Cory Monteith’s Dead (1982 – 2013)

July 15th, 2013 // 91 Comments
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It’s open season on shooting black kids in Florida right now, but enough about that, let’s all feel really bad for a rich, white actor who died living a life of privilege and excess. That’s the real tragedy here. TMZ reports:

According to police in Vancouver the actor was found dead in his hotel room on the 21st floor of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel around noon … when staffers went to check on him after the actor missed his check-out time.
In a press conference, officials said the actor was “clearly deceased” — and had been so for several hours — when police arrived on the scene.

As TMZ previously reported, Monteith voluntarily checked himself into a treatment center back in April, admitting he had substance abuse issues. It was his second time in treatment.

Hmm, I wonder what could’ve caused Corey Monteith to relapse again so soon. It’s not like he was always around a horrible, empty shell of a person all the time. I guess this is just one of those mysteries.

Addendum: I had some strong feelings about the George Zimmerman verdict that may have oozed into the writing of this post. That said, I got most of that out here. (Lea Michele still sucks though.)

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  1. USDA Prime McBeef

    I know of this guy equally with how much I care.

  2. KtothaJ

    Fuck. That’s a bit harsh.

    • kylethegirl

      My thoughts exactly…. =/

      • Yeah same. I mean, he was struggling addiction since his teenage years so the famous and privileged “rich actor who died living a life of privilege and excess” thing isn’t even accurate. He recently went into rehab, not because he broke the law and was forced to. He even opened up about it in order to get his young fans or others to feel that they too can get better if they want to. He was an incredibly nice and humble guy. Glee is an awful show and I don’t even like Lea Michele either but damn, a little respect would have been nice.

  3. George Zimmerman's Father's Rabbi

    That shooting story link was from November 28, 2012. Didn’t exactly happen yesterday. Way to cherry pick.

    • Yep, and the perp in the linked story is being tried with first-degree murder, just like many other times when people of various races shoot other people of various races. Other than that I’m sure linking the story somehow made a cogent point with Swiftian flair.

  4. I can’t feel bad for people who die due to their own excess. If he was murdered then it would be sad. As it is, I’m only sorry for his family.

    • I feel sorry when they realise they fucked up and legitimately try to get help. This guy went to treatment of his own volition, not because of some court order, and was trying to get help.

      While I think it’s dense to get hooked on shit in the first place, I acknowledge that people fuck up and make mistakes. At least he was trying to fix his. It’s the Lohans and Winehouses who refuse treatment that get no sympathy from me. You know you have an issue and you have the means to get it fixed – do so.

      • He started drinking and doing drugs at either 12 or 13 – that’s over half his life. Yeah, it’s “dense” to get hooked on shit, but kids that age aren’t really great at realizing what the long-term consequences can be. For some, it appears to be the only viable solution to cope with lives that are massively shitty and that they have no control over.

        The really sad part is that when you start messing with addictive substances as a teenager, it pretty much arrests your emotional development at that age. So if you do manage to live until you get to rehab, your rationalizations and coping mechanism for dealing with life are still that of an early adolescent – so without some intense therapy, your danger of relapse is gonna be incredibly high.

      • I totally agree with this, well said.

        This is part of the reason why this post by Fish pisses me off so much. So nasty and mean-spirited. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy 96% of this website, but this post just seems fucked up beyond reason.

      • Mos

        “your danger of relapse is gonna be incredibly high.”

        Hah! I saw what you did there!

  5. Good morning

    Whilst I agree that it was an incredibly shitty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, dontcha think this might be comparing apples to oranges just a little? I still think its really tragic. Wah.

  6. I have to applaud his efforts to single-handedly boost Pacific Rim’s ticket sales, come on people it was no coincidence he was found at the Pacific Rim Hotel.

