Courtney Stodden Arranged A Crying On The Beach Bikini Photo Shoot

As much as I shamelessly whore myself for SEO to the point where I lie awake at night on bed of clicks trying not to think about what I have to show for 9 years of my life, even I’ve been avoiding the gross as hell Courtney Stodden Miscarriage Publicity Tour 2016 because there’s only so many times you can be the asshole yelling, “SHE WAS NEVER PREGNANT!” before you start sailing into Kurt Metzger waters. But that was before she arranged a bikini photo shoot where she walks around the beach crying while chugging a bottle of champagne and vaping because, sure, why not? We’re talking unique visits AND pageviews here. I’m only human. On the outside…

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Photos: AKM-GSI