Demi Lovato in a Bikini

June 16th, 2010 // 227 Comments

Here’s Disney star Demi Lovato vacationing in Mexico yesterday, and some of you might be noticing she’s 17 and I’m basically showing your her ass. If Perez Hilton posting a picture of Miley Cyrus’ vagina for sheer publicity isn’t considered child porn, and rightfully so, I’m pretty sure posting half an 18-in-60-days buttcrack falls under the same umbrella. I mean, what’s going to happen between now and August that makes this any different? Or is there a class all women go to before turning legal age that teaches them how to use sex to get new shoes? Because there’s your real crime. Now if you’ll excuse me, Chris Hansen is rappelling on to my lawn from a helicopter. *crosses fingers* Please have brought bagels.

NOTE: Click “View Full Size” for NSFW versions. [Fixed.]

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  1. shaft

    yay first

  2. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Mike Iksard
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    This is like the Disney Prevert channel..

  3. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Michael G.
    Commented on this photo:

    hmmm…clicked on “view full size”….star still there…..worked with the other pictures fine, aka Kim Kardashians Nipple….

  4. Dynasty of Death

    Why do all American girls get tattoos. They look really hard and slutty when you see them on the beach in Mexico.

    • Freddo

      and mexican girls dont get tattoos like friggin all over their bodies? yeah okay then

    • Jman

      MaN you got problems not all American girls get tatoos my girlfriend doesn’t have a tatoo

      • prof ken

        Biological fact. Childhood ends at the onset of puberty. A child cannot concive a baby.
        Legal fact. The age of consent varies from state, California law does not apply outside of it’s juristiction.
        American fact. You don’t speak for America. So, in America you consider people children until they are 18. The country and it’s population as a whole do not hold a unanomous consencious on the issue; as the differing state laws indicate. And even those laws do not embody all the possible views held by the millions of citizens of this great nation.

    • Sean

      Because they want to feel rebellious and individualistic when they go to their yoga class in their SUV. I’ve never seen so much conformity involved in being an “individual”. It does look slutty… especially the tatoos on the lower back. But I guess it’s cool to be a whore nowadays (or at least to look like one anyway).

  5. Professor Chester

    In America we consider people children until 18. Although you may wish otherwise, that is the law, sir. It’s not too easy to understand. What I don’t understand is how the paparazzi are permitted to stalk celebrities and take upskirt photos, particularly of minors such as Miley Cyrus.
    Anyone who does not comply should either suffer the consequences or perhaps emigrate to a different country.

    • STFU, you ass clown! Suppose a 17 yr old shits on your face and sets your house on fire. I’ll bet you’d be fine with prosecuting them as an adult.

      That little slutty mc slutterson whores herself all over town and whatevs if someone posts a picture of her vag hangin’ out. Give me a fucking break!

      • Professor Chester

        Idiot! I don’t write the laws, nor do I enforce them. I merely follow them. Protecting my person from bodily harm and molesting an underage woman are somewhat different. And taking and posting obcene photos of a minor are molestations. Try to find someone your own age and you will be just fine.

      • Deacon Jones

        I dont think there’s a straight, red blooded man alive that wouldnt touch that if he knew he could get away with it.

    • Bill

      The legal age of consent (to sexual activity) in varies by state. In many, it is 16 years old. In this sense, not everyone who is under 18 is a “child”.

      Additionally, the age of criminal responsibility also varies by state. In 14 our of 50 states, the age at which an individual will be tried as an adult is lower that 18 years of age. In this sense as well, not everyone who is under 18 is a “child”.

      If you want to talk about marriage, in many states someone can enter a marriage at 14-16 years old with parental consent, and in some states as young as 12 years old.

      Bottom line: these teenagers put themselves in the public eye and most importantly, their parents endorse their activities. If you are a 17 year old “teenage celebrity”, put away your thong and learn to cross your legs.

      And you, Professor Chester, Mr. Internet White-Knight, save your breath.