  7. Fapulous

    Let’s get to the important part:


  8. Deacon Jones

    “ohhhhHHH…..whoa is mmeeee….I’m, I’m fucking sooo depressed…Im an actor with cash and endless amounts of cocks stuck in my mouth….wahhhhhhh….and Im in Montreal….let me stick this heroin in my arm…wahhhhhhh”

    • Mos

      Actually, it’s not, “whoa is mmeeee…”

      Whoa is what you say to a horse to get it to stop. So unless you’re implying that Cory Monteith was a horse trying to convince himself to stop doing drugs, maybe less interwebs and more reading?

      What you’re looking for is, “Woe is me.”

      P.S. You’re welcome.

  9. Tabby

    Wow. That seemed angrier than usual, Fish. You feeling alright today?

  10. I love this site and I don’t give a fuck about this dead guy, but come on dude. His girlfriend is probably a wreck right now and you’re saying she killed him? That’s a pretty low blow.

  11. And black kids get shot EVERY DAY in Amurica. Usually by other black kids. Where’s the public outcry for that? You people only get upset when CNN tells you to get upset.

    • Bryan

      Fish is angry because CNN and HuffPo told him from the beginning The Correct Narrative of the Zimmerman story. When it turned out to not be convincing beyond reasonable doubt, as decided by a jury when presented with all available evidence in the context of actual law, he got upset.

      Clearly Fish would much prefer cases to be judged by sensationalist media outlets and public opinion, rather than courts and lawyers with their fancy-talk legal doctrines and all that stuff he doesn’t understand.

    • Deacon Jones

      12 people got shot and killed IN ONE WEEKEND last week in just the city of Chicago, but every shooter was black, so there’s no *OUTRAGE* (shakes fist at sky).

      Where are the marches and protests for the 12 people who were blown away in 48 hours?

    • asdasda

      did those shooters get tried and found guilty? “blah…”–shut the fuck up.

    • rican

      No outrage because White Guilt does not register black-on-black murders.

  12. George Zimmerman

    I was in Florida the whole time!

  13. MariC38

    Wow people are being way insensitive. He has been struggling with drugs since he was 13, way before he was famous. Clearly he was not a happy person. Famous or not, I feel for anyone who struggles with demons whatever they may be

    • Smapdi

      His wikipedia bio does look pretty dismal through his teenage years. Not the kind of stuff you easily shake off, even after success.

  14. FattyFatty2X4

    Fishy, Fishy, Fishy.
    Ay yi yi!
    You mad bro?
    I love ya like my “handsy” stepdad but that was a bit harsh.
    Hope your day gets better.

  15. Gleek

    Don’t stop bereaving.

  16. Cory Monteith Dead Lea Michele Cleavage See Through Dress PaleyFest Icon Award Presentation
    Commented on this photo:

    Whoa – she looks kinda hot here what happened??

  17. kylethegirl

    I’m usually really impressed by this sites write-ups when there’s a death- for as crass as The Superficial is on a day to day basis, they usually pull through when something like this happens. But today’s I feel is a bit much. Can’t muster up a SINGLE ounce of tact for this one?

  18. kylethegirl

    Just one more thing… When Heath Ledger died five years ago, The Superficial posted

    “Before I get back to business as usual this morning, I’d like to offer my personal condolences to Heath Ledger’s family and friends.”

    And Cory Monteith gets “let’s all feel really bad for a rich, white actor who died living a life of privilege and excess.”


    Fucking awful.

    I love how rude this site can be on the regular, but there’s a time and a place, don’t you think?

    • Well, Heath Ledger died from a purely accidental bad combination of prescription drugs. This guy likely died from illegal drugs that he himself chose to abuse over the course of who knows how long. He had already been in rehab so people knew he had a problem with drugs. It’s unfortunate, sure, but his poor life choices made him use a drug amount that his body clearly couldn’t handle.


        It’s kind of amazing that you know the exact cause of his death while his autopsy is being performed today.

      • True, it could turn out to be pancreatic cancer like with Amy Winehouse.


        That was a good burn.

      • ...

