Christina Hendricks & January Jones Hate ‘Mad Men’

July 21st, 2010 // 83 Comments

AMC hosted the Mad Men Season 4 premiere in Hollywood last night where Christina Hendricks kept her gigantic publicity orbs under wraps and January Jones didn’t even bother to show up. Then again, the place was full of married couples so the chances of having to drunkenly put her panties back on in a cab were slim and now I feel sort of bad for the headline. I should probably change it to just Christina Hendricks want the show to die. Keep things fair.

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  1. Love me some ginger

  2. Danielle

    Red heads are the only way to go.

    She’s so beautiful!

  3. HackSaw
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    I’d hit it.

  4. Mr. Nice Guy

    She is by far the most beautiful, sexy women in Hollywood today.

  5. ginger spice


  6. Internet

    Oh, who? Sasquatch from Alpha Flight? Looks like a wild fuck tho

  7. Commented on this photo:

    Jon Hamm #8
    Has a huge dick from what I can see.

  8. sobrietyisacrutch

    Can’t wait for Sunday. Next to “Breaking Bad”, “Mad Men” is my favorite show. I wonder if Christina gained weight for the show or is she just naturally, um, bigger. Either way, she’s awesome as is January Jones.

  9. Deacon Jones

    I would love to eat her…hot pepper??

  10. GUY

    First! Bitchass Pussies!

    @ Ginger Spice
    GTFO then. Christina is super Sexy. So sexy that i would take her to a ball (all beautiful girls deserve to go to a ball), then treat her to sex and chocolate. Since i would have came by then, i would continue to pleasure her by eating her out and what not :)

  11. ron burgundy
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    I would like to be the first to say… motorboat

  12. Girl

    As an actual redhead, though not a ginger… fuck this fat bitch with her Russian whore Red dye job. She looks like she has lost a little weight, but I am positive that she has NASA engineer her underpinnings specifically for each event.
    She is nothing but a fat blond, which hair so thin that it looks like ostrich feathers. It is hilarious that you will slam Jessica Simpson for being round, but this chick, this HIDEOUS beast of a chick you somehow applaud?
    I don’t get it. Oh and she is SUPER stupid, too. But one thing she teaches women out there is the simple truth that ANYONE with fake breasts can be a star. Watching to clock with anticipation for her 15 minutes to be over.

    I will say that I actually think this look is a good look for her. Normally she looks like a fat bridesmaid circa 1983, but this look is much better for her.

    • GUY

      Hey, are you Jessica Simpson or something?

      Yes? Cool, nice to meet you fatty.

      No? Then shut the fuck up you stupid jealous skank.

      • Lol. Don’t women get that saying really hateful things about beautiful women just makes them look self-loathing and pathetic? Insecure cattiness is such a cliche.

        I ADORE Hendricks and what she’s doing for the ideals of women’s bodies. She’s not fat, you moron; look at those legs! She’s a goddess who makes me proud to have been a size 10 all along.

    • Rush

      Uhh… I don’t think she dyes her hair, nor do I think her titties are fake, but is she stupid? @Girl, your credibility is shot for aforementioned reasons, so can anyone else answer the question?

      • Deacon Jones


        It’s “Typical”!

      • alex

        Her tits are 100% real. Her hair color…not so much.

        But I prefer fake colored hair to fake tits any day of the week.

        She is smoking hot. And TINY I might add…she weights about 140.

    • David

      Yeah. You make a lot of really good points that are totally destroyed by the boner Hendricks gives me every time I see her. Good points though.

    • Truth

      Girl is self-loathing and pathetic.

    • Cock Dr

      “Anyone with fake breasts can be a star”
      That is so NOT TRUE…just ask Heidi Montag!
      FYI Ms Hendricks has REAL tits & a dye job. And as a woman I’m very happy to see someone not a stick figure (aside from CoCo, Jess, Kardashians, Brit Brit) getting some Superficial love.
      The only complaint I have about this dress is that she’s covered up her most amazing & precious assets.

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      In Soviet Russia, Girl licks Oksana’s boots.

    • Any Guy

      oh Girl, why so jealous? to say this woman’s fat is delusional. much like your opinion of yourself – just because no one wants to see your ugly ass don’t take it out on Christina. any guy in his right mind would BANG this broad hard and fast like a screen door in a hurricane, despite your retardo-rant regarding pea-brained J-Simpleton. srsly? you mock Christina’s intelligence and you reference that bimbet JSimp? wow. have a sandwich, and deal. this chick is HOT.

      however, I must say – unfortunately it looks like she got some facial work done. tsk-tsk. she was much more pretty before whatever she did to her mug. I’d still eat her ’til her head caved in.

  13. Sizzle
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    I’m a big fan of Mad Men, and something about January Jones just…bothers me. I don’t know what it is. I hate her character, and I hate who she appears to be in real life. It’s an unnatural hatred that I don’t understand.

