Criss Angel & Holly Madison thing is really happening

November 1st, 2008 // 71 Comments

I pretty much assumed Holly Madison dating Criss Angel was some sort of cruel tabloid joke to make me think there isn’t a God. Turns out it wasn’t. The two attended the grand opening last night of Criss’ Cirque Du Soleil show Believe where the magical douchebag extraordinaire had nothing but praise for Holly, according to People:

“This is one of the most special evenings for me in my life and I can not think of a more beautiful person, a more special person, inside and out, than Holly to spend it with.”
When asked how he and Madison got together, he replied, “I got lucky. I didn’t have a date and so she said, ‘I’ll come’. She makes me look good.”

He then added: “Even better, I don’t have to pay those ridiculous Playboy prices anymore. I mean, Jesus, it’s not like their vaginas lay gold bricks. Love ya, honey.”

Photos: Splash News

  1. Snicks

    Nice Playboy watch.

  2. Crystal

    I guess anyone looks good after you just broke up with Hef…Criss is fugly!!! Holly can do way better than that.

  3. Natalia


  4. dragon43078

    A usless skank with a worthless scam artist.

  5. Doggy Style

    I live in Vegas I’ve been to his live Luxor show (thats where its at) and it absolutely sucks people have walked out asked for money back and boood his bitch ass (I walked out pissed, thinking fish was right this guy is a fucken douchebag) , its like he doesn’t even try, its all done with stupid cameras, he’ll disappear on screen and appear on screen somewhere else, thats not magic thats fucken retarded. The Cirque Du Soleil part is cool, but I still walked out. BICTHES all of them

  6. jonny monstikio

    This guy embodies the word DOUCHE.

  7. Ms.Mala

    Holly looks beautiful:)

  8. Guy

    As a catholic I am very offended by him wearing Rosarys as I what I asume to be merely a fashion.


  9. riz

    i never thought holly was pretty at all until these pics. maybe it’s because she’s standing next to criss angel though. or maybe it’s because she’s not playing house with an 80 year old perve.

  10. MILA

    ugh id give anything to be her !!!!!!

  11. MILA

    criss angel is so hottttttttt

  12. 1moreidiotintheworld

    another average looking bleach-blonde bimbo with no ass hanging out with a faggot wannabe loser….. shit, like there are’nt enough of these couples around already…….yaaaaaawwwnnnn!

  13. ekki_skila



    what were we talking about?

  14. amanda

    i’d consider holly a positive influence, already shes hidden his jewelery ;)

  15. ian239

    She probably licks his a$$ and then bangs him with a dildo… that’s what he seems to be into

  16. Sonya Thompson

    Holly makes me SICK!!!!! I think she should go back and play house with Hef!!
    Criss can do BETTER THAN HER!!!!

  17. Sonya Thompson

    Holly makes me sick!! I think she should go back and play house with Hef!!!! Criss can do much better than her!!!!! Wonder how long it will be before she tells Criss she wants to get married and have kids?????!!!!!!

  18. boo

    Criss Angel = Douchebag Exraordinaire

    Catholic rosaries & crosses = christian junk worship

  19. Balls McCoy

    first, fuck you boo.

    second, Holly’s watch is big enough that she can clearly see that her time is up.

  20. Amy Winehouse

    Pray for mimi

  21. britney's weave

    okay, i would actually rather holly and hef reproduce than holly and criss. i mean, who spells their name like that. at least the child would have had half a brain had hef been the father…

  22. vinny

    Douchebag looks like 4 million other duds from joisy.

  23. E. Norma Stitz

    Gold-digger meets scam artist.

  24. Las Vegas is full of Horn-dogs

    Who cares……….Maybe he’ll actually get lucky with her! That is if he applies her with enough alcohol, so he can have his way with her. Hef is still better looking than this guy, and when Hef was this weirdo’s age, he was fucking hot!

  25. I’d make Criss schlong disappear, then reappear, then disappear, … you get the picture.

    It’s not that I’m gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s just that’s how I roll. I smoke a little pole, so SueMe, fags.

  26. sporkdevil

    Why is everyone so surprised? She has had an 80+ year old millionaire for years, between 2 other girls, so clearly her thinking is screwed up, and she is simply happy to have a millionaire who is only 30 something, which helps her blur the whole douche bag thing.

    Really, even I think less of her, but I can’t so much blame her. Hopefully she will make a full recovery from insanity and start banging someone with some talent, or me. Either one is cool.

