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May 9th, 2011 // 31 Comments
Chewbacca Skateboard

Khloe is really good at skateboarding, May 7, 2011.

My sweet, sweet children, come sit on papa’s knee,

Before diving back into wildly speculating on which celebrities are pregnant only to distract everyone with bikini photos so I don’t get sued (Will that ever stop working?), I just want to say a huge thanks to Photo Boy for expertly handling the reins while I stuffed my face full of donuts and Calabash. I went from feeling like a parent leaving a newborn baby with a sitter for the first time to dropping off an eight-year-old and not caring about anything short of selling him to sex traffickers. And even then.

Anyway, I caught Thor over the weekend and may post a review later today seeing as I’ve been constantly babbling about this summer’s plethora of comic book flicks. But first, photos of celebrity boobs.

Does the Internet still make that porn I like?

- The Superficial

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Photo: Chris McVeigh/Pacific Coast News


  1. LilaJoy

    I’m going to find you, fish, and have my way with you. Just sayin.

  2. Jennyjenjen

    Photo boy touched me and it didn’t feel right!

  3. Colin

    Photo Boy touched me too, and it felt VERY right.

  4. ee

    I love photoboy but I missed you fish :)

  5. dk

    My butt hurts..

  6. Welcome back Fishmang :)
    PB piloted the vessel like a boss.. I think a king size Toblerone is in order.

  7. Anna

    Welcome back. this place is not the same without you…

  8. Bob

    Welcome back!

  9. Holland

    Welcome back Fish! Hope you & skateboarding Khloe had a great getaway

  10. the captain

    …………….mommy lost her way.
    (O.K., she hates men)

  11. Jovy

    Welcome back old man ;)

  12. strit

    gitchu some kispy kreeeemes?

  13. Deacon Jones

    Photo Boy has better taste in chicks, FISH. (see Kate Upton)

    Time to put the Katy Perry and Blake Lively obsession to rest pal.

  14. John

    You were gone?

  15. KWDragon

    Welcome back! I was glad to see you left the place in capable hands. Tag in Photo Boy when you get the chance again.

  16. thor

    Welcome back Fish! PhotoBoy was good, but he can’t replace you. Oh yeah, and Blake Lively was at my place and she was telling me what a bad lover you were. Psych :)

  17. The Critical Crassness

    Welcome back, Fish. Photo Boy did fairly well, I give him a B+ but he needs work on “commentary” and finishing the “Daily Crap” in the correct manner, i.e.,a picture of great set of boobs.

  18. I have it on good authority that Photo Boy turned the office into a brothel and non-stop party while you were gone, got in trouble with the mob and had to pay them all of his pimp earnings, and only got the place cleaned up seconds before you walked back in the door. Also, I suggest you check your prized AVN “Woody” trophy for cracks.

  19. qwerty

    why on why can we see just one picture of you? Please? Pretty please?

  20. Brooke

    Yay! Hope you liked the South, even if they only have those little reddish potatoes instead of the big Idaho bastards I love so much.

  21. The story of this Whorey

    So you are my Daddy? I’ve been looking for you for years!!! I knew you would come back someday, how was the beer you went out for 25 years ago?

  22. who dat

    Welcome back Fish! What did you bring us? Pet lice and furballs from Khloe don’t count as a real souvenirs Dad, even when you put them in a nice box. Also Photo Boy was good he can come back anytime.

  23. Wavecatcher

    I’m over 40 and waaaaaay better looking than women in their 20s

    just sayin

  24. Doc Scweinstrudel

    I LOVE this site. Thank you!

  25. LadyJade

    While you, Fish, walk the line between sexist-asshole and knock-down-can’t-hardly-breath funny, Photo Boy was, unfortunately, an ass-douche. Not an ass, not a douche, but an ass-douche. I’ve been a fan of this site for years. Photo Boy = Not Funny.

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