David Arquette: ‘Courteney Wouldn’t Have Sex With Me, So I Found This’

October 12th, 2010 // 69 Comments

With word of Courteney Cox and David Arquette‘s marriage ending, it didn’t take long to learn that he was the one who actually traded up and is somehow having sex with Jasmine Waltz up top. I know the obvious joke here is that women love money, but there’s nothing funny about the dead serious facts of life. At any rate, how do we know David had sex with Jasmine? He went on Howard Stern this morning and explained the whole break-up. Oh, good. Via TMZ:

Arquette explained that he and Courteney stopped having sex around one month before they started shooting “Scream 4″ in Michigan … and drifted from there.
He also claims Courteney was the one who insisted they try separating right after their 11th wedding anniversary back in June … after she told David that she was “tired of being your mother.”
David claims he still loves Courteney — and calls her one of the most amazing people on the planet.
David is also adamant that he never cheated on Courteney before the split — but admits he has had sex with rebound chick Jasmine Waltz … his “one conquest.”

David also revealed he hopes to patch things up with Courteney despite the fact he just told the entire world she wouldn’t have sex with him, so he went out and found someone hotter. While I consider that a romantic gesture, something tells me Courteney’s going to let hormones and human emotions distort the whole thing and make a big deal out of it. I mean, who doesn’t want to be painted as a frigid shrew? That’s Jennifer Aniston‘s entire schtick.

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  1. Cock Dr

    Most people need to have sex.
    People who cut off their partners from sex will be cheated on and/or dumped.
    Pretty simple.

    • Yeah and get that piece on th side and uve basically ended what hops u had of reconcilliation. Dont blame him tho thats one fineass lookin chick! Megan fox without the tardtoos..

      • Cock Dr

        I think running off at the mouth on the Stern show probably put the final nails in the coffin of that marriage.
        It lasted about a decade though…that’s a LONG time in Hollywood.

      • BigBone

        Coutney Cox is a **nt !! :-) Let David have his fun already, funk her

    • Preach on brother ! I’ve had 3 friends in the last 5 years split from their wives for that very reason. Women think just because your married that it’s a given you’ll stay even if they don’t put out anymore *BUZZER*….There’s always another willing vagina right around the corner…..Lesson ladies !

      • Cock Dr

        Um, it’s a lesson to both genders.

      • swan

        maybe she doesn’t care! she was probably grossed out by him or wasn’t into him anymore. that’s why women stop having sex with men. and usually they are looking for someone else or trying to get out of the relationship, too.

    • Cardinal Fang

      This is the beginning and end of the comments. Hitting the nail on the head.

    • Chupacabra

      Yea, but she fucked some dude costar that was on her cougar show – that was in the press months ago, and not anyone really picked up on it because they denied it… yea, but they were fucking.

  2. Lord Doucheington

    Fair enough.

  3. Marley

    Jesus she looks like a pre-plastic surgery Megan Fox.

  4. is that Megan Fox’s twin sister?

  5. RoboZombie

    Why is this dude wearing a dress??

  6. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    most older women are ready to move on after 40 anyways, they want a new life and to do new things, guys, and life experiences…its not always about looks, not everyone is that vain or superficial. After years of being with the same guy some women want to try something new, a you know what some men like women with mature faces and looks, not every guy wants a baby faced woman to fuck…its true. I myself like the look of an older woman over a 30 year old or younger, im 43 years old and my wife is 37, I think she is hot and maybe she doesnt have the body she did at 20…but then who does??? gravity is part of aging, get over it. all the pretty ones will be old too.

  7. Lok

    Nice upgrade. Trade in the used car for a new model with the fresh, tight leather.

  8. I thought that was Megan Fox at first too. Good choice.

  9. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks like a mix between megan fox and miranda kerr, very pretty.

  10. A more attractive Megan Fox, interesting.

  11. He stopped having sex with Courtney because she said she was tired of being his mother.

    Obviously, Oedipus fucked it all up…….

    Very nice upgrade…..


  12. CUNT

    at least he got someone younger, hotter and tighter than than courtney. And on top of that, this girl is better looking than megan fox

  13. It's Still TAB

    Now I bet Courtney will live up to her “Cougar Town” character..

    10 to 1 odds..

  14. Coyote

    Will Courtney buy the line:
    “We were on a break”

    • Dont forget they have a very young child together. Aint so cut and dry for her.. When these clowns separated they said they still love eachother deeply. Ud be surprised what u can put up with when u make a committment. Cheating ruins it all but when u have a small child the marriage aint only urs anymore..