  27. justtheobvious

    He’s a douche bag

  28. KOT

    He needs to be blasted on!

    He’s a cheese-dick mother fucker!

  29. Lisa

    Holly was all about the pink flashy outfits and dresses. Now she is wearing gothic black? Can’t people just stay who they are instead of changing into what other people think they like. Like Paris and Benji. Paris write poetry now, to be a hipster, and she sucks. All these girls are fakes. Again, it is Hollywood though.

  30. DAMN, she has quite a strange taste of men, folks!!

  31. Earth Angel

    When is he gonna make his baby teeth disappear???? He has lil Baby teeth!! LOL!!!!!! She’s a fake ass skank! They both suck!

  32. hi

    She has to make the corpse dust of Hefner disappear from her vagina somehow, doesn’t she?!?

  33. Bewilderment

    Of all the douches she could have gone out with she had to pick the biggest of them all?

  34. Bewilderment

    Of all the douches she could have gone out with she had to pick the biggest of them all?

  35. She is beautiful.


    she’s looking fat

  37. missy

    ugh chris is so creepy ugly i would f hef any day over him

  38. Sport

    The word douche wasnt made for vinegar and water – it was made for this fucking homo.

  39. golden

    His teeth look like rotten corn

  40. Rita

    What’s with the retarded crosses and rosaries and shit? Next he’ll wear a jew on a stick, which is what the asshats worship.

  41. Diana

    I used to think he was fun to watch as a performer.

    But now I wish he would just make himself disappear. For those of you who really can’t stand him, you should watch the video of somebody throwing a brick in his face when he “tries to swallow it”. Season 4 Mindfreak.

  42. Peterpills

    “special person, inside and out”,… doesn’t America do double entendres?

  43. havoc

    She’s got a smokin little body, but I just can’t take blondes with black eyebrows.



  44. sla

    Maybe with some Crest Whitestrips he could make those stains on his little stubby teeth disappear.

  45. poop

    Yeah, I never noticed until now, but he DOES have baby teeth. Yellow too. Ugh.
    Am I the only one that thinks he sounds like Pauly Shore when he talks?

    Ugh, Holly just needs to go back to the mansion with Heff where she belongs. It’s just not right.

  46. Bad Betty

    He has to be gay – look at that faggy hairdo!

  47. ...

    look at all of you. shame on you for speaking so bad about a person who all of you never met before. this sounds like jealousy … all of you are jealous because criss has things you don`t have. HAHA. please get a life and stop producing shit under articles.

  48. lovetoblog

    whoever said gold digger meets scam artist is so right on the money…yes she is a gold digger she was with hef only for the money…after 7 years she moved on pretty fast….for all those who are happy for her look beyond those tits and the fake smile…there is a very rotten, evil person inside. If someone you broke up with meant something to you especially after 7 years you take time to heal and to move ahead. Also lets not foreget she wantedbabies with him…Thank God she never had any poor kid would be fartherless at some point and be left with a mother who is a whore and a gold digger…good example I guess for a child?

  49. Without Hef Holly is nothing but just another bimbo skank whore

    Criss is jealous that Holly made Chocolate molds of her vagina for Hef. She is a special talented lady to do such a wonderful thing for Hef. Holly in a video for the world to hear said that “Hef loves her VAGINA” so she wanted to do something special for the old man. She is a wonderful little skank. I heard she is working on making chocolate molds of her PLASTICS boobs for Criss Angel. What a beautiful couple Criss and Holly make. NOT!

  50. Marcy

    My opinion is this is a publicity stunt. There is no real love there — lust, yes — but no love. Criss always says a woman is “beautiful and special” when he doesn’t know her. I’m sure guys have said that about me after banging me for a month. When all you’re doing is banging and not really talking what else can you say?

    Holly appears to be a golddigger and Criss is used to that as his wife is still fighting him in court for more money. Apparently he hasn’t learned his lesson. Or maybe Holly’s THAT good in bed that he doesn’t care. Although I can’t imagine what a 23-year-old blonde bimbo can do that I haven’t already done and perfected. I can’t imagine her being all that acrobatic in bed either. She doesn’t look like she wants to get her extensions messed up or possibly bust an implant.

    And that brings me to my last point. Criss Angel is STILL married! But maybe he forgot to tell her. Or maybe all that god-awful jewelry he wears blinded her and she can’t think straight. If Hef didn’t want to have kids what makes you think a man who lets a divorce drag on for over 2 years is in a position to give you what you want?

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