Colin Farrell is married

June 2nd, 2006 // 102 Comments

Colin Farrell was photographed with some fans recently sporting a wedding band which suggests he may have already married girlfriend Lake Bell. Or maybe he just likes wearing wedding bands because it helps him forget he’s a man whore. “What sex tape? No, I don’t sleep with a different dirty girl every other night. I’m married. As you can clearly tell from this thing I have on my finger.”



  1. krisdylee

    I asked him for a ring, and he gave me the burnin’ ring of fire.

  2. tsarinaamanda

    He makes my skin crawl. I cannot imagine ANYONE wanting to fuck him. He’s probably got diseases they haven’t even discovered. Has he fucked Parasite Hilton yet? I hope not, if those two started bumpin uglies, God only knows what new super-STD would arise….scary!

  3. krisdylee

    It’s hard to type when my hand is down pinky_nip’s pants.

  4. pinky_nip

    It’s hard to type when my face is buried in krisdylee’s snatch.

  5. Dr.Rokter

    It’s hard to type when I’m stabbing the the chick on the cover of a copy of Cosmopolitan with a chef’s knife screaming, “I’ll give you a fuckin’ two-hour orgasm you filthy cunt!”

  6. prideofchucky

    I asked Colin for a ring and dissappeared then returned, wheeling in a chalkboard with formulas written all over it.

    “Oh Colin, I forgot to mention I was thinking of a June wedding with- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?”

    He pointed to the forumulas with a piece of chalk and said:

    “This is a set of mathematical elements that is closed under two binary operations of which the first forms a commutative group with the set and the second is associative over the set and is distributive with respect to the first operation… You know, a RING.”

    Ahhh, guess you had to be there.

  7. purplepuppy

    Gee, he sure looks uncomfortable in that picture. Maybe he was finally forced to watch “Alexander”. I know that’s the expression I had on my face after (and during) seeing that stinkbomb of a movie.

  8. happy_bunny

    Um… anyone here ever seen the alleged Misses, Lake Bell?


  9. prideofchucky

    I asked Colin for a ring. He got up and ran outta the room then returned- wheeling in a school chalkboard.

    “Oh Colin, I forgot to mention I was thinking of a June wedding with-

    He pointed to the forumulas written all over the board & said:

    “This is a set of mathematical elements that is closed under two binary operations of which the first forms a commutative group with the set and the second is associative over the set and is distributive with respect to the first operation… You know, a RING.”

    I just rolled my eyes and laughed:

    “Ahh Colin! Ya crazy clovered Faggot! What is mama gonna do with you?! AHHAHAHA!”

    Much better:)

  10. honey

    I asked him for a ring and he gave me a rim job- I guess I don’t speak Irish


    Wait a minute. Isn’t Colin like 5’5. Either he’s wearing shoe-lifts or I rushed my judgement of dwarf porno.

  12. That isn’t a wedding ring, it’s a ring of scabs and dirt from his night with Lindsey Lohan, no matter how hard he scrubs it just won’t come off.

  13. missmermaid

    The girl on th eleft is actually Nadine, from “Girls Aloud” an Irish girl-band.

  14. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    It’s hard to type with the weight of guilt from being so cruel to Feed_Me_Chocolate bearing down on me so heavily.
    Oh, wait. No it’s not.

  15. Iambananas

    Colin Ferril is f$$k#$ing great. I mean, he’s the $%#$ %$#%#$ of the ##$%#$ town called Hollywood. If he ever was the #(#$ quit, I think that $%^# millions of people would say, “$#% #$%^$%$^ that $#%$#%$. And put a @#$%$@@ there, too.”

  16. Iambananas

    #64… I know the feeling.

  17. spatz

    did summer school for special ed kids let out early today??

  18. thesuperficialist

    IT”S A TATOO. When he married Amelia Warner he had this done on his wring finger instead of a traditional band.

  19. He looks like he smells minimally better than Pete Doherty.

  20. Iambananas

    #67… Did special ed classes teach you how to capitalize the beginning of a sentence yet?

  21. Fa Cube Itches

    61: Taller than 5’5″. Maybe 5’10″ or so. Irish dude, but he drinks Corona. Interesting selection, I guess.

