Demi Moore Was Smoking ‘Something’ Now

January 27th, 2012 // 75 Comments
Whip-It Good
Demi Moore
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If you heard about Demi Moore doing whip-its and went, “Ha! Are we going to find out she was doing salvia next?” We’re finding out she was probably doing salvia next. People reports:

Demi Moore was having convulsions and “burning up” at her Los Angeles home after she smoked an unknown substance, according to the 911 call tape released Friday.
“She smoked something. It’s not marijuana, but it’s similar to it. It’s similar to incense,” said a female caller.

And if you thought that was the lowest this situation can go, it turns out Demi Moore’s Lindsay Lohan now, so she’s officially hit rock bottom. Or so pretty and really turning her life around, depending on who you ask. Via TMZ:

Sources connected with Red Bull North America tell us … Demi was so dependent on the energy drink, the company used her to market the product.
Sources from the Red Bull company tell us … the delivery schedule was frequent enough to ensure Demi was never without Red Bull.
The Sun published a story today reporting … in the months before Demi was hospitalized … she was using Red Bull in place of food.

In related news, somebody just got fired at Red Bull for letting TMZ know a recently hospitalized drug addict had her own private delivery of their product you could your set watch to. But then again, she did get crazy thin without dieting, exercising or exerting any effort, so I can see America getting into that. Well played, Red Bull. Well played…

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Urbanspaceman

    Has she reached her goal weight yet? GFG!!!

  2. I admire the persistence. Putting on a dress might actually fake He-Man out enough that he lets you into Castle Greyskull.

  3. harry ballsaplenty

    She went into “convusions” from smoking spice (presumably…)? Eat a damned sandwich already!!!

    • Came to the same conclusion. She smoked Spice aka Bath Salts.

      • Juaquin ingles

        Grandmas these days… Maybe she can’t screw the top off the Oxys and the boy wasn’t there to help.

      • Not quite...

        bath salts are Mephedrone (synthetic amphetamine analog), Spice is inert plant material mixed with various JWH compounds (THC analogs). Both designer drugs, but completely different.
        Spice is used mostly by high school kids and those who are regularly drug tested by employer or PO. And since I don’t thing SAG drug-tests, Im guessing she was smoking with someone on parole.

      • Sam

        Isn’t she a little old to still be doing recreational street drugs.

  4. Frank Burns

    I’d say she was at home trying to smoke a ham, but Ashton ain’t there anymore! hahahaha!

  5. Ain’t nothing left under that dress but bones and dusty vagina.

  6. It’s clearly not weed. Everyone gets the munchies when they smoke weed.

  7. Johnny P!

    “When a problem comes along
    You must Whip It
    Before the cream sits out too long
    You must Whip It”
    Devo were such visionaries…

  8. Stace

    It’s OK to eat…

  9. MarkM

    Well, at least she still has her loo…whoops…never mind!

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    My god, you’re as thin as a whippet…Whip-it…weasel, weasel, you’re as thin as a weasel.

  11. Juaquin ingles

    Was smoking Spice? Wow that’s even gayer than nitrous.

  12. cc

    I suspect she was smoking special low cal pot.

  13. Not everyone can ride the sandworm, Demi.

  14. Like many actresses, she’s decided to prove her chops by doing live theater. She’s simply getting ready for her role in Bodies: The Exhibition.

  15. Well, she WAS smoking 20 years ago. Maybe she missed it?

  16. it was salvia

    Look doing salvia is not comparable to doing many other recreational drugs. That’s not something you do all the time. It won’t hurt you and it’s rarely abused. Most people do it once and then say never again. Demi Moore is going to be one of those people lol.

  17. driving on salvia

    This is how salvia works lol…

  18. JC

    At least she isn’t doing boring old coke and meth like Lindsday. She’s mixing it up. The next revelation will be that Demi sniffs model glue.

    • Rosalie

      Hilarious! But it could actually happen, I’m afraid.

    • Jessesgirl

      Yeah, from looking at her I was expecting the usual standbys – coke and meth. Demi probably also sniffs silver paint and white correction fluid in a baggie behind a bike shed for that ultimate teen experience.

  19. This is way different

    This is way different. The reasons are not the same as someone sniffing glue. She likes psychedelics. But when she did this one she wasn’t ready for it or didn’t know enough about it and she didn’t have a baby sitter that knew what was about to happen. It was irresponsible on her part sure, but nothing like this will ever happen to her again. She will have learned a lesson trust me.

    • Sam

      Ashton wasn’t there, jerk, so what does she need a baby sitter for.

      • Schmidtler

        She’s 60 f’ing years old, wtf is she not old enough by now to already know not to smoke the fake weed labeled as incense that they sell to teenagers? Just an fyi, Demi – smoking dried up banana peels WON’T get you high! At her age, the only ‘high’ she should be experiencing should be from yelling ‘Bingo’ at the senior center, or when there’s a Matlock marathon on tv.

  20. I just always assumed that Hollywood had really great drugs that the rest of us never had access too. Pot that didn’t make you eat, coke that still let you eat, heroin that let you live. Finding out famous people do the same drugs as the rest of us; it’s like finding out the mall Santa is just a drunken pederast and now I can’t get within 50 feet of a school. Uh…LOOK! A SEAGULL!

    • Sam

      I don’t do drugs, nor do I want to do any of the Hollywood Uber drugs that all of these has beens do. All that money still can’t buy you a brain or the fountain of youth, in her case.