    • notacow

      Hey nazi scum, f*ck off and die. People do not magically become adults the moment they turn 18, and in most nations (and most U.S. states) 16 or lower is legal. The world would be much better place without nazis like you.

      • Jman

        Shut it man Nazis aren’t that bad they followed orders they did there Fuckin job my mother was Jewish during ww2 my father was a nazi they got married you son of a bitch

  6. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    the legal age of consent in Mexico is 12, as long as you don’t “seduce” a “chaste” female, so since that is where the picture was taken, your good to go

    • Viv

      That is not true, the legal age in Mexico is 18. No one under 18 may drink, work and 8 hour shift, vote or get married without their parents consent.She’s 17, she’s a minor, if her seminude pictures are to appear in any media, the parents have to consent to it in writing, otherwise it’s breaking the law.

    • Lol

      Ignorance on the internet, who knew.

  7. Cardinal Fang

    17 year old girls should be wearing panties.

  8. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    Dat Ass

  9. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    I think the laws should change. Most kids start being sexually active at 13-14 as opposed to the usual age 16…i remember how freshmen in high school were literally fucking around with seniors and college kids…so why do we stick to prudish laws? I mean i understand we should protect minors, but i think they’re old enough to know what’s right and wrong and should simply do whatever the heck they want in regards to their sexual life.

  10. Demi Lovato Bikini
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    goddamn. those are some nice hips in pic #4…

  11. that top does nothing for her

  12. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Got quite the case of “butt munch”, doesn’t she?

  13. LeManda

    If she didn’t want her ass looked at she wouldn’t have worn a bikini bottom that only contained half her ass.

  14. Typical

    What a typical fat Mexican-American whore. All mexicans girls are even sluttier than blacks and whites in America. You people really need to model yourselves on us if you even want to earn respect. Guys only want to use you. They want to spend forever with us. Asian girls are smart, classy, innocent, attractive, kind, and get the most desirable men because of this. Mexican girls are so low. It goes Asians, non-American whites, Indians, Arabs, non-Mexican Latinos, white Americans, blacks Americans, and finally Mexican Americans are is last place. We dont show are ass to everybody on the beach. We cover up like ladies. Somebody please teach these fat ugly American whores how to be respectful and elegant. They embarrass themselves all the time.

    • john Doe

      hahahahaha I laugh at your stupidity!!

    • The Truth

      Wow, you are an idiot.

    • bob

      asian girls also have small titties so that puts them on the bottom of my list!

    • youre a moron

      Are you serious?! What loser goes to the beach in a bodysuit. If you’re wearing a swimsuit, some of your ass is gonna show…that doesn’t make someone not classy on a damn beach. I don’t know what beaches you’re going to, but people of every nationality show skin at a beach. Retard! Walking around with your ass out while you’re shopping is another story. And people shouldn’t have to hold themselves back and wear a mumu to the beach because they’re not 115 pounds. Demi Lovato isn’t even overweight…not the most flattering bikini, but she’s stunning. That comment wasn’t even relevant to this post.

      • Typical

        Shut up you dumb American loser. Stop trying to down-play your own sluttiness. Demi has disgusting cellulite on her legs. She is fat and should have a little self-respect and modesty. No one wants to see her ass. There are kids on the beach. But I guess a crap country like USA has no morals so they dont care. USA is pathetic. Your women are classless sluts who sex blacks, your men are criminals and kill people. You go to war to get oil. USA is joke of a country. Everyone laughs at you. And no not everywhere do people show that much skin on the beach, only slutty Western girls do that. That is why all men around world see Western and American girls as whores. You get raped when you travel to foreign lands because men see you as sluts. They assume you like it and want them. That is what happens when you put that image out there. Nobody respects Western women. American girls are treated like objects by American and foreign men. They use you. THey really only want us. They respect modest and beautiful Asian women. Demi is just a fat brown greasy mexican whore.

      • wow. and now we all know how intelligent Asian girls are… and how good they are at cognitive sentence structure and speliing. good job representing.