        Hey Anthony. last time i checked, pharmacists, not to mention the labels on medications, warn people what drugs to take/not take at the same time. there’s no fucking way you can just “accidentally” have two different anxiolytics, level II and III controlled substances, sleeping medication, AND antihistamines in your system at the same time. a drug being “legal” or “illegal” is irrelevant when it comes to its capacity to be fatal. so by your logic, heath ledger’s “poor life [choice] made him use a drug amount that his body clearly couldn’t handle.”

        point being, your flawed logic makes you less than qualified to be the arbiter of which celebrity’s death is “more important.”

  19. Just Jen

    The guy had some real demons and has for a long time. Instead of letting a publicist whitewash it, he was public and honest about it. Tried to get help, didn’t say he was checking in for exhaustion or hurt feelings. Had actual talent, wasn’t acting like an asshole every five minutes. I don’t see why the bashing in this case. The Lea Michele stuff is really kicking someone when they’re down, too. It’s way more fun to kick someone when they are a jerk and deserve it.

  20. Jerkface

    what was it, something like 96 percent of blacks(African Americans) who were murdered in the past 30 something years were killed by other blacks? Look it up and stop whining about the Martin/Zimmerman trial just because the tv tells you to.

  21. Mitch

    Trayvon Martin was a troublemaker. He may not have gone looking for trouble that night but he certainly didn’t avoid it. If a guy was bashing my head into the concrete and I thought he was trying to kill me and I had a gun I would shoot too.

    As the old saying goes, better to be judged by 12 than carried by six.

    • Please explain to me how going out to get something to eat and drink is looking for trouble? So somehow that is looking for trouble, but being a wannabee cop, not even a security guard and approaching people in the dark even after you are told not to with a gun is not looking for trouble?

    • Whether or not Martin was a troublemaker in his life is incidental. He wasn’t making trouble when he was accosted, and if some weird dude randomly challenged me as I was walking home I’d either fight or run, so nothing Martin did was out of the ordinary. *shrugs* If you were worried about the scary kid beating your ass, you probably shouldn’t have started shit with him.

      • Of course, the real irony here is that from here on out Zimmerman is going to have real cause to be on the lookout for guys “who look like trouble”. Good thing he got his gun back – because what this country definitely needs is more paranoiac, failed security guards/bouncers with hard-ons for policing our neighborhoods. I feel safer already.

  22. Cock Dr

    All I wanna know is: was Lea his real girlfriend or a beard?
    If a beard, what are her obligations to the beard contract now that the faux BF has expired? Sobbing on cue for People magazine? Warbling heartbreaking love songs at the wake?

  23. I don’t even know who he is. I get that he was on Glee, but I’ve never even heard his name before…so being told “a guy you never heard of who was on a show you never watched is dead from a drug overdose” doesn’t do much for me.

  24. thetruth

    A young unarmed kid who was having so much trouble with his parents, that they were tossing him from one to the other because neither of them could handle him;

    kicked out of school, after being suspended a number of times; beat up a bus driver;
    loved to fight and ,as proficient at it, knowing you can’t do much if you are on your back on the ground; high on marijuana which makes people paranoid; trying to buy a gun even though underage and his dad was one who was trying to help him get one.

    This is the saddest part – that child was not raised properly and ended up like so many other kids who are not raised to respect others, to obey the law; but was raised to think only of himself

    I can’t believe people are just bypassing the fact that this kid was much stronger, much more in shape, and much more proficient at fighting with a huge desire to get in a fight (proof of that was found on his phone but the judge wouldn’t allow it in court) Really?
    Get sucker punched, break your nose, fall down on the ground, have someone straddle you and push on your already broken nose, have them pound your head into concrete. Think about that – truly. Still think you would not do whatever you could to get yourself out of that situation? Think truly that you would not be fearing for your very life ? Yeah, right.

    • Sheppy

      And what did Zimmerman do to avoid that from occurring in the first place?

      • Zimmerman, using religion and telepathic powers, controlled Trayvon into starting a confrontation with him.

