Courtney Stodden Told 14-Year-Old Ariel Winter To Marry Her 18-Year-Old Boyfriend, Of Course

For everyone whose job doesn’t involve wearing pajama pants and reading TMZ all day, 14-year-old Modern Family star Ariel Winter emancipated herself from her, by all accounts, abusive, controlling stage mom and moved in with her sister who had to emancipate herself at the same age to escape similar abuse. In response, Ariel’s mother has claimed the whole thing is because Ariel’s having sex with an 18-year-old boyfriend, so naturally some paparazzi thought it’d be cute to ask Courtney Stodden for advice on the matter because she’s also in a relationship where the sex is fictional. And, oh yeah, something about age. Radar Online reports:

Out in Hollywood Saturday night, Courtney was asked to share her wisdom about older men with Ariel.
Stodden was obviously confused at first, not seeming to have any idea who Ariel is.
Fortunately, husband Doug, was there to fill her in, helping Courtney come up with a good answer.
“I think it’s awesome! As long as they’re in love, it’s okay,” Courtney said with great enthusiasm.
“They should get married!”

Elmo’s also embroiled in a situation with a younger man, so The Superficial reached out to him for his advice:

“Elmo not know what you’re talking about. Elmo just want man’s hand out of Elmo’s butt. Why are you not helping Elmo? Elmo sees your phone has numbers 9 and 1 on it to call police. Please don’t walk away from Elmo. ELMO FIND YOU!”

Words to live by, Ariel. Words to live by.

Photos: Splash News