        (also, amazing research you do. Ms.Lovato is about an 8th Mexican. and European everything else)

      • White E

        I love your Asian racism it is refreshing!

      • Sandra

        I would really love to see a picture of you, to laugh a little about what you promote as a role model for every women. And a Curriculum vitae, cause i have doubts you passed primary school.
        Saluts from Spain to all The Superficial readers!!

      • Ted Kennedy's tumor

        What an idiot. Is that why every asian country I go to (I am in the Navy and I have hit almost all of them) I can get a asian bat girl to fuck all night for $10. Not slutty, please. You make yourself look foolish. Japanese girls have hot bodies, but their teeth look like a bag of frech fries.

      • Rachel

        Seriously, you are just a racist. A girl who wears a bikini is NOT a slut or going to get raped!! She is not fat at all and even super skinny girls suffer with cellulite…Also, demi is not a slut, she wears a purity ring which incase you dumbass doesn’t know is, it means she will stay pure..And what i find funny is the fact you googled demi in a bikini. Why would anyone google someone just to insult them. it’s is pathetic! And mexican women have curves, which as i gather most men prefer. You’re most likeyly one of those girls/boys that have been brought up in such a strict environment and have been brainwashed to believe being on a beach in a bikini is slutty. Ps. the human race were born naked. If we needed clothes then we’d be born with clothes on. You need to take a look in the mirror and see what a bully you are..

      • Jman

        Dude my whole family beside my fathers side has been American for A proud 300 years we do not go. To war for oil we go to get oil and we are attacked by you asian scum all are women are classy in there own way they don’t have to be at your standerds

    • Philshack

      Dude you are absolutely correct. These fucking Mexicans, all they do is wanna smoke pot and fuck. We’re getting overrun here in Texas. Loves me some Asian babes.

      • Laur

        obvious troll is obvious

      • The one dude

        What the fuck is with you people?! Just because some people of a certain nationality act like that doesn’t mean every fucking one of them does!

      • Jman

        Hey the one dude if nationality doesn’t matter then why the fuck has 3/4 of the earths wars been about nationality britan vs USA afriacas vs USA the axis vs the allies if it doesn’t matter then wha about those wars what about Iraq vs Iran And we are helping one side but I will admit good and bad is a point of view

    • Not Typical

      Really? What about Rinko Kikuchi in Babel , Tina Ti in most of her films, Tila Tequila for anyone with a pulse, Eom Ji -won in in Tale of Cinema, Jeon Do-Yeon in Happy End and Kim Hye-Soo in Hypnotized, Moon So-Ri who states that nude scenes don’t bother her at all it’s the people who make a fuss about them that bother her. I’ve spent time in Asia where women in Thailand and China where rentals (whores) were everywhere and in Vegas last month when I was there lots of Asians on the strip with their photos propositioning guys.

      • Roz

        Let’s also add Bai Ling, whose dress sense doesn’t ever rise anything above “skank.” Eiko Matsuda from the very graphic “In the Realm of the Senses,” Wei Tang from “Lust, Caution,” etc. etc.

        And, might I say, what kind of women do we typically associate with “massage” parlors? Eel porn? Bukkake?!

        Typical is clearly… insane. I have nothing against Asian women in general, as a non-Asian woman, but she must have been indoctrinated by some kind of ignorant, insecure Taiwanese weirdo. Also, for the record, my younger sister had a close Taiwanese exchange student friend this year and the girl was rude, loudmouthed, and big-boned (not exactly cute). There are also plenty of Asian mail-order brides right after the Eastern European ones, in case she didn’t know.

      • Ummm.. excuse me but as to the whole people showing skin on the beach… I believe in Europe most woman prance around topless and with thong bikinis so don’t even try to defend yourself on that one. Demi Lovato is a beautiful girl and skinny. She is just heaving on the bottum. Thats her body type. Alot of woman have that. She is not fat. If people on here think she is fat, what do you think of the million obese people in this world. They are the ones that need to worry about their weight not her. And did you see here waist, its tiny. She is inshape. I’m 118 pounds 5’5 heavier on bottom, 17, and guess what I have cellulose when some camera person zooms in that close on my ass. So everyone who is dissing her just leave her alone and get a hobby.

