Daisy Fuentes In A Bikini Is 3 Years Older Than Gabrielle Anwar, Looks Way Better

Possibly because her face doesn’t look like an over-tanned garden gnome pumped full of collagen, here’s 45-year-old Daisy Fuentes in Miami yesterday looking way better than the 42-year-old Gabrielle Anwar who almost got me stabbed with a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey for not saying she looked fucking gorgeous for her age. Folks, I appreciate older woman, and I also appreciate women who don’t inexplicably have a gut and washboard abs at the same time. I’m strange and mysterious that way, like the type your daddy warned you about. “That boy collects dolls,” he probably said ignorant to the subtle, yet sensual nuances of trying to convince women those action figures are for, uh.. your nephew, so please stop messing up their battle poses.

Photos: Splash News