Daisy De La Hoya set to make out with high school seniors on TV

You know it’s a holiday when I’m posting about Rock of Love rejects. Daisy De La Hoya is getting her own reality show on VH1 titled Daisy of Love. (I hope somebody got a raise for that.) The show will air Spring 2009 and right now casting is underway at Daisyoflovecasting.com. However, the producers must be shitting themselves because the top contenders can’t even legally drink. People reports:

The profile with the most votes (330 currently) belongs to m1kee26, who says he’s 18 and from Staten Island, N.Y.
“I love to go out and have a great time,” he writes. “I am a fan of all the vh1 reality shows. My favorite so far was I love Money. I enjoy playing basketball, baseball and bowling. I am a liberal arts major and planning on become a Physical Therapist later on.”
Nate, also 18, from State College, Penn., is in a distant second place with 120 votes and writes: “I would love to go on this show and meet Daisy, since I know we’ve both been through a lot. I haven’t had much luck with love in my life, so going on this show and meeting a beautiful woman may be just what I need.”

Man, I feel bad for Nate. Eighteen years old and thinking he’s about to fall in love with a stripper on a reality show. Poor kid. Somebody should probably take him aside and let him know how these things work before he gets his heart broken. Unless, of course, he shoots hedge funds out of his penis, then maybe

Photos: Splash News