    • Personally, I love reading the comments from Typical… however, I will say, the filthiest porn on the internet involves Asian women. Not saying that is a bad thing — it’s really a testament to their amazing work ethic.

    • Millie


      You really must be a prude!

      • Typical

        Thats usually what sluts say to make themselves feel better about opening their legs to scum and showing their ass, boobs and vagina to everyone. Let me guess you are American right? Maybe a mexican in America? You are the lowest of the low you know that? You people are peasants. We sit at the top of social heirarchy. Your own governemnt does not want you there. I know that America has problem with you brownies running across the border. If you did that in our countries we would shoot you peasant on the spot ahaha. We like to keep our countrys civilized. That is why we dont want Americans, blacks and mexician in.

    • ashley

      LOL since when did Asians get the most desirable men? Please, take your ugly racist attitude and go back to Asia if you can’t stand the varieties of people in the USA so much.

      • Typical

        Ha, you think I am from USA? If I was I would kill myself. I am Taiwanese student at uni in England. And yes Asians are the most desirable by men. The black and paki and white womens here are all ugly and hairy. They are stupid too. It is even worse in America because you also have mexicans and porto ricans to go with black, white, paki, and arab. Every where the Asian woman goes she is sought. Everywhere the black woman goes she is thought of as a man hahaha. Everywhere the white goes she sexes all guys. Everywhere the mexican woman goes she is servant and peasant who breeds like a rabit. EVerywhere the Arab and Indians go they need to bring a razor to shave their backs hahaha. This is why men want us, all others are just pathetic.

      • from what i hear, men only like asians because they have a fetish for 10 year old girls:) that’s coming from men who have no interest in asians. but seriously how racist are you? how did you come up with bullshit like that? Have you lived such a sheltered life that any of that shit coming out of your mouth sounds valid? I have never been so upset by a post..go fuck yourself

      • The one dude

        why are you so racist to Mexicans!

      • Becky

        Oooh, and I suppose all your friends are Taiwanese students going to uni in England. Your seriously saying you dont mix with anyone else because they’re different races. Tbh, England isnt the best place in the world [I live in England] but if your gunna bring your racism to England then go back to Tawain. Oh and your saying asian women are kind and innocent etc, there’s nothing kind or innocent about what your saying >.< Just leave people alone. Most of the websites on the internet, just happen to be american… so if you hate America so much then get the hell of your computer and do some studying. Maybe learn a little bit of respect for people…

      • Jman

        Typical again 300 years besides my fathers of being proud americans
        American women are the hottest on the planet I am a little racist but you people are worse then me I won’t date anyone who isn’t white I will admit

      • Vesela

        HAHA!!! you are so stuck up. and what the FUCK makes you think asians are the most desirable women?..and not all americans,Mexicans,Indians..and whoever else you said are sluts,some are yes..but also some of your race are COMPLETE whorse as well :) so get ya fucking facts straight!.

    • Gen

      Aren’t you Chinese? Don’t you realize what the Japanese did to you in Nanking? If you subscribe to a racist ideology, are you willing to concede that you are inferior to the Japanese and deserve to be raped, mutilated, and murdered?

      • Typical

        I know what Japs did. We are superior to them. But Asians are superior to everyone else. It goes like this:

        Chinese, then other Asians, then non-American whites, then Indian, Arabs, non-mexican/American latinos, non-American blacks, then American whites, American blacks, and American mexicans are dead last.

    • Gen

      Oh my god, you are so fucked up. Japanese are certainly more physically attractive than Chinese. Deal with it.

