Coco, A-AH! She’ll Save Everyone Of Us

October 4th, 2010 // 76 Comments

Did I say Megan Fox should be Wonder Woman earlier? Because clearly I meant Coco. Coco should be Wonder Woman. I must’ve been drunk.

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  1. Johnny Cage

    Let me set the record straight; her body to me is EXTREMELY HOT. Yeah I can’t have eyes for her cuz well…she’s freaking married! But bodies like her’s and Kardashians are very beautiful.

    I don’t know what it is with most of the comments that say her body looks nasty, but for the most part they come from other women (women are outrageously jelous of fellow females by nature) or by males who are either homos or who are into the whole skinny/small/b-cup size ladies.

    Whatever floats your boat people (fags got nothing to say however), but as for me, I like the stacked, volumptuous, 90s Pam Anderson style. I’m not some sick fucktard who thinks the perfect lady should look like Dakatoh Fanning.

    Sorry but I’m a grown man…I like Curves and big breasts. Goodnight.

  2. Coco in a Bikini
    tony gabone
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    i wanna blow my load all over that ass

  3. gaag


  4. Coco in a Bikini
    I'm Obama and I approve
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    DAMN!!! That’s one PHAT ASS!!!

  5. Ash Bones

    If you like freaks there you go.. I would like to try it once.

  6. Coco in a Bikini
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    Coco IS wonderwoman, dummy.

  7. MB

    Coco should be wonderwoman?

    She IS wonderwoman, dummy.

  8. Coco in a Bikini
    jay leno
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    she’s a beast, but I’d motor boat her.

  9. Coco in a Bikini
    jay leno
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    there’s a sale on canteloupes at ralph’s.

  10. Coco in a Bikini
    jay leno
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    sorry, this is a great photo.


  12. captain america

    if you are a full hundred percen F*GGOT you will change into a heterosexual after visiting her bedroom, folks.
    ………..NO DOUBT AT ALL!!!!

  13. atotalcad

    I could put my entire head in that patootie

  14. Righty Whitey

    She’s got way too many scars from all those sickle cells to be considered attractive.

  15. Coco in a Bikini
    Doc Schweinstrudel
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    ew flabby ass

  16. RoboZombie

    That ass looks like a Rhinoceros’ ass! It’s a RhinocerASS!

  17. Tara

    I’ve always been miffled by her body proportions……or lack thereof.
    She just looks weird. Is there “too big” when it comes to boobs?
    I wouldn’t want her boobs, gee no thanks….
    She looks quite funny, but I truly think she’s a huge freak, and not in a good way

  18. me22

    She looks NASTY and I like Coco. Her obviously lipoed stomach is just gross. Her rock hard implants that start at her neck are gross. Her body is dumpy and out of shape yet she prances around in dental floss like she is hot. Coco honey you seem really cool but hit the gym, clean up your eating habits and cover some of that mess up. You look truly awful. I am not a hater ether I have a great tiny tight body 90% of women would die for. I’m just calling it like I see it. She would have ZERO shape if she didnt lipo that stomach, she would be fat and lumpy there like she is everywhere else. 10 years ago men would have been like ‘this is fat and gross’ but now since most women are fat they call it ‘natural’ and ‘beautiful’. RRIIIIGGGHHHTT. Keep telling yourself that guys that way you can maintain that erection as your porkin the fatty you have at home.

  19. The Real TAB

    Isn’t she married to Ice T still? The bottoms are clearly stripper g-strings…looks like she got lipo on the thighs..

    I would bang this.

  20. Coco in a Bikini
    Yo Quiero
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    If somebody’s mom had a body like that I would demolish her. Just totally wreck that chick.

  21. imagination

    It just struck me: this is what a “Barbie” doll would look like if full-sized. Even the color matches. The head, well, it would be Barbie at 40 after her third divorce, but the body is definitely a match.

    So, to all those people who claim Barbie presents an unrealistic body image I present Coco! She’s real–or at least parts of her are.