      • If by “controlled Trayvon in to starting a confrontation with him” you mean “followed him around, ran after him, and initiated contact leading to a fight that, when he started losing, he ended by shooting him,” then yes, he did that.

      • Ran? Zimmerman initiated contact? God loves you, even if you love distorting the facts and are now publicly saying Rachel Jeantel lied on the witness stand. Breasts be with you.

    • cc

      Have to agree. Maybe Zimmerman could have backed off and avoided ‘antagonizing’ Trayvon. However, since when is being antagonized an excuse to violently assault someone? Living in a big city, people do things that make me angry with some frequency; yesterday, it was a doofus in a white Panamera Turbo missing me by a foot because he was fucking with his phone. He put me in danger…can I beat his face in with impunity? No.

  25. JC

    Does anybody know where the Olsen twins were on the night of his death? Just sayin’.

  26. dreamcrusher

    The TV told fishy that he is outraged again. No need to engage your brain at all.

    I guess it is open season on black MEN that are assaulting much smaller Hispanics that happen to be legally armed.

    How did that turn out for you Tray?

    Never mind the facts fishy has a false narrative to push.

  27. Anni

    Hiya Fish,

    I’d like to start off my saying I am a long-time fan. I love your writing. I wish you would write a book or a movie franchise because it would be sixteen kinds of awesome. I go to parties and ask everyone if they read the Superficial and if they don’t, I pull it up on my phone and force them to look at it until they are addicted.

    I am also an English teacher and you probably don’t want to hear it, but since you give us a comments section I am going to go ahead and critique your obituary here, because this is the one thing I have seen you write that seems…..confused.

    This post is not about the death of a young actor from Glee. Not even close. Your title makes me think I am going to see a “this actor died, I’m not a fan of musical theatre myself, but he obviously had family and friends who adored him, so RIP.”

    What we got instead is an obituary that reads, “This actor was rich and white so fuck him and his drug problem. You are not allowed to feel sympathy for his family because there are kids getting shot in Florida.” This actor – Corey howeveryouspellhislastname– is not pulling the trigger on kids in a rainstorm in Florida. If we are supposed to disregard his death because he is white and famous then we’ll have to disregard about 90% of all celebrity deaths on this site.

    What this post was REALLY about is your thoughts and feelings on the Zimmerman verdict. I’m sensing rage, passion, confusion, and a bunch of other emotions that would make a kick-ass post. I actually waited all weekend to see your post on THAT situation because you are such a raw, talented, clear writer. Give Corey his short, pleasant RIP or don’t post about him at all, but spare him your rage (even if you hate his girlfriend.) He didn’t cheat on your sister or spit in your pudding.

    Now TAKE that rage and write us the most awesome post about what happened that rainy night in Florida. A post about the justice system, about racism, about what we should do to change things. THAT is the post I want to see. Don’t disguise it as something else for me.

    Refreshing the site for your next missive,
    English Teacher Anni

    • Anni,

      I will be perfectly frank. You did get denied a long, wordy post on the Zimmerman verdict today thanks to the surprisingly copious amount of celebrity shenanigans, and breasts, that piled in over the weekend. So, yes, some of that seethed into this post because I found it shitty to mourn a Hollywood actor OD’ing in a luxury hotel while Florida basically just said “being black” is legal grounds to get shot.

      Was it wrong what I did? Like anything I write that’s always debatable. Was it the best avenue to point out Lea Michele is a horrible person? Honestly, I’d probably point that out at my own father’s funeral.

      At any rate, thanks for the push toward writing that Zimmerman post. It’s definitely still stewing in my head.

      - The Superficial

      • How wordy and passionate do I have to get for you to bring back the Weekend Nerdior? I’m reading New Avengers because of you. (It’s phenomenal by the way.)

      • Uncle Phil,

        The Weekend Nerdior became way too big of a behemoth. I am, however, tinkering with ways to trim it down/not have it eat up my entire weekend.

      • Understood Fish. I can live with that. I just was looking for an appropriate venue to thank you for turning me on to Johnathan Hickman. Really enjoying this stuff.

