Debbie Gibson still alive, apparently stalked

Famed 80’s singer Debbie Gibson filed a restraining order against crazed fan Jordi Bassas Puigdollers (photographed with her above) of Spain after he showed up at her house on Sunday. Jordi constantly flies to the US to see Debbie in concert and often tries to follow her to her hotel. Showing up at Debbie’s house prompted a call to police who detained Jordi. The AP reports:

“I understand that she wants her privacy,” said Puigdollers, a taxi driver. “I would like to say I’m sorry. I don’t want problems and I don’t want to bother her so much.”
Puigdollers left a note under Gibson’s door Thursday suggesting that the two meet in El Paso, according to the singer.
“If you like, contact me,” he said in a note that was included with the court documents. He signed it with his phone number in Barcelona and an e-mail that begins “debhead.”

Jordi still plans to attend a Debbie Gibson concert in May, according to the article. He seems like he means well, so no doubt he’ll make some sort of peace offering with his beloved idol. Which will probably be a teddy bear made from his own pubic hair. It’s simple but from the heart.

Photos: Splash News