Coco and The True Meaning of Halloween

November 1st, 2010 // 81 Comments

Here’s Coco and Ice-T at Heidi Klum‘s Halloween party over the weekend where Coco couldn’t have captured the true spirit of the holiday more had she dressed like Jack Skellington and started yelling, “It’s pronounced ‘sow-in,’ you guys,” at a Wiccan poetry slam. Because if giant breasts can’t penetrate the membrane between our world and the spirit world, why did we even invent them to fight the Nazis? That’s all I’m trying to say.

Photos: Splash News, WENN


  1. Those are some very stressed looking milk duds she’s sporting.

    • j_breez

      Normally I like watching her posing that ass in bikinis but when she’s not in 2 pieces she looks weird, this picture for example her tits look like they’re about to explode silicone and saline all over the places, plus her face even looks off. Dont get me wrong I think she’s pretty… About 70% of the time. I’ve seen her sister and they both have nice asses so I wont say that is fake.

    • muggle

      what an ugly ass, fake stupid bitch, i hate her!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dufresne

    Take cover! She’s about to explode.

  3. Steve

    Those are disgusting.

  4. xoxo1987

    oh no, Lily Allen lost her baby :-(

  5. welp

    I usually enjoy seeing Coco, but yuck.

  6. That Guy

    lol, Happy Halloween I guess.

  7. Danielle

    Does she realize shes morphed them so horribly by pushing them up too much? Hate too see what they will look like when shes older…

  8. Cherry Poppins
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    How the fuck do those they even fit…? lmao

  9. Cherry Poppins
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    Nipple!!! lol

  10. ricor

    Just nasty. I hope she never takes a look in the mirror and really sees herself. And to think it will just get worse every year from here.

  11. Cherry Poppins
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    yum….nurse nipples =P~

  12. weed86

    What ?? No Nipplesss

  13. rican

    no camel toe!?!?! WTF!!

  14. boogeyman King Dong

    I’ve this spot on my upper lip.Could she take a look?

  15. J Girl
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    she actually looks younger here than she does in a lot of pictures.

  16. Crabby Old Guy

    I like a gal who plays “hard to get”. She should have just painted her big’uns orange and be done with it.

  17. Yuuuuppp
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    That’s a nipple!

  18. Johnny Cage

    I feel guilty every time a married chick gives me a woody. But Coco is just something else.

    • Wait a minute. I may not be the ONLY heterosexual male here…

      • Johnny Cage

        Yeah I’m a normal too. As a matter of fact I’m the only one who actually sees the true Superficial, ie: a source for good Celebrity fap material. Besides true gossip sites feature stuff like fully clothed pics of Uma Thurman, Katie Holmes, or Betty White. And yes I fap to Betty White too sometimes.

  19. Lady Blah Blah

    Christina Hendricks in a nurse uniform? Nah, too thin to be the Hendricks hippo.

  20. This chick is so revolting. There was a day when basically everyone in LA used to hit up ice-t for pickup lines cos he knew everything about reading women and knowing what to say. To think this is what he himself settled for… fuckin mindboggling

  21. Jennny
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  22. Ick. I don’t get it. Where is the attraction? Oh yeah, she has breasts. Giant fake ones. You know, you can buy them in stores for yourselves right guys? I think she’s more repulsive than almost any celebrity fem out there.

    • Once again – speaking as the ONLY HETEROSEXUAL MALE in this joint I would just like to say she is awesome. Love her. She oozes sexuality and loves being exactly what she is. God bless her.

      Dante have you actually EVER seen a naked female body. Serious. I’m serious. Really sincerely serious.

      • Well, well, well how is Only today? Enjoy halloween? Whatcha dress up as? Benjamin Netanyahu? Golda Meir? Menachim Begin?

        A Catholic? Now THAT woulda been funny!!!

      • Lady Blah Blah

        HETERO is starting to sound like Oprah with this fey “affirmation” shit: “[Coco] loves being exactly what she is. God bless her.” That’s it girls, “affirm” one another for being exactly what you are when what you are is fat and disgusting.

