Correction: Snooki ‘Can’ Get More Pathetic

October 20th, 2010 // 34 Comments
Snooki Dances to Willow Smith Whip My Hair

Much like Kim Kardashian latching/handjobbing herself onto the Justin Bieber Internet wave, Snooki has taken a less disturbing, at least from a sexual standpoint, approach by making her own video for nine-year-old Willow Smith‘s “Whip Your Hair.” A song that by any good measure of taste and/or parental responsibility should not exist unless Will Smith wants to see his daughter become the next Gary Coleman. Eerily accurate predictions aside, here’s the saddest thing you’ll see all day and that’s coming from someone who watched a puppy with three legs refused a hug this morning:


  1. Alyssa

    ahahaha AWFUL.
    including the song.

  2. Jack Mykokov

    No, but I am tired of you. Why not try suicide?

  3. Jack Mykokov

    It’s like Yoko Ono stuck in a feedback loop. This is music? What’s wrong with you fucking kids these days? Are you fuckin retarded?

    • braAp

      kids arent making this music, this is whats on the radio. good rock is still being made in case you didnt know, turn the station

      • bitingontinfoil

        Ummmmm-the person who recorded this song is 9 yrs old. I believe that classifies as a “kid”.

  4. J-Sin

    Smush, smush.

  5. Jack Mykokov

    I whip my meat back & forth.

  6. Snookie showed a lot of class last week the way she took that smoosh smoosh episode in stride. All joking aside i felt awful for her, it was one of the meanest caricatures ive ever seen. Thats worth a pass on at least one wtf moment..

    • Cleopatra Schwartz

      Bullshit. She was coached to avoid lending credence to any of her detractors. Just like the cameo on Kimmel, made to look spontaneous, laughing at Aunt Chippy’s rant about what garbage she is. Totally contrived.

      What the fuck is up with the incessant Jersey Whore posts on this portal to hell? The whole thing is soo stale. This is a spectacularly lame clip (as we all have come to expect by now), posted by the handlers of one of the least compelling “celebrities” foisted upon an immature cross-section of our lazy-minded public. It should be allowed to founder, but here is our trailblazing social commentator, Fish, ostensibly bringing it to our attention to mock it. Again, totally contrived.
      Enjoy your piece of the payola pie, Fish. Hope you don’t choke on it…or do you like that type of thing?

  7. Cock Dr

    You can serve it up but you can’t make me watch.
    Science hasn’t determined how much brain damage a person sustains while viewing “Jersey Shore” & “Snookie” in particular. Best to err on the side of caution.

    • TAB

      And that GOD awful show “Jerseyilious.” WTF is that about about? A bunch of staged bullshit with high-haired, no haired hairdressers and make-up artists.

  8. fester

    This video probably marks the creative pinnacle of Snooki’s career… it’s all downhill from here, babe. BTW, superb choice to only shoot from the neck up.

    Cute dog.

  9. Juliana

    And it’s edited and everything!! hahahahahahahahahahaaha

  10. jakes

    WTF Fish, I could see you,
    I could see you now laughing at us, in your little dungeon, while posting this, lol :D
    No but seriously She Is that much of a fame whore, Now making stupid ass Music videos that last 46 seconds for no reason?

    Seriously? WTF FAT BITCH, So I guess we should expect her to do random stupid shit from now on so that we notice her?
    The best thing you can do with someone like this, is ignore them But OF COURSE People like the people at the E channel who are the most retarded group of humans i have seen ever, are probably going to talk about this for at least 5 hours, fuking douchebags

  11. Drew

    If anything is more pathetic, it’s the inappropriate song autotuned by a 9 year old girl.

    • Kristen

      I agree. It is absolutely awful. This song is AWFUL!!!! Snooki doesn’t even look bad on the video.
      The pathetic part is the fact that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are who*ing out their child at 9 years old. It’s disgusting. Do they really need the money?

      • The Smith’s have obviously studied the Cyrus family money making handbook. When your own earning power wanes tap the children.
        Don’t you understand? The Beverly Hills lifestyle is expensive. For example really nice designer handbags cost thousands of dollars and you have to upgrade every year to keep up with the latest fashion.
        You can NEVER have enough money.

      • fester

        No, they don’t need the money but L. Ron Hubbard does.
        Yeah, I know Will pretends he’s not a Scientologist… just like Tom pretends he’s not gay.

      • bitingontinfoil

        Do they need the money?…No. Do they need the *attention*?….abso-freakin-lutely! Pathetic.

  12. dude

    I moved my puke back and forth

  13. TAB

    The worse GOD awful, craptacular crap I have ever seen..

  14. TheDuuuuuude

    Fat… Ugly… Slut… Drunk… No talent…

    How the fuck did this cunt end up ‘famous”????

    The song sucks too…

  15. Sonya

    I’ll never know why Willow Smith chose Ray Kay as her music video director instead of Snooki

  16. Ash Bones

    I’d sneak my meat in her.

  17. dundun


    I love how, despite all the MTV money, she’s still apparently living in a shithole apartment somewhere, with a bottle of Cuervo underneath her $89 boom box. “Klass” with a capital “K”, that one….

  18. That was really embarrassing to watch. Why do people make these dumb ass youtubes? I totally don’t get it.

  19. bernard

    the best thing is that she listens to that song a bunch…

  20. I don’t know what to say. Really. Has society come to this? Have we lost all sense of creativity?

    Snooki is a celebrity. That’s all that needs to be said about North American ‘culture’.

  21. dirtbag

    shes just a fat ass cunt

  22. Rob

    I liked her better in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” doing the “Oompa Loompa” song.

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