Christina Aguilera still whorish

May 15th, 2007 // 100 Comments

Christina Aguilera was spotted at Teddy’s last Friday with her makeup done up about as whorish as she’s ever done it. And for some reason she looks nothing like Christina Aguilera. I’ve got a roast turkey in my fridge that looks more like Christina Aguilera than this.

christina-aguilera-teddys-candid-01-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-teddys-candid-02-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-teddys-candid-03-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-teddys-candid-04-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-teddys-candid-05-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-teddys-candid-06-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-teddys-candid-07-thumb.jpg christina-aguilera-teddys-candid-08-thumb.jpg


  1. denise

    How does she look whorish? That is ridiculous… fully clothed and yet you seem to think she is? that’s crap

  2. honeydew

    Care to elaborate on that Dick?

  3. Jane

    Second… and I hate fucking racists. And dicks.

  4. denise

    How does she look whorish? That is ridiculous… fully clothed and yet you seem to think she is? that’s crap… i think she looks beautiful and she is def. the classiest one out there

  5. Jane

    Okay, 4th, but I stick to my story.

  6. Alicia

    how about everyone get over being first, second or whatever. it doesnt matter, you are all losers

  7. loser number 8

    Yeah, what she said!

  8. whaaaaaaaat

    I’d hit it

  9. einna

    Sick, she has a camel toe.

  10. Christina never got the memo that “less is more”. And did she get a lip job? Girlfriend looks like Bubba from Forrest Gump.

  11. mooseknuckle

    @10 Taint nothin wrong with a cameltoe.

  12. she hasn’t looked like a real person since 1999

  13. BarbadoSlim

    Nice, looks like a clown-whore.

  14. mudluv


  15. techclerk

    A wise man once said in this forum website some true words to live by. I think those words are perfectly appropriate in this topic thread….

    This post needs more cowbell!

  16. theyareallidiots

    They’re ALL whores, and she looks as FINE as any of ‘em.

    Love the CT.

    Tap that like Bojangles.

  17. Annie

    Hey… where is the Marilyn look!!

  18. Katie

    Wow.. She aint slutty at all. I would have thought Britney was more of a whore then X-tina

  19. Julie

    you assholes… christina aguilera is the best thing that’s ever happened to this world. how dare you call her a whore. she’s my favorite, and she should be yours too. she is the most beautiful person alive, with the sickest body, with the most beautiful voice, and yet you call her a whore? i don’t believe this. this is unforgiveable.

  20. sophie

    she’s doesn’t look whorish- she looks like a tranny.
    her face is so screwed up…

  21. [Xenu]

    First of all typekey sucks dick.

    I see Xtina’s found a new way to put on weight, injecting 2 lbs of collagen in her fug lips. Dumb whore.

  22. AndresV

    To Denise (#2 and #5)

    If you can’t tell how whorish she looks, chances are you are looking pretty whorish yourself…

  23. XtinasXtina

    I agree with Julie. Any heterosexual man on this planet should be willing to give his left nut to hit this. Sure, sometimes makeup can be a bit off, but the rest of her looks fabulous. She could be five hundred pounds and bald, and I would still adore her.

    NEWSFLASH: she’s number 4 on this year’s maxim hot 100. THANK YOU VERY MUCH

  24. [Xenu]

    Just wtf is so attractive about her. Her fake boobies? Bow legs? Fake lips? Fake peroxide hair? Amount of makeup on her face that’s enough to share with 5 other women?
    The only thing she’s got is that annoying voice of hers–which is no competition for my diarrhea squirts.

  25. XtinasXtina

    Xenu – you must be fat.

  26. Thomas

    hey xtinasxtina, i went to that link… that picture makes up for this one. she is definitely THE hottest woman on this planet. i would shoot Xenu to bang her.

  27. Hey Superfish dipshit, I’m a trifle bit hungry, can I eat that roasted turkey in your fridge?

  28. Sheva

    I’ve always dreamed of great exotic sex with a camel toed clown whore with the poofy lips you can bite because they are numbed up novacaine.

    And now I’m so close.

  29. Hate Not

    It’s a style. A very sexualized style of make-up. At worst there are many very fine men who would pay for her dinner (even though she probably makes more money), and then give her what a girl wants/needs/makes her happy in any particular order she desires. Plus she looks hot, even with a lot of makeup that otherwise makes some girls look like clowns. She pulls off an attractive, albeit unnatural look and the two are not mutually exclusive.

  30. Stew

    All I know is she can be my whore anytime.

  31. wiinja

    hey Fish, good job on the liquor sponsors… maybe now you can afford some dividends for us stockholders?

  32. wiinja

    @7 –


  33. tequila tramp

    I want a pair of bonsai sandals!

  34. Dana

    I think this is the most necessary link the comments section of TheSuperficial will ever see-

    And to keep this relevant, I like Christina Aguliera. Kind of.


  35. Saw her live in Calgary… amazing. She aint no whore.

  36. Rock

    She looks a little like Cameron Diaz in these photos. And I hate assholes named Jane.

  37. Her camel toe is the size of a small dog. Wow.

  38. DWKing

    This “whore”as you all put it pays more income tax in a year than the bunch of you will make in your pathetic lifetimes.This “whore”can really sing.I’d like to see you catty bitches hold a candle to her let alone a note.

  39. LeeLee

    Calling her a whore says nothing about if she can or cannot sing– it’s about how it looks like shaved off her EYE BALLS and mouth and painted new ones on top.

  40. PMF

    You say whorish like it’s a bad thing.

  41. TheExpatriot

    Mwhahahahahaha!!!!! She’s orange!!1!

    …I’ve got cowbell fever…

  42. captain obvious

    I don’t know abt whorish,but cheap & fake looking, yeh. I don’t understand why she always spackles on the makeup, she has beautiful skin and doesn’t need it. Other than that, she’s somewhat of a bowlegged freak who thinks she emulates Marilyn Monroe….not even close honey.

  43. Randy Jones

    Did you see the new nip slip video of hers from yesterday that TMZ’s talking about, it makes Tara Reids look like an amature… here the link to the blog that’s showing the unedited version

  44. Gregama

    Fuck I would hit it.

    Hit it like Mike Tyson baby. *thrust*

    Middle finger for the haters, y’all just maturbaters, be pullin’ on your pud just like elma fudd.

    Hit it in the front, Hit in the back, Cum on her face as she sucks my sack.

    I am motherfucking out.

  45. Jane

    Well, Rock, here’s a little game for you: you stick your finger up my ass, smell it, and tell me the last thing I had to eat.

    Hint: it wasn’t your grandmother’s pussy.

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  47. techclerk

    This whore needs more cowbell

  48. BarbadoSlim

    I’ve got a FEVAH, and the only PRESCRIPTION, is MORE CLOWNWHOr….err COWBELL!!!

  49. haha

    she looks normal to me. so ok..maybe her lips are a bit too…inflated. i just want to poke it and see if it would pop. poke poke poke.

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