BREAKING: Courtney Stodden’s Banging Someone Under 40

Kevin James, you rascal…

Somehow we’ve made it four weeks into 2014 without a single Courtney Stodden post which probably explains why she went on a date last night with talent manager David Weintraub whose client list includes pretty much anyone who’s been on a VH1 reality show and Scott Disick, so right away you know her career’s about to go places. Provided she doesn’t freak out when his penis isn’t gray and gets hard without pills. There’s no way that won’t throw her off.

“Okay, so like most guys I date watch Matlock while I get them some warm milk. You want some?”
“Nope, I’m good.”
“Okay. How ’bout some oatmeal? Nice, sleepy oatmeal?”
“Nope, sex is good. I’m ready for sex.”
“Mmmm, you know what would be good? Ambien! Yummy Ambien.”
“You’ve never done this before have you?”

Photos: Pacific Coast News