Radar Claims To Know A-List Star Who Allegedly Raped Corey Haim

While Corey Feldman spent the weekend filming himself crying about the reactions to his batshit TODAY show performance, what he probably should’ve been doing is thinking some more about finally outing the man who allegedly raped Corey Haim because, according to Radar, the abuser is an A-list star who’s still active in Hollywood today and “one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.” [Edit: In fairness, I’m hearing that thanks to the statute of limitations expiring, Corey Feldman could genuinely get his face sued off if he’s not sitting on a mountain of evidence, and then who’s going to fund Corey’s Angels? Album sales? Ahahaha! I’m not making this better.]

The closeted perv has never come out as gay — and even has children of his own.
But in truth, the star behind the family-man facade is an evil monster who has led an extraordinarily twisted double-life.
He was the “kingpin” of a child sex ring that ensnared Haim and Corey Feldman, multiple sources have told Radar over the span of a gut-wrenching, four-year investigation into the Hollywood scandal and cover up.

I’m not even going to beat around the bush. The most prominent speculation – and the keyword is speculation, as in no way is this being reported as fact or an accusation of guilt – is that Charlie Sheen allegedly raped Corey Haim on the set of Lucas, according to The Data Lounge’s interpretation of an excerpt from Corey Feldman’s book that’s been bounced around online for years even though the excerpt does not specifically name Charlie Sheen. The only thing that doesn’t jibe with Radar’s reporting is that Charlie isn’t exactly known as a “family-man,” and I wouldn’t call it an “extraordinarily twisted double-life” if it turns out to be him. I don’t think anyone’s socks will fly off if they find out that a walking coke monster who stocked a mansion full of porn stars and called them “goddesses” is a sexual deviant.

In the meantime, the internet is recklessly firing off names that I’m probably a goddamn moron to repeat because, again, this is 100% baseless speculation and not to be construed in any way as factual reporting. They are John Travolta, Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Robert Downey Jr., or basically anyone who made a movie in the 80s because the internet’s a real ace detective. Case in point, commenters over at Jezebel actually suggested “kingpin” is a hint that it’s Bill Murray, so I’m going to stop now before I get Peter Thiel’d in the dick. I can already feel myself carrying a basket of riblets.

UPDATE: Corey Feldman has issued a response on Twitter along with a link to the Radar article:

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