      • Typical

        Ha Japanese are ugly inbred losers. Han Chinese are the most superior people on the planat, and that is a FACT!!! Wait, aren’t you the Eastern European slut who has a mom as a whore? Why am I responding to your hooker self? You sex blacks remember. Eastern Europeans are the worlds prostitutes. You are the mail brides for every pathetic man in the world. Arene’t you American too? Wow, I feel sorry for you. What a bad combination. It could be worse tho, you could be black or mexican. Just remeber to stay away from Asian, white, and Jewish guys. You don’t want to ruin their genes with your inherent slutty nature. You should stick to sexing the low because not only is that all you can get, but you wont be poluting any of desirably mans genes.

      • joemamma

        yIIiIf you so intelligent geunius….. why do you not have enough common sense
        tobrush your teeth, cause your breath smells like dead squid.

    • Daisy

      Indians are Asian though… Be more specific, dipshit

      • justifiable

        Typical, aren’t you pretty old to be an Asian female and unmarried? I mean, since we’re being so honest and everything, you have to know the shelf life for Asian babes – especially among Asian men – expires at 25. Not that most Asian men would look at you anyway, because they won’t want a mouthy bitch like you who claims to be educated, but is obviously a bad liar who can’t spell for fuck, is unmannered and critical of everyone, and lastly, doesn’t know her place. No self-respecting Asian mother would allow her son to even look sideways at someone like you, and you know it.

        So, at this point in your life, all the prime caucasian male targets you have your sights on have already started looking at women younger than you – I figure that’s where most of your rage comes from. You’ve been scooped, cupcake. All you can hope for now, at your advanced age, are the white engineers who’ve struck out with every American female they asked for a date, black men who aren’t movie stars and, well, Mexicans. If they’ll have you, that is.

        So if you get your first choice of these three, good luck sucking nerd knob – just keep telling yourself it must look, and taste, just like Nic Cage’s and you’ll be fine.

      • Girl who takes s**t from no one

        Typical just SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!! You’re probably just some stupid dumbass who wants to sound all smart… i right???well….you’re not fooling anyone.Honestly most hookers i can say are actually aisian sorry honny but the truth hurts you dumdass BITCH, and so you know ahead of time I am not American Im Euopean. I think American people are great. What has any aisian gave us in entertainment (besides a girl to use in porn when the girl is gone)………….thats right NOTHING!!! Demi Lovato is a VERY talented girl who isn’t slutty at all.I am friends with a girl who’s mexican and i can say that she has WAY more class than YOU!!!!I went to America once on a trip and you’re dead wrong they DO NOT just jump on the first DICK they see. If you ever say anything like this ever again i swear i will FUCKING make you leave trust me i can just call someone and they will disconnect you’re computer cause the Americans have THAT power.Ohhh yea one last thing……..GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH!!!!!!!!

      • joemamma

        If you are so intelligent geunius….. why do you not have enough common sense
        to brush your teeth, cause your breath smells like dead squid.

    • Gen

      Actually I’m a virgin, but I do frequently give head to my jewish boyfriend. That must really pain you to know such sacrilege is happening, you racist cunt.

      • Typical

        @ Girl who takes s**t from no one

        Shut up you slutty Western woman. You are just as much slut as American. Westerners open their legs for everyone. Everyone I knows that live in Europe, America, Canada, Brazil, etc. are nothing but whores who show their bodies and sex everyone. THey all have over 50 sex partners and just in their twenties. And they are proud of it too. All these girls try to be sluttier than the next and they don’t realize that the rest of world laughs at them. The rest of world don’t respect you Western women, we see you as nothing but classless trashy objects.

        @ Gen

        Hahaha you are no virgen. You sex up blacks all the time you said. Your vagina is so loose and saggy I bet right? You wish you were cute and innocent like me but you have been used and abused. Just like your mom. And your Jewish boyfriend is just using you. He wants sex. But soon he will settle for a nice Asian girl. We are the marrying and family types. American trash is what men sleep with and dump on the side of the road. I bet he is already cheating on you with a Asian girl.

      • joemamma

        ……….. to be clear, can i fed ex you a pack of toliet paper. Because you all’s breath smells like shite.

