Courteney Cox and David Arquette Split

October 11th, 2010 // 32 Comments

Further solidifying my theory that Jennifer Aniston is relationship cancer, Courteney Cox and David Arquette have separated, according to TMZ. The two met on the set of Scream and, oddly enough, are currently wrapping the fourth chapter which has to be some sort of clever metaphor for their marriage that I’m going to completely miss because I write penis jokes on the Internet.

“Dragged on for way too long?” — Too blunt.

“A stab to the heart?” — Overdramatic.

“I wonder if Hayden Panettiere gets naked.” — SWISH.

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  1. let's get rough, before we are lovers...

    Of course! girls are not into goofiness…They only pretend to be…

  2. I’m shocked by this news. Juuuuust kidding!

  3. its me fuckers

    in the States, gays can’t marry because some Christians think marriage is sacred and that having gays marry will taint the supreme honor and the destroy the meaning of it… isn’t that what Christians do as well by divorcing? More marriages end in divorce then marriages that stay together.

    • Since gay people can’t get married, clearly the fact that most marriages end in divorce is the fault of hetero people. The institution of marriage isn’t crumbling because fags and dykes want to get married, it’s because good god fearing christian people want to get out of their shitty marriages, over and over again.

      We can DEFEND marriage right now by making divorce illegal. How about that right wing christian nutjobs…doesn’t that solve your problem?

      • Even ireland finally told the church to stuff it wrt divorce. But yeah the way some love to blame rock n roll for the decline of the west i blame no fault divorce. Well that and nixon/reagan/bush

    • Amabel

      What the fuck does this story have to do with gays?????

  4. David Arquette Courteney Cox Split
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  5. David Arquette Courteney Cox Split
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    the old lady should have been at home with her husband instead of making her lame cougar show and maybe she wouldn’t be another Aniston. too bad for the kid though

  6. I have been waiting for Courtney to break up with that douche bag so I could bang her brains out…..

  7. David Arquette Courteney Cox Split
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    well now she will be able to bed younger guys for sure,lol…old men SUCK!

  8. Taz

    Let’s all thank her kid for pulling down her bikini top for us.

  9. hills

    Not surprised. He always looked like a tool to me.

  10. joey baloney

    Who cares? Only idiots and lamebrains

  11. Amy

    It took her a very long time to realize he’s unattractive. He must have the best personality in all the land.

  12. Amabel

    If I were I man, I’d dump her too. She and Demi Moore both remind me of the old lady school teacher I had in 2nd grade. What a dog…

  13. slapkatyperry

    I love it when a plan comes together fist Jennifer Aniston then Courteney Cox now if i can just find Lisa Kudrow I can have a hot Cougar sandwich. mmmmmmmm Cougar sandwich

  14. arzach

    The split is not surprising not even news, what is surprising is that it took so long!

  15. Sexual Healing

    Wait–didn’t their BFFs Laura Dern and Ben Harper just announce their separation today as well? Because if I was Courtney Cox, I would DEFINITELY bang Ben Harper. That man is just hotness. Hmm…

  16. Lana

    I’d date him, don’t care if he’s goofy or not. Cox is kind of a type A bitch personality.

  17. Ash Bones

    How’s his he/she brother doing these days?

  18. Yomamma

    Noo!! Ma babyys aahhh!

  19. Ryan

    That’s a shame they’re splitting. I was just watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Courteney a few weeks ago and it was talking about how much they love each other.

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  21. Never saw friends once. Looked way too gay. Loved him in supertroopers tho. Huh, that wasnt him?

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  23. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Its odd cuz I was just watching SCREAM two days ago and it got me thinking about them. He looks like a guy I used to go out with who was pretty cute but his (Arquettes) personailty always seemed a little far out there for me (I heard they were big into heroin. Anyone else hear that rumor?) I always thought that he probably was the kind of person thats really hard to live with . Like Ashton Cute Til He Opens His Mouth Kutcher.

  24. KV

    How long till we start seeing here whoring around with Hollywoods # 1 slut Jen Anniston ???

  25. TheRock

    Courteney has self-esteem, self-worth issues for marrying David to begin with. Plus she has control issues. He has maturity issues. She’s a mother hen. He’s an idiot. LOL… poor Coco. Courteney is poking her CougarTown co-star. She’s like a monkey, wouldn’t leave her tree until she had another tree to jump to. In EVERY picture of these two together throughout their entire marriage, she walked in front whilst he headed up the rear (and not in the good way). It’s too bad they spawned a child that we hope won’t be as confused, reckless and immature as her parents are.

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