Cindy Crawford: Unretouched Photo Was Retouched To Look Unretouched

A few weeks back a supposedly unretouched photo of Cindy Crawford (above) made the Internet rounds under the impression that it was for an upcoming issue of Marie Claire where Cindy would be featured without Photoshop as an “inspiration.” Turns out it was from an old 2013 issue where Cindy had been Photoshopped to not look like anything like the photo. Except now her photographer is claiming the “unretouched” photo actually was retouched, but to make Cindy look worse. TMZ reports:

The lawyer for Cindy’s photographer fired off a letter — obtained by TMZ — threatening everyone who posted the pic with a lawsuit if they didn’t take it down and apologize. The lawyer says the original pic was stolen and then doctored to make her midsection look haggard.
The lawyer included a statement from the famous photog, who says he took the pic for Marie Claire Mexico and someone stole it from him and Photoshopped it.

And while suing media outlets probably seemed like a great idea at the time, all it’s really done is made everyone repost the picture along with this story because the picture still is news, and so is the controversy over whether or not it’s been edited to make a 49-year-old mother-of-two’s stomach look like, well, a 49-year-old mother-of-two’s stomach. Not that I’m confirming or denying any of that. I’m just putting up photos and hoping people masturbate to them at work so my time-on-site numbers look awesome. I’m the victim here.

Photo: Twitter