      • randellb

        your obviously an idiot since it is a proven fact that asians have sex younger and more then any race on earth

    • Mexican- American Girl

      If you are so smart then learn how to spell right. It should be “our” not are ass to everybody….Pendeja!!!

      • Typical

        @ Mexican- American Girl

        Shut up you peasant. English is my third language behind Mandarin and Cantonese. How many do you speak. You probably can’t even speak English well and you are American. You probably speak with those ghetto slang. Mexicans are lowly servants. I am much smarter than you and every Asian is smarter than ever Mexican. Your IQ is like 75, ours is like 105. I go to a top university in England, the only way your ass will get into a top university is if you get a job as its janitor hahaha. Did you know that Mexicans are the biggest sluts of them all? You people first start getting preganant at 13 and have babies every year until your 45. Ever hear of abortion or condom or birth control? Or are you all to poor to pay for that?

        Mexican-Americans are pathetic. Americans dont like you they want you gone. Mexicans dont want you either, they tell you to go to USA lol. Goverment of Mexico tells encourages you to go to America while Americans make laws to kick you out. You are not wanted anywhere. You are the scum of the earth. Even lower than blacks — didn’t your former president even say that too hahaha. You are a race of dish washers and maids. When was last time Mexican invented something or made a scientific discovery? NEVER!!! You people are a joke. Asians contribute more in one year than Mexicans have done in 100 years.

      • justifiable

        I also speak 3 languages (and read 4), but unlike you, I DID go a “top university” in Britain. And, unlike you, I don’t feel the need to trot that out with every fucking post just to prove some dubious point about superiority – it’s the internet, you idiotic racist fuckbag, anyone can be anything online. Now, caveats like that last aside, the only reason I mention it at all is to show that I speak from experience when I tell you that, regardless of how many Asian languages you claim to speak, you wouldn’t be admitted to any “top university” in the UK if you didn’t know “are” from “our” – or “your” from “you’re”. Just admit that you’re studying at the University of Phoenix and be done with it. (They really will take anyone these days, even over-the-hill, pissed-off, dried-up bigoted cunts like you.) And congrats, you bigoted pile of runny rancid shit, on being the most tiresome, yammering troll to hit this site in the last 5 years.

        And, FYI, there’s absolutely nothing “attractive” about you. Your kind of ugly – not to mention criminally stupid – goes to the bone.

      • Bunny

        Shut up Typical. At the end of the day……. your pussy smells like rotted fish and you are a flat faced slant eye. And that will never change. So….. I guess I can see why you are bitter.

        (Sorry for my comments to all the decent Asian Americans. But I had to pull out the big guns for Kimchee here.)

      • randellb

        it is actually a scientific fact that the asian iq is on average lower then the rest of the world.

    • uratypicalpos

      typical, if you are so superior to all the other ethnicities why are you spending so much time trolling on a website that is all about half naked american chicks. pull your head out of your ass you stupid chink and go cry somewhere else

      • Elizabeth.

        It doesn’t matter if English is your third language or not. There is no way you would have been accepted into a “top university” if you cannot structure a proper sentence. Unlike you, I’m actually a student at Oxford University.

        My friends ethnic backgrounds are highly diverse: Each and everyone of them I love dearly. Each and every one of them, even my Taiwanese friends, will tell you that the sluttiest girls around campus are unfortunately Asian.

        Now, if everything you say is true, lets grab a cup of coffee sometime this week. Perhaps at Combibos Coffee? If you’re afraid of being assaulted, don’t be. I’m actually far more interested in going into more depth about your point of view and where you developed your perspective. (Neuroscience and psychology major. )

      • The one dude

        HEY TYPICAL!


        Everybody chill out.. We all know that asians look and smell like fish.. Bugged out eyes, wierd skin, flat nose, and fat lips. No hips, boobs, no booty, just a small, under nourished body. Most beautiful women in the world: EUROPEAN, LATINA & AMERICAN WOMEN, Sorry, your hatred will never change that, Typical..