      • I guess my problem here stems from the fact that even if Cory Monteith DID OD in his luxury hotel room, (autopsy yet to determine) which part of that makes him deserving of the disrespect shown to him and his family this morning? He clearly had deeper seeded issues than many of us realized, and did not get the help that he should have gotten. At least with Heath Ledger you waited a day or two before making jokes that he was murdered by an Olsen twin.

        Let’s even say the guy essentially committed suicide, shall we? 90% of people who commit suicide suffer from a mental disorder at the time of their deaths ( NINETY. PERCENT. We’re talking depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc. Had he died of cancer, I’m sure your post would have been a LITTLE different. Now sure, we don’t know if he had any undiagnosed mental disorders when he died, but then again we also don’t know that he OD’d on anything, do we? We’re all just sitting around being presumptuous dicks, some of us at the expense of the dead.

        I’m not saying any of us expect you to memorialize the guy or anything, I’m just saying maybe it was a tad too much a tad too soon, even for you.

      • euds

        And you spend your time writing about rich, privileged, attention-seeking celebrities and their body parts when people are dying of malnutrition and all sorts of preventable sources. Does that also make you less deserving of a proper mourning when your death comes? So shitty things happened on the same day that a guy happened to die. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a goddamn shame that he did. Get over yourself.

    • Mike Walker

      Er, no thanks. Maybe he should just take that rage and donkey punch photo boy harder during their next “staff meeting”.

  28. When I heard the verdict for the Zimmerman case, it brought to mind something I was taught many years ago when I took a law class as I was then considering becoming a paralegal, the lawyer who taught the class stood in front of the classroom and said ‘If what you want is justice, go to one of the churches down the street; if you want to know what is legal, here is where you ought to be.’ He was saying that what is pefectly legal and what is perfectly just are not always the same. When I hear of these cases, I remember that.

  29. who now

    Superfish, in this case I really think you are mistaken. He is a Canadian therefore at least 50% less douchy than American celebs (Bieber is an exception). I am not a big Glee fan and I am disgusted by the outcome of the Trayvon Martin trial, but by all accounts Cory was a really kind guy who had a rough life with a single Mom and has worked really hard and been absolutely nothing but kind to everyone. He was involved in a charity for homeless youth and was deeply concerned about getting kids off street, having lived in poverty himself. Even reporters who have interviewed endless self centered asshole celebrities have said that he was so incredibly kind and humble. As a daughter who lived with the brutal consequences of an alcoholic father, I have still found it in my heart to have compassion for those tormented by addiction. They suffer more than we can imagine and no amount of money, fame or privilege can cure it, in fact it worsens it. You are a big Robert Downey Jr fan, what would you have written about him back in his days and for the record there are plenty of accounts of him being an arrogant dick who can’t even take the jokes of Ricky Jervais, even with all his privilege.

    This is worth a read:

  30. Robb7

    Unfair to bundle Trayvon Martin’s death with that of Cory Monteith, Just saying…

  31. Racist people crack me up with the amount of shit and ways they try to justify their racism. The George Zimmerman supporters don’t give a shit about him, he was just a prop for them to justify legally hunting minorities, including the same Mexicans like George Zimmerman. Trust me, they would shoot that fat fucker in a minute if he approached them in the dark and had a gun.

    I guarantee you if this had been a white man with a gun and he was being followed by Zimmerman, Zimmerman would be dead right now and that same guy would have claimed self defense and stand your ground, and would never have been charged because he killed some young Mexican guy who was not a cop or security guard and approached in the dark with a gun. And that is a fact.

    • You already got the only Up thumb I had to give.

    • Whosit

      Really? The hypothetical situation you just pulled out of your ass was a fact?

      Not sure what I expected from an internet psychic who automatically declares anyone who has a different viewpoint to be a racist who takes pleasure in seeing young black kids gunned down, but thanks for the LOL anyway.

      • Bryan

        It makes it a lot easier to dismiss the other side if you dehumanize them as monstrous bigots and gleeful murderers right off the bat.

