was never without Red Bull.
The Sun published a story today reporting … in the months before Demi was hospitalized … she was using Red Bull in place of food.

In related news, somebody just got fired at Red Bull for letting TMZ know a recently hospitalized drug addict had her own private delivery of their product you could your set watch to. But then again, she did get crazy thin without dieting, exercising or exerting any effort, so I can see America getting into that. Well played, Red Bull. Well played…

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News