      • Jman

        THE ONE DUDE HE AIN’T BEIN RACIST HE Is just implying that he doesn’t care and he is right you need to be able to speak engilish thoruhly

    • Sam

      Isn’t Tila Tequilla asian? She screams Klass.

    • Banon

      Dude, are you freakin’ serious?? It doesn’t matter what race you are. If you’re a slut, you’re a slut. I’m in India right now, and it isn’t hard to find a slut.

    • Jman

      Your just a fat man on the couch jerking off to her I cam on this site to see what idiots like you were posting dude get a
      life Demi,Silena and a Lot of other women are some go the hottest women on the planet and yes my father was a nazi and my mother was jewish

    • Stop always dissing the United States. I’m tired of people making assumptions without any concrete knowledge or evidence. I hate how people assume Americans are a certain way, when my family goes to Europe, my parents say we’re from Greece, we pull it off because my dad was born there and has a heavy accent and my family speaks fluent Greek, just so that we can be treated fairly. In France, we took a taxi and the driver assumed we were American and when my sister asked him a question he was extremely short with us saying he didn’t know how to speak English very well. Then when my dad showed him his Greek citizenship card, the driver’s mood instantly improved and talked in perfect English with my father for the rest of the ride. I personally find this repulsive how people make assumptions and treat people when they don’t even know them. Its just as bad as racism. Though I love Greece and am proud of my Greek background, I am also very proud to be an American and anxiously await the day when I can say I’m American in another country without people giving me dirty looks. So, all of you who are making those negative remarks about the United States fix your attitude and I promise you, you will be much happier and get to know many genuine people that before you would have written off due to your unprecendented bias.

  15. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    How disappointing, been following for a long time without commenting and I hate that my first comment has to be in regards to the crappy new layout you have where all the “NSFW” pics remain starred :(
    So what? It’s an ass. You’re allowed to show a baby’s ass in a diaper ad no problem, but god help you if you show a 17 year-old’s semi-bare ass on the beach while being a dirty disney whore.

  16. Demi Lovato Bikini
    100 dong
    Commented on this photo:

    I would do her 18-in-60-days ass and take my chances. In some states, I would be considered a hero of the people!

  17. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Major wood over here. Is that a bruise on her ass? Someone’s tapping it.

  18. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Ummm, I clicked on “full size” and couldn’t see her butt crack without the star. Could you hurry up and fix this? I’m on lunch break and want to rub one out. Thanks so much!

  19. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Stars on the full size version? Booo.

  20. ROUGH the return, and taking no prisoners.

    The hips and untamed ass are not going to stop growing, she needs balance/implants or Miley’s broad shoulders. I think she’s all type of lovely though.

    • I am beginning to think Typical is a fictional character bc there is no way someone can dish out that much nonsense

      • Bunny

        Agreed…… I think we should ignore. Either a troll or someone sooooooo fucked up that it isn’t worth responding.

      • NaomiK

        I don’t really understand why people feel the need to argue with such obvious stupidity. It’s not like a forum on a celebrity tits site is going to show it the light.

  21. FrankNfrtr

    What is it that Disney aka “The Mouse” does to these girls?
    Have they been smothered in mom & apple pie wholesomeness for so long that they just can’t wait to take off their clothes, fuck, get tattooed & go club hopping?
    Adulthood means boundless opportunities to screw up. The Disney girls get to do it with the whole world watching. Good luck with that.

  22. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    how do you get the f’ing star off!!!!!!!!

  23. Deacon Jones


    THIS (pics 4 and 5) is why I can’t go to a frigging mall without eye raping some 11th grader walking out of Hollister.

    Even the fat chick in pic 5 can’t hide her erection.

  24. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    nice little tities and butt. i´m going “jail bait” for her 4 sure.

  25. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    It’s funny whenever you say “click on full size for NSFW versions” I always do and yet I always get that fucking pink star still there the stuff I WANT TO SEE >_>

  26. pimp

    don’t know who this is, but i would lick her kidneys through her asshole…

  27. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    God damn and what a nice ass, I’d destroy her in the sack!