        And Fish, thank you for not making a post specifically about this case. A funny celebrity blog is not the place for it. If anyone wants to know your opinion on any hot-button topic in the news, they need look no further than the front page of the Daily Kos to see what your Team has fed you.

    • George Zimmerman's Father's Rabbi
  32. Alexis

    oh well

  33. The real issue we’re overlooking is that Florida sucks. It’s just hanging there that the turd America hasn’t pinched off yet.

  34. MCP

    Wow, Fish. I know that you can be crass, rude and down-right hateful about certain celebrities and their stupid shenanigans, but 9 out 10 times you manage to say something somewhat nice and respectful about your posts on celebrity deaths. I seriously thought the same type of “RIP” would punctuate the end of your post on Monteith, but wow. Not even close.

    I’m a huge fan of you and this site (a man after my own heart when it comes to crackin’ down on the Beibs), but I am really disappointed with how insensitive and downright mean you were about Monteith and Lea (alleged diva antics aside). I am a fan of Glee, but fan or not, Monteith had clearly been wrestling with the issues for the majority of his life and had openly talked about them and sought out help. Anyone struggling with addiction, or anyone who loves someone who does, knows that it is an uphill battle with many possible relapses and set-backs. To say he OD’d because he was a rich, privileged a$$hole is demeaning and hurtful to his legacy and his family. Rich, poor–all loss of life is tragic and I am really disappointed with the tone of this post.

  35. WTF

    Dude, don’t be an ass. Because he is privileged and white, his death isn’t meaningful? You are a racist bitch, and you just lost a daily reader.

  36. random guest

    tackiest post in the history of the internets. you just lost a reader for good.

  37. ick

    Man, fuck you for real. I hope this write up is the same treatment you get when you die. Wtf is wrong with you?

  38. jonesy

    Fish, if I heard myself say what you wrote in this post, I’d punch myself (hard) in the face for talking like a complete fucking idiot. How does one decide to compare an example of tragic and unnecessary gun violence (that should be help up, talked about and railed against on its own) with the death of a person who acknowledged his addictions and tried to deal with them openly? Where is the correlation? Where is the compassion? Seriously, see if you can knock some sense into yourself.

  39. You once wrote that Lea “is kind of a C-word”, but by this unwarranted disrespect for the dead, it appears you are a big one. I’ve been a fan of your writing for years but…deleting this site from my bookmarks.

  40. Jordan

    You are tacky and cruel, and I ask you to consider what people will say about you when you die. Judging from this post, I hope you get what you gave- a rage-filled diatribe of epic douchebag proportions from people who will only mourn the money they made off you.

    I liked your site a lot until now. I don’t even watch the show, or know this guy, but I will not support you any further. You lost a long time reader here. I will never visit your site again. And several of my friends agree. there are too many other celebrity gossip sites who are not hatefully disrespectful.

    Congratulations on being inflammatory and mean spirited. Tell me…. Based on all the comments, how’s that working out for you?

  41. Winnie

    Just unfollowed you on FB and removed you from my homepage. Ass.

  42. Nine

    You’re mean. I would be ashamed if i’ve had written this awful stuff.

  43. Nine

    *If i had written

  44. Hael

    My time on this site has dwindles as of late, so I was trying to catch up on all the frivolous news (we all have guilty pleasures). Why cover this and give it more press if you are not interested in this ‘rich, white actor’. Are you bitching about the publicity it is getting and supporting it? This is low. I feel sad for ANYONE who has lost a member of their family for any reason. I have compassion for both the Martin and Monteith family who have both lost their sons. That being said, the manner of death was completely different and not comparable. Insinuating that someone caused another person’s death (because you do not like them) is sick. I agree with previous posters. Done with this site.

  45. Hael


  46. jackie katz

    Wow….you really are a moron. Do you even know ANY of the facts of the Zimmerman case?? Just another ignorant, beard-stroking, latte-sipping, Prius driving liberal….

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