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Khloe is really good at skateboarding, May 7, 2011.

My sweet, sweet children, come sit on papa’s knee,

Before diving back into wildly speculating on which celebrities are pregnant only to distract everyone with bikini photos so I don’t get sued (Will that ever stop working?), I just want to say a huge thanks to Photo Boy for expertly handling the reins while I stuffed my face full of donuts and Calabash. I went from feeling like a parent leaving a newborn baby with a sitter for the first time to dropping off an eight-year-old and not caring about anything short of selling him to sex traffickers. And even then.

Anyway, I caught Thor over the weekend and may post a review later today seeing as I’ve been constantly babbling about this summer’s plethora of comic book flicks. But first, photos of celebrity boobs.

Does the Internet still make that porn I like?

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Photo: Chris McVeigh/Pacific Coast News