  14. Not a bad show but things get old after awhile.

  15. Meh

    Meh…she was superhot back in her modeling and Firefly days. Now, she’s just a husky chick with big boobs.

    If she don’t watch her weight, she’ll just be a fat chick in a couple years.

  16. ktulu
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    yeah shes got a great set too bad the rest of her is about as shapely as a building block

  17. stinky mcpoop

    She’s got saggy knees. Need to botox those bitches.

  18. Commented on this photo:

    I never thought I’d come to say this, but Peggy Olsen is definitely out-hotting Red Twin Zeppelins on this one.

  19. fag

    finally they post somebody who really is gorgeous ..whew!
    and jess simpson is a beautiful gal too ..
    at least they got their own parts ..& faces ..
    i hate them skinny-ass plastic bitches ..

  20. Commented on this photo:

    Okay, I’ve been biting my tongue for like two years, so this stops now: this chick is WAAAAY TOOOO THICK, DUDE!!!!

    I like me some boobs, but I also like me a minimum of waist-to-hips ratio, and all I see here is Red -> Make Up -> Black Cylinder -> Pasty Dino-thighs, WTF!?!?!?!

    We’re talking two donuts away from Adele, and Adele at least can sing her limey ass off.


  21. Commented on this photo:

    When I die, I want to be reborn as a Cloney-Hamm clone. Especially in the “Shitload o’ Hair” department.

  22. Alexis
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    awful shaped legs

  23. Alexis
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    he’s sooooo handsome!

  24. buttfuck

    erin is so obviously a nerd, why did she win

  25. Commented on this photo:

    Nice. Such a pretty bodacious ginger gal. I know it comes from a bottle but she can pull it off.
    That ring is probably worth more than my house.

  26. Anon
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    Man, she’s so pretty.

  27. zoomzoom

    love the shoes!

  28. dee

    How the hell is she beautiful!? You people are actually insane!

  29. tizel

    She is the new Marilyn, there is no one as beautiful. Who cares if she dyes her hair red? so does Kate Winslet. They are both sexy, talented and have real boobs.

  30. Just popping in to remind you that I would kill each and every one of you with my bare hands for one night with this woman. That is all.

  31. Elissa
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    She looks a little bit like Ashlee Simpson here…a healthier, prettier Ashlee Simpson.

  32. Meh

    Sorry, but I think that she’s overrated. Don’t get me wrong, she IS attractive. Just not as mindblowingly attractive as a lot of guys are saying she is (I’m pretty sure that if her breasts were smaller, people wouldn’t love her so much). Yes, she’s got curves and thus, a more womanly figure. Yes, her boobs are ginormous. But her face is only so-so.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so to each his/her own.

    Still think she’s really overrated.

  33. Joe

    Unn hunn.

    She “hates” being employed as an actress? We’ll see how much she “hates” the show when it’s over and so are her 15 minutes and the royalty checks become real slim in 5 years or so.

    She will remember these days fondly.

    Next career for C. Hebdricks: hollywood escort service. Bank on it.

  34. Joe

    BTW. All you guys drooling over “boobs”. My wife’s boobs are actually a little bigger than hers.

    Was fascinated with the funbags for three months. Not that big of a deal after 9 years.

    No huge boobs, no career for C Hendricks. Waitress/Office worker at best. Believe that.

  35. RoniMikey

    This is one HIDEOUS nasty looking bitch. She looks like she is around 70 years old with a lot of make-up on.

  36. Vito
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    For such a beautiful woman with magnificent tits, Christina Hendricks is looking pretty fucking shabby. I used to think she was the greatest thing since meatloaf sandwiches. Now she’s looking like pb&j. More’s the pity.

  37. Amber
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    He is the epitome of a man. Definitely a modern day Cary Grant. He is just delicious!

  38. Amber
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    wait a minute, do i see a bulge in his pocket, could it be?! Hamm!

  39. captain america

    ……………meet me.

  40. Remi


  41. lola

    she is so pretty and lovely yeah she aint super slim but so what its about her proportions which rock. if she were the same weight but it all went to her waist it would be a different matter but its distributed really evenly

  42. chupacabra
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    is that his wife? He can do better. Christ.

  43. chupacabra
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    Fred Armeson fucks this.

  44. chupacabra
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    I would lick every inch of that, and I”m a lady.

  45. SuperIdeaGuy

    Me want.

  46. kitty_kat

    That dress is unflattering. She looks fat.

  47. mike

    Who died!?
    I hope she is not getting all uppity and wants be taken as a serious actor now. The only reason why people know her is because of her fun-bags…too late to cover them up now.

    I’d still poke her through

  48. Hard 4 Christina

    I would fist her ass all the way up to my elbow!

  49. james royal
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    Her legs look pretty fine to me.

  50. straightgirl

    Not all women are jealous hags. I LOVE LOVE Christina. She’s hot and curvy and if I had the chance I’d kiss her beautiful mouth.

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