  22. HarryNipples

    I’d strip off his rank little boxer shorts and chew on him until he squeals like a piggy…

  23. Feed_Me_Chocolate

    Uhh, I see a big white ring around his hand…why are they talking about a ring on his finger?

  24. Puppy Kicker

    I think I got herpes just from reading this blurb.

  25. Feed_Me_Chocolate


    Try Windex, it’s de rigeur with the celebs.

  26. HarryNipples

    He is soooo fuckin’ hot…big schlong too…I saw his filthy little sex tape…I don’t know about y’all, but I would crawl a mile over broken glass to eat the corn out of his shit…he ‘da bomb!!

  27. Fa Cube Itches

    Representative Chazz “Buster” Hyman (D-Mass) seen posing with two interns outside a Las Vegas convention center. A spokesman for Rep. Hyman vociferously denied any allegations of wrongdoing, and stated that Rep. Hyman had been inaccurately quoted, actually stating that the two interns were the “best ASSETS” he’d ever had in his office.

  28. HarryNipples

    Finally a break from these cum-slurping, coke sniffing, leg speading, herpes infected overpaid sluts walking around in $20,000 gowns looking like starving Cambodian whores…jeez, Colin is HOT HOT – I’d slide naked down a 50-foot razor blade into a vat of iodine just for the chance to DO him…anyone who doesn’t like him is a Communist…so there…

  29. Fa Cube Itches

    Um, I had a beer with him…you could do me and it would be sorta like screwing him by proxy!

  30. HarryNipples

    Hmm…I may consider it – how big is your, “ahem” equipment and can you swear like a dirty Irishman and make me feel cheap?? Also, you would have to stop bathing for about a week -

  31. HarryNipples

    “Oy, Calin, yer nothon’ but a fockin’ derty, fockin’ Oyrishman, ya know..”

  32. EdgewaterIsle

    Who is he?

  33. Ari

    *waiting for Fa’s response to #80*

  34. Ari

    Heehee… love that.

  35. Fa Cube Itches

    Ahm pahrt Oirish fa’ fook’s sake! Diul mo bhad, Striapach!

    As for me Shillelagh, not exactly sure how big. Got a hard on once, but all the blood rushed from my head, and I passed out.

  36. alaskanchicsickle

    @80 I have a friend who looks just like him, he’d be happy to oblige.

  37. ptprez


    don’t be catty…

  38. Ari



  39. Teufelhund

    Sure, Colin Farrell a slut and an alcoholic, and he has no reasonable hope of remaining married to Lake Bell. That said, he is my new god.

  40. seethrusoul

    #42…you hit the nail on the head..I went to grammar school with the girl on the right, Jacky, in new jersey. She posted this pic on her myspace account a few weeks ago. She’s always been a a whore…here’s a link to her lovely myspave page with the pics of colin and some more of her that more than show that she is not the girl she describes in her little blurb on the first page…

  41. It scares me when Colin tries to clean up – a la Guy Smiley as you said,Feed me.
    It’s creepy like Federline in a suit…because you know he is as dirty as they come, but looks slightly hot..

  42. English_Rose

    Colin, ” so i might not call you tommorow cus i have a girlfriend”
    Girl: ” but we just got marrried last night”
    Colin: “fuck Rivers going to kill me”
    Girl: ” isnt her name Lake”
    Colin: “Fuck”

  43. gogoboots

    Colin Farrel is a man whore, a wedding band will not change anything…he is a bad boy, I wouldn’t mind bringing out the whips and chains with him…hmmm….

  44. 92. – perfect caption!

  45. English_Rose

    94. – Thank i love your comments too they always make me laugh

  46. Star Maker Machinery

    Till AIDS inflicted death do them part.

  47. katie

    colin is one of the hottest men on this planet. i dont care how many chicks hes slept with, i would do dirt dirty things to that man. and hes got an amazing accent. yum

  48. herbiefrog

    knew you would be

    lol dude :)

  49. alaskanchicsickle

    It seems that not too many people care about Colin, I guess he’s a legend in his own mind.

  50. herbiefrog

    99 red balloons
    yes that must be it
    con con con con

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