    • BE

      So…Lohan’s meth mouth made you think what? We’ll know she’s close to gone when she gets her dentures.

      All celebrities get is better access and everyone looking the other way (obviously).

  21. mando

    Her little skinny body was pumped full of energy drinks in place of food, plus she was getting high? That is me on a Saturday night.

    • Carla

      If People wasn’t the biggest ass-kissing middle-of-the-road PR shill magazine out there, these would make the best ever JUST LIKE US! pics.

  22. vekfan

    “the delivery schedule was frequent enough to ensure Demi was never without Red Bull.”

    That could mean 7 cans a week, 1 a day. Or it could be 70 a day, it’s meaningless lol

  23. herbiefrog

    spice ?

  24. Mummy dearest

    Oh no, she wasn’t taking drugs while she was pregnant. She wasn’t drinking and taking drugs while pregnant. Her kids are severely deformed because of… her cell phone.

  25. America

    Of course she was smoking crack cocaine, her cleaning lady says it was cloves because she wants to keep her yob. When you have 900 million dollars in California and you pass out from crack cocaine it’s the cleaning lady from Mexico that calls 911. It’s also the cleaning lady from Mexico that tells the Paramedic, who’s parents are from Mexico, that Demi Moore smokes “something other than pot” from a crack pipe. You can’t fire the cleaning lady from Mexico when she tells the paramedic you were smoking crack, you just can’t.

    • Ellen

      she used to do cocaine around the time she did St Elmo’s Fire. In fact, she was fired from set until she cleaned up. Just check the facts. She dropped out of high school and was sleeping around and doing cocaine. If she hadnt been a movie star she’d be stocking shelves at walmart.

      • David

        No way, Walmart only hires people with at least a GED, and she’d never be able to get one, so she’d never be able to get a good job like that.

  26. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s been almost 70 years. I think it’s time we stopped showering all these makeovers, expensive clothing, and movie premieres on the survivors of Auschwitz.

  27. VAxB

    She f*cked Ashton Kutcher, who wouldn’t want to kill themselves?

  28. Mama Pinkus

    I feel sorry for Ms. Moore; she is clearly a gal in crisis. No amount of money or fame shields anyone from a broken heart. She needs to take a year off work and get some counseling to find out why she was wiling to stop eating to keep a guy like Ashton, who is now clearly showing he was not worthy. Get well, Demi, and then move on.

    • Artofwar

      ….Why do you cunts always have to blame everything on a man? Demi Moore has been fucked up since St. Elmo’s Fire back in 1985– a movie that she managed to get fired off of for cocaine related issues. And subsequently had to suck every drop of man-milk out of the directors ball sack to get reinstated.

      Every one wants to be “Captain Save a Hoe” these days. I simply loathe people that think women can’t just be fucked up all on their own, without the assistance of someone with a penis….Artofwar

  29. Ellen

    This woman is so pathetic really. Hasnt no one evere told her that there is more to life than looks? Ever since i can remember her being famous, I hear these stories about her vain and narcissitc habits, like she used to have fresh mountain water delivered to her household water distribution sytem so she can shower in filtered, mountain spring water. WTF. How vain do you have to be? And then marrrying a man 16 years younger to make her feel younger, and the plastic surgery and fake boobs…come on. This woman might be rich and not fat, but she is pathetic when you think about it.

  30. Striptease Joke Guy

    So no striptease two then?

  31. Kelley Kelley

    Since she married the boy child slut she has seemed so incredibly insecure. Making an ass out of herself to prove how young you are while smoking kitty litter just makes for a sad, starved panda.

  32. Susan

    She looks more like Rob Lowe than Rob Lowe does. Except for the fact that he’s a dude, then it wouldn’t be that weird.

  33. sharone

    i used to think she was so pretty around the age when she filmed Ghost but she looks horrible now. Her face is deflated, her hair split in the middle and plastered to her scalp looks so severe and the length just unsuitable for someone her age. She looks hard and angular. i wish she’d be a little easier on herself and put on a couple healthy pounds to fill out those nasty arms and legs, get a softer more feminine hair style, and, if any cosmetic procedures, have collagen injection in her cheeks. Christile brinkley does and her face looks phenomenal.

  34. whim

    this american tranny thinks the thinner she gets the more beautiful,


  35. anonym

    fucking nasty looking

    no wonder she got dumped by bruce and ashton

  36. Demi Moore Wedding Ring
    bigfoot's dick
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s clearly a witch. first, friends with madonna, now projecting her wants and needs on posters at events she attends.

  37. System Crash

    Millions of dollars wasted on this. We all shoveled money at this for the past 30 years, all that money wasted. Millions of dollars wasted on a vain shallow drug addict pretending to be a saint.

  38. She’s just mad because she is no longer considered “smoking” hot.

  39. Do_Freebird

    Demi looks like she is made of brittle sticks. They should just put the toe tag on her now to save time.

  40. Carla

    Maybe you can’t be too rich, but here’s more proof that you sure as fuck can be too thin.

  41. Freebie

    Its a bitch getting old

  42. Meowsk McGuffy

    Mrrrowwwww. MRROWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTACK OF CAT!

  43. Aussie Mama

    she looks like a complete n utter junkie….gristle like madonna!

  44. The skinnier Demi gets, the more she looks like a trannie.
    Plz, somebody give her a hamburger!

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