Criss Angel & Holly Madison starting to remind me of another couple I know…

November 7th, 2008 // 66 Comments

Criss Angel and Holly Madison attended the Vegas premiere of Repo! The Genetic Opera last night, and wait a goddamn minute. Ha! It all makes sense now:

Blonde with plastic tits? Check.
Walking bag of douche? Check.
Retarded poses? Check.

Anyone else see what’s going on here? I’ve said some horrible shit on this site, but nothing will prepare you for this:
Criss Angel and Holly Madison are the new Heidi & Spencer.


Seriously, there’s no coming back from an insult like that. If someone called me and my significant other the Ass Twins, I’d jump in a woodchipper and hope to God migrant workers lit my remains on fire. (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge, get your ass to Home Depot, Criss Angel.)

Photos: Splash News, WENN

  1. Spencer Pratt

    I take offense to being compared to Cris Angel.

  2. Joe Fonebone


  3. Heidi

    OMG, are you saying I look like playboy girl!? Thank you so so so much! Love you ALL! XOXO Heidi

  4. Racer X

    Criss? Seriously?


  5. Bailey

    cute shoes!

  6. Lola

    Watch above the jacket?, what the hell is wrong with this guy?

  7. Lola

    Watch above the jacket?, what the hell is wrong with this guy?

  8. ChuckleHead

    To think, Criss Angel has kissed the lips where that 80+ year old dick has been.

  9. Vince Lombardi

    If this douche and his pay-per-view cunt are the “new Heidi and Spencer,” then H & D are the new Tommy Lee and Pam. Because when I saw pic 1, I immediately went there.

  10. tp

    I thought you were going to say Pam and Tommy Lee.

    These two aren’t nearly as annoying as Speidi…yet.

  11. git it

    Is she wearing socks or are her feet really that white?

  12. not first!

    Note to Holly: When you get a tan, take your socks off in order to avoid a full tan, but only up to your ankles… You’re welcome!

  13. Carlos

    I would have said Britney and KFed.

  14. Carlos

    I would have said Britney and KFed.

  15. Carlos

    I would have said Britney and KFed.

  16. PunkA

    Holly is just a temporary pin cushion. Criss Angel is a douche and it will fail guaranteed. But Angel gets some fun before she magically disappears and heads back to Hef for a place to stay.

  17. dork

    Holly should go to Home Depot and take this TOOL back. Does she really think that she can extend her 15 minutes with this idiot? His 15 minutes is already over.

    But, then again, I don’t care if she had an 80 year old cock in her mouth, I’d still hit it!

  18. lithiumlilly

    I thought you were gonna say Pam Anderson and Tommy. I guess the douche part applies to Kid Rock too.

  19. Homewrecker

    Aww Holly how could you do this to us? The tan, cmon! Can’t you afford to get yo feet spray tanned too?!?!? ay yay yay

  20. Pilatunes

    Who the fuck in their right mind would settle for one of Hef’s sloppy seconds? God that’s gross. Hey, dude, your wife spent years screwing and blowing some old fart for the sake of some fame and a comfortable place to live. What a catch! Hef’s ‘girlfriends’ are a tiny small notch above a street corner crackwhore.

  21. Keith Richards wears dude accessories, how come he doesnt look like a jackass!

  22. May Media


    Chris is getting more media attention sleeping with the bimbo sloppy second. It makes sense to me.

  23. Flash

    @ 22. I would say a notch above bus station skank.

  24. yana

    lol you are all CRAZY!!

    it’s the hottest couple ever. The guy is hot as F U C K . and Holly is a beautiful girl i always thought that even if she’s doing this playboy thing, she’s classy and smart
    they look just beautiful together

  25. yana

    oh..and 1 more thing

    stop hating on someone’s love

    it’s GROSS

    they are very happy with each other

    are you jealous ??

  26. Frank Wood

    Who taught that effin’ retard how to dress? A fucking bling bling watch outside of his leather jacket? I just beg to ask him how Heff’s dick tastes… Holly must have whiplash from falling so far so fast…

  27. Randal

    I’ve got to say, there is no way that Criss Angel is anything like Spencer. Just look at how Criss dresses himself out in public. No respect for himself what-so-ever. What’s with the chains and marker designs on his jeans? Horrible.

    At least Spencer has style.


  28. bar room hero

    He’s a douche, and she looks like trailor-trash

    She reminds me of an old saying, “If she had as many pricks coming out of her as have gone into her she’d look like a porcupine”

  29. Sport

    Yana you are messed up. Or 12. Or both.

    He remains lord of all douches, and I cant imagine in my lifetime ANYONE usurping his throne. Die in a fire dickweed.

  30. Ted from LA

    And NOW, for the DOUBLE ENTENDRE of the year………………….

    what a couple of boobs.

  31. Me 2

    Criss Angel is as annoying as Heidi and Spencer combined. He doesn’t need Holly Madison to get to that level. I like Holly and I can’t imagine why she is dating him. It really says something about you and your career when dating an ex-playboy model is an image improvement.

  32. i deffinately agree with the fact they are begging to look like the other couple. Maybe it was intentional, who knows. All i know is that they should just be themselves.

  33. Kahlee

    I can’t belive I’m writing this but they are still less annoying than spiedi

  34. hmm

    I honestly thought it was gonna be “Jenna Jameson and Tito Ortiz”…but go figure.

  35. Rene


    I am busted. I am so jealous because I would love to trade in my college degree, my great career, my long brown hair, my fit body, and self worth to prostitute myself like Holly.

  36. Luchi

    Rene, we all know you’re some dumb, fat, ugly, bitch on the brink of suicide. But, whatever you say hunny, you just keep telling yourself that.

  37. Pilatunes

    Rene @37…hmmm, how about dinner sometime?

  38. Ted from LA

    For my money, I’ll bet Rene is fine.

  39. Sean D.

    Does this guy get dressed in the f’ing dark? For fuck sake, he’s wearing his watch on the outside of his jacket? WTH?

  40. Bmurphy72

    How does this dude keep getting seemingly good hootchietoo????


    Ahh, doesn’t she look so, you know, oh what is it, Oh yeah!! Dead behind the eyes? No really, her expression is total love. No that’s not it. Lust. No still not right. Disgust. Yeah that’s the one. Wonder how much he paid her to be his pin cushion/arm candy?

  42. Jeanell

    I can not believe that you compared Criss and Holly to Heidi and Spencer. They are so much cooler than them!!!

  43. joey joejoe

    jebus h christ, i hope chris angel aka the abortion that crawled out of the bucket kills himself at some stage, or at the very least does enough damage that he makes christopher reeve look like a gymnast.

  44. Ngek

    Why do meaningless people exist? I don’t know.

  45. french_guy

    < >>

    +1000000000 for @#10

    I have think the same when I saw pictures. Pam & Tommy

  46. anna

    yeah she is beautiful and sexual i cant beleive my eyes . she is dating with this guy .but yesterday i got a news from it’s said that she is dating with another guy . but i dont know what the guy’s name . can u tell me ?thank u ?

  47. RaraAvis

    I’ll bet the wind whistles right through his ears and into hers…and straight out the other side. BTW, her white feet are nauseating.

  48. JANE

    Man shes sooo beautiful. Her face is so pretty

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