  22. I like Coco. I thought she was gross until I heard an interview with her. She seems really nice and down to earth. And I’m sure she doesn’t look as big in real life as she does in pics. She’s only like 5 feet tall or something.

  23. Coco in a Bikini
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    Groooosssss! Seriously my ass is way better than that and I would not wear a tiny string bikini like that to the beach. You have to be almost anorexic skinny to pull that off. She would look way better in a larger bikini.

    • Joey

      yea even if you did, you’re probly one of them insecure brawds, the fact she wears these ‘kinis and the other outfits, stands tall and is proud of her body is pretty damn sexy. confidence goes along way. and I’m gonna go out on limb and say you’re no where near coco in any rankings, plus I’m willing to “bet the farm” you’re at least 50lbs over weight.

      • LEB

        I’m willing to “bet the farm” you’re 3.5 inches fully erect, else you would not feel the need to call a complete stranger fat because she points out that there are better choices in a bikini bottom than a thong.

  24. Baldrick

    Excellent, a Flash Gorden quote…

  25. Coco in a Bikini
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    You sure, this ain’t PAMELA ANDERSON??? You see, she’ll never, ever drown with those GOODRICH blimps! Her upper torso I’d cut off and savor the bottom half.

  26. Coco in a Bikini
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    I love Coco. I think she’s hilarious!

  27. NeNe

    DAMN! Do guys really find that attractive?

  28. anonym

    she has that shape because she wears a corset 24 hours a day.

  29. Coco in a Bikini
    Cardinal Fang
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    That’s my kinda woman!

  30. Coco in a Bikini
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  31. Coco in a Bikini
    James Bond
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    To the guys that pretend she’s “gross” and say they won’t do her.. stop the fronting yo. Any straight male alone with this woman for a single minute would want to fap her brains out. I know I would! She’s what you call extremely voluptuous and any guy that can get their thing up will if she came over, sat on your lap, and put those jugs in your face. Guaranteed.

    Good day.

    • omg

      any sane person in their right mind would see how unattractive she really is
      and i bet that u james bond wouldnt even be able to get it up if u really saw her in person.

  32. Coco in a Bikini
    Jo Mama
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    She looks like she would stink.

  33. Willy Wonka

    I would be all over her fat twat lips like a dog on a chew toy….

  34. lol

    she’s fucking hot

  35. Coco in a Bikini
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    Wish I could see her bent over in that

  36. Coco in a Bikini
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    So Meaty!!!

  37. Coco in a Bikini
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    KILL IT!!!

  38. marcus

    Is Coco descended from vikings? because I could totally see vikings being all over that.

  39. Drew

    This makes me want/need to vomit everywhere, many many times in a row.

  40. Coco in a Bikini
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    the thong never had a chance.

  41. Coco in a Bikini
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    I think she is just born with a round arse! There is a pic she twittered (I think I saw it on D-Listed) where she and her sister are sitting right next to each other, and they have the same exact physique.

    Hey, she is voluptuous and sexy. If it is not your thing, then do not go for it. Everyone has their different look, and in my experience a lot of guys like a little something to hold on to! Ice-T certainly must! ;)

    • omg

      fake blond hair, fake stomach ,fake face , and fake assss
      one thing she forgot was her legs she needs to look behind cause i seem to see some seroius shit going on down there
      u can be voluptuous and look normal not fake
      she aint helping herself if she needs all this fix up that means shes not so confident in reality.

  42. NO

    I can appreciate a curvier woman, but I can’t get this woman’s appeal. She looks like a very muscular guy who’s in the process of a sex change.

  43. tj

    ugly, ugly and gross looking

  44. Coco in a Bikini
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    Beautiful! Love her!

  45. Coco in a Bikini
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  46. Coco in a Bikini
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    Very nice!

  47. Coco in a Bikini
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    She is gorgeous. You people are just jealous!

  48. Coco in a Bikini
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    With a gorgeous wife like that, why wouldn’t he take her pic?

  49. Coco in a Bikini
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    She is stunning!

  50. Coco in a Bikini
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    She is so pretty.

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