        I’m sure Dante’s seen naked female bodies that aren’t gross, grotesque, and disgusting like Coco’s. There are a lot of women who have great bodies that aren’t too fat OR too thin. They aren’t seen too often here because this site is devoted to superficiality and decadence rather than real beauty.

        There are apparently men here who, if someone showed them a photo of a pizza that is literally covered in warm vomit and excrement, would salivate and say, “I’d eat the whole thing in one bite! I’d hit that so hard…!”

      • horn dog

        “HETERO” – I’ve seen naked bodies. Ones without grossly deformed boobs and butt implants. Sorry, but there is nothing appealing about this freak.
        The fact that you would “do” anything that moves should not be worn as a badge of courage. It reeks of desperation. Perhaps you should change your handle to “The ONLY HARD-UP HETERO in this joint.”

      • horn dog

        @LBB Love the pizza analogy!

    • I look at women as a buffet spread. Sometimes as you’re moving down the line, the beef wellington looks great….sometimes just a salad….Why in the world would anyone want to limit themselves in terms of all the beautiful choices there are out there when it comes to the female form? YOU may recall my Lord & Master James Bond – the guy bedded Grace Jones for f*ck’s sake!

      I simply refuse to have a “type” – which apparently is the norm here for every poster here at the Supe that is pretending to be a heterosexual male. I simply do NOT believe that any guy with a penis is going to turn up his nose at Christina Hendricks or CoCo and sniff: “EWWWW! I only show my penis to Jessica Alba!”

      I mean seriously folks? Seriously? Sorry – not buying it…

      Variety is the spice of life…. Sometimes when Lady Blah Blah is standing on the edge of the mass gravesite she likes to use her Luger…other times she likes to use her Mauser….and other times the Lady likes her MP40 or Schmeisser…. I mean who am I to criticize her life choices? And who is she to critique mine?

      • Lady Blah Blah

        The buffet analogy is a good one ifwe add that not all buffets are equal (as anyone who’s hit Vegas buffets surely knows). There are good buffets where all the choices are good, but there are also buffets where most and in some cases all the choices range from rank to vomitola.

      • Lady – gosh dang it – I spent quality time looking up those gun references. At least throw me a bone – I COULD have taken your easy way out and just recycled old material (White Precious anyone….?)… Come on!

    • horn dog -

      Sorry you’re so replused by the sight of different women than what you’ll find in your Good Housekeeping mag.

      Why don’t you and the dainty little priss Dante go to the bathroom and hold each other’s hand whilst vomiting.

      • horn dog

        Your “Lord & Master” is James Bond? And *I’m* the priss??? Whatever you say.
        But please, keep it to 1000 words or less this time.

  23. Boo
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    WOw please cover up!

  24. Yo Quiero
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    Said before and I will say it again: I would demolish this chick. Her body seems custom made for sex and little else.

  25. burton


    Those “fake tits” arent even close to attractive, sorry but I WOULD rather have some nice A or B cups in my face that are real than those gross, veiny plastic balls…GROSS!!!

  26. burton
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  27. Other than your mother’s body last night, very many thank you. Coco oozes something, I’ll give ya that, but it isn’t Sexuality so much as it is potential Sexually Transmitted Disease.

    I get the impression that regardless of what I say, you will contradict me. Such as, the sky is blue, the earth is the 3rd planet from the sun in our solar system, and it’s Monday November 1st.

    • sunshine

      Dante, you hit the nail on the head, with the “oozing something” comment. If I had to sit anywhere near, where she had been previously, I’d want that sanitized, sterilized and fumigated first.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      LOL and so true.

  28. Hank Rearden


    Go ahead, someone, and say how these tits are “real” and just look like this due to her clothing.


  29. J.R.
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    Gross… she’s showing everyone her scars so we can all see how they got so big. If you flip her over she looks the same, just stretch marks instead of tits.

  30. Bob
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    I thought I’d play a little game of count the chins on pic #4, but kept losing count…

  31. Deacon Jones

    Wow, is this place inundated with gay guys or what?

    Constant attacks on Kim and Coco….you guys couldnt hit this if you tried!

  32. Manda

    What the hell her boobs are all ripply.. I think I’d go see a doctor if I were her. Freaking looks about time for uni-boob to activate.