    • It's Still TAB

      Spot on.

  15. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    She looks rather expensive.

  16. Cher X

    So…..she’s been with Jesse McCartney, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Pine. And now David Arquette?

    Way to sleep your way to the middle.

  17. I wouldn’t have sex with you either, chubby. They’re called push ups, look into it.

  18. The joke you are all looking for is
    It’s Megan Fox with thumbs

  19. Vivian

    Monogamy is a state of mind, definetly not built in human’s primary needs.

    Women also need sex, you know? and just as men talk about sticking their dicks in the same vagina over and over again, well guess what? it’s exactly the same about having the same dick over and over again, having to put up with the same repertoire moves because you’re too comfortable with your “signature” moves.

    If things are f..d up in bed it’s only a matter of time till someone calls it quits.

  20. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    To quote Courtney’s on-screen brother:


  21. jill


  22. Stay Puft Overlord

    So I just googled Jasmine Waltz…….and apparently everyone is googling her….and by googling, I mean running a train on her ass……….seriously, it seems that her vagina is just a pit stop for celebrities…or maybe she’s just a really sweet, down to earth girl…that only fucks famous people.

    David Arquette
    Chris Pine
    Jesse McCartney
    Ryan Seacrest

  23. jill

    never mind. I’m ashamed. I didn’t know Jasmine was such a whore before I posted. I stand corrected. With my nipples erect.

  24. meg

    She looks a lot better than Courteney. Big step up in my opinion. Whore or not at least she looks a ton better than the last one.

  25. J-Sin

    Great job, David! Now THATS how you upgrade! **Air High Five**

  26. Cardinal Fang

    Always trade in the old bag for a newer, more willing, model.

  27. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    That chick looks like Megan Fox

  28. I wonder if anyone thinks this girl looks like Megan Fox. Hey, do you think he’s trading up banging a younger, better looking girl?

    Kudos to him. Nail it shut.

  29. TheTick

    I heard David on Stern. He definitely did not slag his ex. I believe him when he says he wants her to be happy. Thats how I feel about my ex.

    As for cutting him off sex, this is not necessarily Cox’s fault. Who know what sort of mind-f*ck games they played with each other, but it cetainly didn’t help.

    Him nailing a high profile new chick definitely didn’t help his chances of ever getting back together though. Your first conquest after a separation better be a secret one if you want to avoid a woman’s wrath!

    Feel for him. Tough times.

  30. GravyLeg

    What may amaze me most is this little whore sees photos like this and articles talking about HER conquests in Hollywood and probably feels a great sense of accomplishment. Because being a star fucker is now actually a great way to become a star…

  31. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    Anyone else think that girl looks like Megan Fox?

  32. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Buffalo Dick
    Commented on this photo:

    meh… purse size inversely proportional to IQ…..

  33. cc

    ‘I know the obvious joke here is that women love money,’

    I really wished that wasn’t too, but in many years of observation, that is an inescapable conclusion.

  34. anonymous

    Ha! Called it. When I first read that David and Courtney were still keeping up appearances for the sake of the kids, I told the girlfriend that he was the one cheating.

    If she was cheating, things wouldn’t be so cordial between them.

    I bet when they get divorced–he is not only going to get paid but he’ll get alimony to boot. That and this cute little upgrade = David gets his cake and eats it too.

    • GravyLeg

      There may be justice in this world yet… Good for David…

      • Cock Dr

        Certainly there was an airtight prenup. Didn’t she make a tall pile of cash from the “Friends” franchise?
        No one in this sad little drama will be poor, homeless, lacking health insurance or unlaid…..so dry those tears.

  35. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    Whoa, i totally thought this was Megan Fox, which is a good thing!!

  36. "He's too rough to be true"

    You don’t get to be a star effer, if you’re not HOT!

  37. Jess

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Cox is relieved that a younger version of herself has stepped in and taken her place. The same dick gets boring after a while – and one that ya have to fuck regularly in the bedroom – attached to a guy that embarrases you outside the bedroom – gets old – quick.

    And nothing kills romance more than nagging – on the guy and the girls’ end.

  38. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    holy shit, yeah i thought that was megan fox too.

  39. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    Score! /hifive

  40. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    Megan Fox?

  41. terryo

    Always trade up! Congratulations!!

  42. Scott

    Great choice! Better than Courteney.

  43. Willy Wonka

    Maybe he dumped her because she wouldn’t take it in the ass???

  44. David Arquette Girlfriend Jasmine Waltz
    Commented on this photo:

    doesnt she look a bit like megan fox?

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