Deathstroke Will Stare Really Dramatically At Ben Affleck Soon

Presumably while exhaling smoke and wondering if this is all there is to life, Ben Affleck tweeted test footage of Deathstroke who will reportedly be the main villain in the solo Batman film, according to The Wrap. And I probably wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up in Justice League at some point to be like, “Doesn’t that guy talk to fish?” And everyone will be like, “Nope, he’s into death metal and booze now.” Then Superman will cry because Kevin Costner’s ghost keeps telling him that being a superhero is gay. It’s gonna be great.

P.S. This is probably Joe Manganiello, so I hope Batfleck’s ready for this.

joe manganiello magic mike xxl

BOOM. Jizzing villains. What up, Marvel?

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