  33. Meh

    It looks painful

    • Meh

      I agree man. Something like this should be hot as hell… but it really isn’t ( When it’s Coco) and that makes me sad.

  34. jokes

    I am a straight guy, and, this is not so much disgusting as it is a freak show,
    is like when you see someone with a deformity, like who has a birth defect, or someone who is fat in a wheelchair,

    The problem is that this woman is Self deform, that is, she is very tiny but very wide, she gave herself huge boobs and has a huge ass, but is short, So her deformity lies in where what guys want to fuck, big tits and ass, But, I watch a lot of porn and I can tell you that this woman is just disgusting, I am also a really horny straight guy, but I would never jerk off to this, WHAT THE FUCK, there are so many Hotter better pornstars out there, who have amazing bodies, sexy faces, really nice fake boobs, I could name a few:
    Eva Angelina ,Olivia Del Rio, Tera Patrick, Lela star

    Now why Im I talking bout girls in porn, because that is the whole thing and argument about, girls and gay guys arguing with so called “straight guys” in here ANY time a picture of coco comes along, I don’t mean to sound perverted, but I am a True straight guy, and I like looking at girls, and the ones I named are just a few that are hot, and like coco they got breast implants and they got fame because of it, but they don’t look deformed weird

    How can someone with a straight face not tell me coco looks like a transexual woman?
    her boobs looke likea body builders pecks

  35. DKNY

    That is one ugly tranny.

  36. Ned


  37. Kizzy

    Wow, that outfit clearly makes her fake titties look horrible. It looks like you can actually see the outline of the bag. Looks like real breast fat on top and then, bam, the silicone bags decide to show you where exactly they sit in her breasts. She needs to either not wear stuff that deforms her titties like that, or she needs to downsize. They look really nasty here.

  38. phil

    Anyone here say anything positive? Does anyone know that they have been married for 5 years without problems, unlike most celebrities. Who cares if she got implants? if you guys made your dick bigger and people criticized you, would you give a dam? i dont think so. Besides they probably have more money than all of the posters here combined, jealous noobs pathetic

    • Lady Blah Blah

      “Who cares if she got implants?”

      Many people don’t, but she seems to want people to care.

      If a guy who is also a celebrity had penis enlargement surgery and it came out looking really ugly AND he then put it on display every time there were paparazzi around, I would get the impression that he gives a damn about what people think of his ugly, surgically enlarged member.

      Having lots of money is great. I think Jesus and the Buddha both said things like, “Get lots of money, because having lots of money makes you happy!”

  39. Just Cause
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    All I see is a tranny mess.

  40. anonym

    this bitch is disgusting.

    those fake tits are folding over on themselves.

  41. westerngrad

    What’s wrong with her face? It looks like she’s trying to smile, but can’t.

  42. IKE
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    This outfit makes me a bit perplexed. Where are her nipples?? She’s going to need to pose nekkid for me so that I can located those things.
    How can she show SOOOOO much of her boobs and no nipple? Did she relocate them for this costume? :)
    ‘I’ll just put them on the bottom for now.’

  43. She’s not unattractive but too artificial for my taste. If T is with her for this long, either there’s no prenup or that ass never gets boring.

  44. canuckchick
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    I couldn’t even imagine having to work so hard to look sexy…

  45. Commented on this photo:

    you couldn’t?

  46. Truth Teller

    Fake is as fake does.

    THIS is what fake looks like, so for all of you Kim-haters (me, being one) learn the difference. I hate Kim because of how she acts, at the same time I don’t think her ass, tits OR face has had any (much) work done.

    You don’t have to make shit up to hate these pieces of shit and when you do, it invalidates every supposed reason you say you hate them.

    Obviously, this may be too deep for the majority of scumbags and racists assholes who frequent this page, but I decided to throw it out there anyway…

  47. Cardinal Fang

    Shouldn’t the nipples be showing?

  48. Willy Wonka

    I’d re-open her tit surgery scars and then fuck her gaping incisions…

    • Rex

      Nice, I would do some fun stuff with her too. Although I think that we are two of four that would in this blog.

  49. Commented on this photo:

    I bet she tastes like bacon

  50. SmotherMeBrother
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    Ummmmm…never mind. It’s not worth it.

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