What’s Up With Corey Haim’s Rapist

Last week, Radar published a report claiming they know the identity of Corey Haim’s rapist, and that the perp is allegedly an A-list star. “One of the most recognizable faces in the industry,” were the article’s exact words. This launched a goddamn avalanche of speculation that I wouldn’t be surprised if Ronald Reagan is a suspect at this point. The entire 80s is on trial.

This morning, Radar finally published a follow-up where it reveals Corey Feldman named the “child sex ring kingpin” in a police recording while Michael Jackson was being investigated. However, again Radar has chosen not to name the alleged rapist. But before you question the point of this post – which actually you should do with anything I write – there’s been a cavalcade of crazy leading up since this story broke, so let’s dive into some shit.

The fact that all of this is conveniently coming out at the exact time Corey Feldman is promoting his music was not lost on Corey Haim’s mother who’s threatened to take Feldman to court if he doesn’t stop blabbing about her son being molested, according to TMZ.

But it didn’t stop there. On the heels of Judy Haim’s legal threats, Greg Harrison, who claims to be one of Corey Haim’s closest friends came forward on Facebook and not only accused Dominick Brascia of being Haim’s rapist, but also accused Feldman of trying to help cover it up. Brascia, who you’ve probably noticed is not an A-list star or a household name recognized the world over, has come forward to deny the allegations, which he’s done in the past after Feldman’s book was published, according to Death and Taxes. On both Twitter and an interview with Perez Hilton (???), Brascia says that Corey Haim’s rapist was “in his forties” at the time of the alleged assault and would be in his 70s now. Brascia is only in his fifties. If you’ve been down in the muck as obsessively as I have, that age fits a well-known A-list star who’d have a reason to be around the set of Lucas (which is when the rape allegedly took place) and has been narrowed down as a possible suspect in whispers across the internet, but who seems to exert an insane amount of influence that people are still terrified to directly accuse of him being Corey Haim’s rapist.

Case in point, Corey Feldman sat down with Dr. Oz and announced he’ll be shutting the hell up about all of this out of respect to Haim’s mother. And maybe he means it, or maybe someone threatened to stop signing checks that cover the cost of having a band full of hooker angels. The important thing is that it was Major Dad, wasn’t it? I can’t sleep at night, you bastards! TELL ME.

[Disclaimer: Under no circumstances is The Superficial suggesting in any way that the star of Major Dad is the kingpin of a Hollywood child sex ring. Mostly because I’ve moved on to Mr. Belvedere. — I’m getting sued real bad, aren’t I?]

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