Let Coco Twerk With Her Baby

Yesterday, Coco deleted an Instagram video of herself twerking next to her baby’s stroller while on a photo shoot. And while she doesn’t give a reason, I’m going to blame a bunch of bullshit mommy bloggers who probably told her she should be breastfeeding 47 hours a day or that twerking’s linked to autism. Nobody ever knows what they’re talking about, and they never should. But I actually think the video is adorable because so far I’ve seen Kim Kardashian Photoshop her baby, Farrah Abraham turn hers into a feral animal, and the Duggars literally beat theirs with a ruler. (Yup.) Not to mention I live in a small town where babies are routinely thrown against walls for interrupting Xbox games because an invisible hippy doesn’t like it when people say things like, “Hey, you two idiots should get rid of that because you’re idiots.” So seeing a mom bring her daughter to work and have a little fun isn’t even on my list of things that should have someone forcibly sterilized while their children are turned over to a pack of coyotes for a chance at life.

Also, my job security depends on a steady flow of proud, future butt models, and this is how you do that. This is how you make that happen.

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Photo: Instagram

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