Christina Aguilera excites and disturbs the senses

March 7th, 2007 // 73 Comments

  1. cheatedhearts


  2. Thomas the Wrapper

    second for me

  3. Thomas the Wrapper

    Painz rules

  4. samantha

    I still think she looks pretty. Remember, a harsh flash on a camera can be very unforgiving. I bet that in person she didn’t look quite so clown whore-ish.

  5. stuperstar13

    almost first! had to sign up for account. shucks. Anyways, I think she is still cute. Everyone puts on more make up to go out at night :)

  6. I’d bang her out at the dumpsters behind a bar if she had some hot heels to go with that whore red lipstick, but I would not take her out in public where I would be seen with her… Besides, she is just another Disneypoptart.

  7. Jazuule

    Is that really her? Don’t see her wedding ring, arm tattoo or the ring that’s usually poking through most everything she wears.

  8. anothershityear


  9. Her hair looks like it’s plastic. She just coats in on before she leaves her house.

  10. anothershityear

    clicked to see an archetype of ugly

    i gotta say

    Christina Aguilera is pretty damned pretty

    even through the layers of Bozo lipstick and whipped cream toppings

    that close-up pic
    reveals a lonely, introspective girl
    trying to get approval from everyone and anyone and no one
    no matter what it takes

    seriously, it must be fucking hard as hell to be on-display like that, it’s gotta take its toll one way or another eventually

    alright enough bullshit, if she didn’t have a sharp nose and guileless blue eyes i would’ve been relentless with the insults

    back to the fuck-shit work for me

  11. anothershityear


  12. Lowlands

    She shows up quite a lot on this site,doesn’t she?If you read this mrs Christina,deposit asap some money on my bankaccount otherwise i’m gonna say some nasty things about you.

  13. crestlin

    everyone wondered what she was doing marrying mr. potatohead, saying that she was too pretty for him….well apparently not. it takes 12 layers of foundation to get her to look moderately acceptable.

  14. becca11

    she is a bow-legged rat in drag makeup, always has been. she looks like a witch with alopecia when she’s not coated in drag style makeup

  15. becca11

    she is ugly as sin without makeup, thats why she is with her man.

  16. kayla

    she looks like she’s wearing a mask. especially in that last pic.

  17. LL

    Her hair looks like shit and she’s orange, that pretty much cancels out any pretty anywhere else. She looked better in her skank-slut phase, which wasn’t very good, but at least she looked marginally attractive then. Here, yeah, she’s looking a little tranny. Bad tranny. No self-respecting tranny would go out looking like that.

  18. Jed

    I’d still hit it.

  19. Lowlands

    Only her husband knows how she looks without make-up…*Shudder*

  20. Jiimbo

    She is still better looking with the clown make-up than Fergie and Kirsten!!! At least you would like to beleive that she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Fergie would just scare it off

  21. HollyJ

    Third pic on the top row – they even sprayed that base paint and powder onto her EARS and 2″ into her hairline. WTH?

  22. LilRach

    Yeah ok she’s gone a little overboard but she still looks hot.

  23. meee

    why the fuck are her eyebrows grey? and i didn’t know that after 1986 it was ok to combine shiney blue shadow with hooker red lipstick. goddamn she’s gross

  24. Carsten5577

    Is she trying to audition for a role as Bozo the Clown? I don’t think that even he wore so much makeup. She looks ridiculous.

  25. Where are her wedding rings??

  26. mrs.t

    Is anyone here old enough to remember The Sound Factory waaaay back circa 1990-93? If so, then you, like me, know exactly what happened here. You start getting ready to go out, determined to go with a really ‘natural’ face that won’t melt off the minute Junior starts throwing down. Then you have a drink, and a small line of blow, and decide to just do a ‘dramatic eye’ that will really pop agianst the natural face. A little more vodka, one more line, and you add a strong lip. Then you decide that your eyebrows would look terrific with a thick coat of colored powder. Now it’s time for your lovely hit of e. An hour later, you’re ready to head out the door. One last look in the mirror convinces you that you need several more coats of mascara, and another coat of lipstick.
    Voila! Clown Face.