  28. Salad Face

    There is something so pleasant about this girl’s lack of perfectness. Let’s enjoy this, because soon it will all be sliced, stretched and stuffed (ahem, with SILICONE people). Porn is for the mid to late 20′s.

  29. Demi Lovato Bikini
    one legged
    Commented on this photo:

    i wish i sold yay…
    then i could just say -do you party?- to all dumb girls who want to be as famous as lindsay.. and other than chins, some of these jew girls can look ok.. and demi has always been ok for any other person ever.. yes .. america has more jews than israel.. anyone who wants fame, is so dumb.

  30. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    great bod, could have a lot of fun with that, then i look at her face and see the immaturity and say wow, she is only 17 still a kid. It kinda creeps me out looking at a high school kids as crack

  31. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    omg she got an nice body… out of all the disney stars she got the best body

  32. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Crap, now I’m a pedophile. Thanks thesupericial.


  33. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Mcfeely Smackup
    Commented on this photo:

    you get the f’ing star off by finding the pictures on a different website that isn’t 100% devoted to trying to trick you into as many mouse clicks as possible to sell ad impressions.

  34. See Alice

    Who cares ? I want pics of Kelly Brook.

  35. Katie

    Leave Demi the hell alone!!! She didn’t do anything wrong! I see girls younger than her walking around an amusement park in less clothing than that!!! She is not a slut, whore, or a bad person at all and you losers need to get off you’re computers and get a life.

  36. staubhog


  37. blackout

    i dont think anyone will mind that she is not 18. mostly because i dont think i can name a single person who would actually WANT TO see her ass crack. YUCK!

  38. love demi. love her voice. love her body. love her in general.
    is she bi? (;

  39. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Typical sucks dick
    Commented on this photo:

    Typical…oh yes your women are very classy. In fact i watched a video of an Asian girl taking a shit on some chick’s chest last night then she turned around and ate it. Yes, she ATE her OWN FECES! Thats fucking classy! Where can i get a girl that does that? Oh thats right, China, Japan, Malaysia.

  40. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Typical sucks dick
    Commented on this photo:

    The heavy girl in pic 5 is her little sister dipshits.

  41. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    If you dont want that after seeing that amazing ass, you’re pretty much gay. Get your rainbow bumper stickers!

  42. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Who is letting these girls get tattoos under their breasts?? Wouldnt they have to be topless to get these tattoos and get felt up by some scummy guy while getting one? Yeesh. I’ll pass. I hope Selena Gomez doesnt go this route.

    • Tom

      So what? Doesn’t the doctor touches your vagina if you got problems? ( from the inside and outside )
      Damn American prudery

      Demi Lovato is hot … basta! ^^

  43. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:


  44. SW, you have denied me my divine right as a full-blooded American male from viewing teenage ass-crack.

    You will be hearing from my attorneys.

  45. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    wth????? she has a nice ass deal with it shes not a child nd shes not naked she can wear that kind of bathing suit y talk soo much shit forr

  46. miley cyrus

    that disney slut has some MAJOR thighs. and she’s 17 and wearing that? wow, her parents must be proud of this one. wonder when her naked photos will be leaked?

  47. iasufsf

    i think that probably, maybe, just maybe she might be wearing clothes like that because umm… she’s on a BEACH!
    what should she do, wear a burkha?

  48. Demi Lovato Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    This new layout sucks. sucks. sucks. sucks.

  49. yruso

    Those thunder thighs and matronly hips spell BIG trouble in a few short years. She is going to big one big pear-shaped FATTY.

  50. Richport's Ghost

    hey, another ugly cow in the ROUND FACE CLUB.
    This cow.
    Hayden Cuntierre.
    Vanessa Hudgeons.
    And that Scientologist cunt, Erika Christensen. Remember her? The drugged-out daughter from “Traffic”? (Sure that role was a rrreeaaaallllll stretch, yeah right.)

    I just feel like I’m looking at a car tire or something when I see these faces. Bulging eyes, fat cheeks, huge mouths….

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