‘Deadpool’ Will Be Rated R In Case There Was Some Confusion

Ryan Reynolds spent the beginning of the week acting like Deadpool was going to be rated PG-13 despite his best efforts:

But then yesterday, April Fool’s Day, he tweeted this which nobody took seriously because I said it was April Fool’s Day, right?

Except it turns out Deadpool really is Rated R which Fox confirmed last night making this video legitimate and Mario Lopez dying the way he was destined to die: With someone yelling “Fuck you, Slater,” at him.

More importantly than any of that shit I was just talking about, I have an excuse to post the Jesse Spano Warbling Vagina GIF which I will take at every opportunity I get. EVERY. OPPORTUNITY. Not counting that Screech post I wrote the other day. Dammit, you got me. *commits seppuku*

Jesse Spano Vagina GIF

“Ba-warble-warble, I am the one true God.
Ba-warble-warble, I am the one true God.
Ba-warble-warble, lay all your sacrifices before me…”

(Please tell me I’m not the only one hearing that.)

Photo: YouTube