Christina Aguilera is post-pregnantly hot

February 6th, 2008 // 210 Comments

Christina Aguilera made her first post-pregnancy appearance at a West Hollywood Best Buy yesterday. Wow, lactation is awesome. Even better she had a C-section. You know what means, fellas. Huh? Yeah? But, no, seriously, what does it mean? I know nothing about the birthing process. All my dad told me was that a stork shows up and steals your wallet and testicles. Which explains why he attacked a pelican with a broken beer bottle during my first trip to the zoo. Fortunately he set me in the tiger pit beforehand. He even gave me a raw steak to play with. Love ya, Pop.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. mrs.t

    Is Heidi Montag lactating, too?

  2. deaconjones


  3. moka

    moka rocks

  4. crash


  5. mw


  6. mrs.t

    So NOW you fix the pics, making my previous comment even more irrelevant than it already was…. guess I’ll move on to her resemblance to Lady Bunny.

  7. D. Richards (Disgusted.)

    Christina looks like such a transexual in this photo.

    Goddamn, how does she find the strength to leave her mansion looking like that? I’m so embarrassed for her.

  8. Michelle

    C-sections=tighter vaginas.

  9. bossdj

    how come no one ever “sharks” celebrities? As much as people salivate over celeb nip slips you’d think someone would shark a celeb, plead guilty, and take the community service. C’mon citizens get it going!

  10. Hey Mrs T, YOu comments are never irrelevant..

  11. Hey Mrs T, Your comments are never irrelevant..

  12. ack

    i want to scrub her face with some dawn and a brillo pad. i wonder how many i’d have to go thru to hit her skin…

  13. meh

    I like that she has the Courtney Love sneer in the last two photos.

  14. Amber

    Too bad all you bitches are jealous because she has bigger boobs than you! ;)

  15. Jess

    Oh please …her vag was stretched out with hanging lips a flappin’ a long time ago.

  16. bigboobies

    elected c-sections = not as good for the baby. but i guess you’re right #8 – so as long as the vage is still tight, it’s okay.

  17. Mr.Poon

    Her tits are amazing, everything else is irrelevant. If not, your a obviously a fag.

  18. CougarTexas

    Was Skank.
    Is Skank.
    Will always be Skank.
    With a scar.

  19. blah

    @14 I think you mean “she has bigger implants than you.” Bitch was pretty small before she got the implants, my dear.

  20. gotmilk?

    she looks ridiculously top heavy in pictures 7-9…. probably regretting those implants now!

  21. jesus

    14, yeah, that’s it… cause there’s no hope in this world for women with c cups.

  22. @14 Amber, does she have bigger boobs than you??

  23. Binky

    These home electronics places will bring out any and everybody to sell you that rip-off extended warranty.
    Was she there singing the small print or what ?

  24. lalaland

    too bad her face and hair look absolutely horrible! UGH she’s HIDEOUS!

  25. yeishhh

    She looks like Anna Nicole in her beached whale years

  26. yeishhh

    She looks like Anna Nicole in her beached whale years

  27. my comment

    She’s still cute. So, that’s what post pregnancy implants look like.. HUGE.

  28. Amber

    Hell yes she has bigger boobs than me! Lots of people do :D

  29. Nice tits

    Nice tits…That is all. The rest scares me a bit…especially as it looks like the doctor may have dropped his sharp instruments on her face during the c-section

  30. yukadoozer

    Yup. Dem veins ‘n stretch marks is purty darn sexxxy.

  31. Auntie Kryst

    I sort of have the feeling that the only two people in the music department were her and the photographer. Those last two pics looks likes she’s screaming “Washers and dryers? Aisle 5…AISLE 5!”

  32. stupid

    hey FISH. Brit’s out of the hospital. Glad you have your montog bullshit going on… and christinas boobs. Sooooooooooooo important!!


  33. mike

    “You know what means, fellas. Huh? Yeah? But, no, seriously, what does it mean?”

    It means she has a nasty red scar that makes you want to look away from what used to be the best part of her.

  34. fifi

    Ya’ll GOTTA see this!!!!

  35. ha

    Oh wow, yeah… she had the money to go and have bags of gel surgically implanted into her chest. That’s so impressive. Especially once the crusty scar tissue forms around the implants… now that is zexy.

  36. Amber that is OK, don’t be jealous. Small boobs are nice too..

  37. KickRocks

    …remember the part where the witch doctor sprinkles magic dust on Beetlejuice’s head and his head shrinks? I love that part.

  38. LM

    Geez, what a bunch of haters in here. Give me a break people. She is talented, she is a very loving person. Why on earth do you guys want to attack her? Because she’s got everything that you want?

    You know, Christina has been around jealousy all of her life, it’s so unfortunate. Just because she’s beautiful, rich and a good person, people have to attack her. It’s terrible.

    She is in the new Rolling Stones movie that’s coming out in April 2008, front stage with Mick Jagger. She, along with U2, Green Day and several others are on the new album “Instant Karma” A tribute to Darfur. She does a beautiful job of Lennon’s song “Mother”.

    All you haters should just click your way outta here!

  39. KKKK

    Wow… beutiful # 39 – you made me cry…

    And for christina, one word: HOOKER!!!

    I am sure your baby will be proud of you

  40. KKKK

    Wow… beautiful # 39 – you made me cry…

    And for christina, one word: HOOKER!!!

    I am sure your baby will be proud of you

  41. Nathan

    Breast implants suck, but comment number 34 rocks.

  42. Clem

    What’s with the Elvis lip?

  43. hermit crab


    actually c-sections don’t equal tighter vaginas. if your vag is as wide as a bowling alley, it will still be as wide as a bowling alley after a c-section. a c-section would just keep it from becoming a freeway.

  44. Bob from Accounting

    Hi guys, I want to address you guys on the company blog because it seems no one takes the time to actually read my memos. I do not want to be the “bad guy” but the policy is all expense reports have to be filed by the 28th of the following month an expense occurs – no exceptions. I also need the ORIGINAL reciepts, photocopies if you have not figured it our are COPIES. Sorry to rant, but we are getting close to closing this quarter and we could use a little help.

  45. What implants?

    How long ago did she get implants? I don’t remember her having big boobs at all pre-pregnancy at any point. I think it’s just the natural consequence. They look gooood. Too bad they’ll soon look like sagging, deflated balloons.

  46. @34 Mike, did your wife have a C section? With a dick as small as yours, I am sure she is still pretty tight!!

  47. Hallery

    C sections = ugly scar
    Vaginal birth and lots of kegels = tighter vagina than before kids

  48. jenimac

    Wow…she looks fantastic. Milk does the body goooood. You go X-tina !

  49. jenimac

    Wow…he looks fantastic. Milk does the body goooood. You go X-tina !

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