Daisy Fuentes In A Bikini Is 3 Years Older Than Gabrielle Anwar, Looks Way Better

May 22nd, 2012 // 42 Comments

Possibly because her face doesn’t look like an over-tanned garden gnome pumped full of collagen, here’s 45-year-old Daisy Fuentes in Miami yesterday looking way better than the 42-year-old Gabrielle Anwar who almost got me stabbed with a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey for not saying she looked fucking gorgeous for her age. Folks, I appreciate older woman, and I also appreciate women who don’t inexplicably have a gut and washboard abs at the same time. I’m strange and mysterious that way, like the type your daddy warned you about. “That boy collects dolls,” he probably said ignorant to the subtle, yet sensual nuances of trying to convince women those action figures are for, uh.. your nephew, so please stop messing up their battle poses.

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  1. Jak

    A little meat on the bones is the goal ladies. Don’t starve, don’t super size

  2. Cave

    The suit is an eyesore. A nice bikini would be more flattering.

  3. Daisy Fuentes Bikini Cameltoe
    Commented on this photo:

    Foot ball player shoulders. Real attractive

  4. tits mcgee

    So I love how guys are like “women all hate each other, all the time blah blah tiny penis” and then you go on comparing them solely based on looks. Like, would you post about how Christian Bale looks way better than that Captain America dude?

  5. uhuhsdbfsf

    She’s a lovely looking women. Look’s amazing for her age,a lot of 20yr old’s would love to be as beautiful as she is. Cuban’s do it better’ Snap!

  6. Daisy Fuentes Bikini Cameltoe
    Jerry Falwell
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s damn nice!!!

  7. Coyote

    I was just wondering about her the other day. She still gets my motor running. Please, may I have some more?

  8. bitch looking good!

  9. “Daisy Fuentes In A Bikini Is 3 Years Older Than Gabrielle Anwar, Looks Way Better”

    Well played, SW. Well, played.

  10. I’ve always had a thing for Daisy and she still looks damn good!

  11. Daisy Fuentes Bikini Cameltoe
    Commented on this photo:

    How does Kelly Broke’s body get so much attention for being “fuller” and this woman gets crap! AND she is about 15 years older! Go Daisy!

  12. Daisy Fuentes Bikini Cameltoe
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    She looks great but I prefer the athletic, toned body of Garbrielle. GA’s pic # 27 sold me.

  13. John

    Jeez – You can now add The Superficial to the majority of internet entertainment providers that does not know what the fuck they are talking about or the difference in a bikini and a regular swimsuit.

  14. Inmate 12236969

    I don’t care what some people say if you’re a guy and don’t want to fuck her you’re gay. I’d fuck her and let Kate watch.

  15. Daisy Fuentes Bikini Cameltoe
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    Gabrielle is much, much sexier.

  16. Daisy Fuentes Bikini Cameltoe
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    I used to have it so bad for her, she’s still got it!

  17. Daisy Fuentes Bikini Cameltoe
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    I ain’t kicking either of them out of my backseat of my broken car in my mom’s backyard!

  18. Daisy Fuentes Bikini Cameltoe
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  19. lily

    i dont think she looks any better than gabrielle. atleast GA doesnt giggle when she walks down the beach

  20. KV

    I take Gabrielle over Daisy. That Daisy chick once dated that Luis Miguel singer. You have to be one disgusting bitch to date that dude or even worst to do him. Yikes

  21. Ted

    Daisy’s been killin’ it for 20 years. Ladies – clean living and not acting like a skank in public does wonders for the body.

  22. Adam

    I used to jerk off to Daisy on a daily basis years ago when she was on MTV. She still looks great. I’d love to drill her every orifice if I could.

    I wouldn’t do the same to Gabrielle. Gabrielle would get it in her tight anus though if Daisy wouldn’t let me. Gabrielle looks like she probably loves putting things up her butt.

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