  27. Lowlands

    I think she’s perfect for a movie called ‘Look ma no hands!

  28. Troller

    She looks like Holly, Hefner’s plastic clown.

  29. Stink

    I betcha her clown boobies honk when you squeeze ‘em.

  30. love seeing celebs make fools of themselves

    “She looks like bozo the clown blah blah blah blah ” If everyone can’t live in reality then close your eyes and try really, really hard to imagine it and you’ll see that 90% OF MEN ARE WILLING TO FUCK HER SEVEN WAYS TO SUNDAY!

    and the other 10%? Well there’s explanation for that too. THEY’RE GAY.

  31. Buffalove

    The metallic white eyeshadow is a little 16 year old public school, but other than that this is pretty much signature X-tina. She’s beautiful with makeup caked on and she’s beautiful bare faced. Whatevs.

  32. promisehersmack

    leave be, shes gorgeous!

  33. doogleberg

    It looks like some kid ate a box of crayons and then threw up on her face.

  34. arden

    Oh, give me a break. She’s a fucking pop star . . . you want her to show up in a cardigan, slacks, and June Cleaver style make up?

  35. She looks like a clown.

  36. licklick

    I think the appropriate description is ‘hot as a backstreet blonde’, if I remember my Raymond Chandler.

    Oh well, none of us is perfect.

  37. Abigail

    i think it’s funny that in one of her songs, she sings, “this is not a circus, don’t you take me for a clown”.

    sure, christina. sure.

  38. Dory

    True #5 everyone does put on more makeup to go out at night… but not everyone has to drown themselves in it to be allowed out of the house.

    Geeeez if she’s lookin scary clown with all that crap on imagine how Old Hag she looks without it.
    dirty dirty whore. Copying Marylin will never make you classy christina

  39. anotheruselesscomment

    She still looks good..if that’s really her…missing the tat and doesn’t really look like her.

  40. squidtits

    29. Posted by Stink on March 7, 2007 4:26 PM
    “I betcha her clown boobies honk when you squeeze ‘em.”

    Awww fuck…gonna cum…

  41. 23apples

    So this is an example of bad makeup, yes? I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.. this is how my roommate does her makeup pretty much every day of her life. I’m really not sure why, it looks TERRIBLE. I think Christina is pretty, this makeup makes her look gross, though.

  42. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    Hey man, give her props. It must be terribly difficult matching your foundation according to what shade of orange you happen to be that day…

    I honestly still think she is gorgeous, and sometimes her makeup does turn out right. Today was just not one of those days.

  43. TashaVin`

    Just a coupla things.. 1. That is the reddest lipstick I have ever seen. 2. Does she have a bleaching kit at home and only drink milk and water, sheesh, her teeth are almost flourescent and 3. ITS WINTER! IM READY FOR SPRING SO I CAN WEAR SHORTS LIKE THE CELEBS! Fuck this cold mess… It’s warming up in the south… finally.

  44. TashaVin`

    and to go along with # 39, her gigantic wedding set is mysteriously missing, and no sign on a “tan line” Liars ring… Hmm, Is superfish trying to pull one over on us? not one of those is her looking anywhere near the camera… Fishy, very fishy…

  45. TashaVin`

    …wouldn’t it be fun to look so much like a celebrity, naturally, with out surgery, to have people freak out when you walked by and be all up in your shit with huge cameras… Better look your best, or you’ll be disgusting like all the rest. (haha! I’m a poet…. sorry, im wasted and typing, bad combo…)

  46. TashaVin`

    for just one day, that is… Is everyone sleeping? is this a bad hour?

  47. mwatkins

    She is still hot as hell if you ask me. She doesn’t look her best, but damn she still looks good!

  48. mwatkins

    She is still hot as hell if you ask me. She doesn’t look her best, but damn she still looks good!

  49. TashaVin`

    wow… I really should read before I post, is there a delete button here somewhere??

  50. TashaVin`

    …and could I possibly bother for another moment, I do not appreciate you forcing me to google Christina Aguilera without makeup. I really don’t like you anymore. You totally fucked up that fantasy. ‘Preciate that.

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