Christina Aguilera’s Breasts Receive Top Gay Honor

April 21st, 2011 // 60 Comments

Christina Aguilera was honored with the first star on the Hollywood Gay Walk of Fame last night despite not even being gay and successfully reproducing via heterosexual intercourse. However, she does have huge breasts beloved by my weiner gay and straight alike making them a universal language of togetherness, and she also made Matthew Rutler dress up like Cam Gigandet’s character in Burlesque which is probably the queerest thing we’ll see all week. And keep in mind that’s coming from a site that featured Andy Cohen bare-chested just two days ago. Aren’t I naughty?! *tosses boa around neck*

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  1. peanut

    her breasts (only) were worth it.

  2. Hugh Gentry

    she would get cleavage rash from me humping her tits all day long.

  3. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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    Holy hell, how long have I had these?!

  4. Maybe it’s the man face attached to the top of her neck.

    • the dude does have some nice tits…

      • Fletch

        Hollywood Gay Walk of Fame. This is so gay. Is the a Hollywood Black Walk of Fame? Oh well, now we’ll soon have a Mexican Walk of Fame.

        As for why they chose Christina, she is the first transvestite who has successfully hidden it from the world for years.

  5. shouldn’t it be spelled “thtar”?

  6. Trogdor

    Is it just me, or is she looking more and more like Queen Latifah every day?

  7. Sure, honoring a straight woman on the gay walk of fame may seem odd, but we have to ease into these things. Giving the first star to a woman who looks like a man in drag is just the first baby step.

  8. LJ

    It looks like she’s morphing into a modern Kate Smith.

  9. dpbefun

    I would do her…in the butt.

  10. The outfit is a little risque. I must admit though, I’m very attracted to her large bosoms.

  11. Ed

    Gays want to be treated equally/normally yet need their own special version of everything . . .

  12. Somewhere Lady Gaga is throwing a temper tantrum “My managers manufactured my whole fake career around you retarded faggots, the least you could do is give me a Star”

  13. What the hell happen to my post? Did that shit get taken down. What the hell did I say?

  14. Amy

    I never get why gay men are so obsessed with women. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being gay?

    If I were a gay man, I’d watch the UFC over watching Project Runway. For more than one reason.

  15. What I’m reading from this is that Christina is a top now.

  16. Cher X

    Mae West.

    The later years.

  17. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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  18. S'up Bitches!

    Oh snap fish!

  19. boing

    id get gay w/ those tits. real gay.

  20. oooooh

    our modern day marilyn monroe

  21. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
    herrick hunt
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    fuuuck, is that a wig?
    christina has been looking rather foul lately.

  22. sunnyroberto

    She’s got . . . HUGE tracts of land!!

  23. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    OK, she WAS in Burlesque, which is the gayest send up of a gay cabaret show in recent film history, and she was also associated with Moulin Rouge, which was the second gayest sendup of a gay cabaret show in recent film history, so she definitely qualifies as honorary gay.
    Please note that everything I just wrote is a bunch of bullshit and hearsay; I haven’t ever seen either film. I would like to make that last point perfectly clear — I’M FULL OF SHIT; I HAVEN’T EVER SEEN EITHER FILM. Capisce?

  24. It’s a shame. She was really hot back when she was “Dirty”.

  25. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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    I’m pretty sure this is underwear

  26. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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    has she got talcum powder in her hair?

  27. Buttercup

    Uh oh, she has hit the wall. That hair is so dead and beat that a musty old polyester fiber wig would look better. She is overcompensating for her fat with extra makeup and letting her hair lay flat on her forehead. She looks 30 seconds away from being all sweaty. There’s only one way to look healthy…be healthy. You can’t overindulge and purchase your way there. That old hollywood glamor look gets stale really, really….zoom! See? That fast.

  28. kendrachanae

    She such a fucking idiot, but girl can sing her ass off

  29. josh

    What a disgusting pig :-(

  30. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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    OMG, she looks like a blond Snooki

  31. Captain Slappy

    Well…if the homo’s like a non-homo that much….I would do her then, just for the stories and fame. Damn…she doesn’t have anything else, but those tits are the stuff of legend, and she has an ass you can bounce a cast-iron skillet off of…..good stuff! (Nice ‘do too!)

  32. KindaJudgemental

    I’m a lesbian and I like smaller titties – those big one swinging around (like mine) are simply annoying and distracting.
    It’s the straight males mostly that like them/are attracted to them.
    Have you seen the porn tits??? HUGE, UNNATURALLY HUGE.
    A major turn-off to me – apparently a big seller to male teens and adult males who’ve never grown out of that ‘teen’ stage.


    she looks like a monster. FOR REAL

  34. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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    She needs as pearl necklace.

  35. Listen, as a gay male, I can safely say…”GIVE ME MY X-TINA BACK.” This gurl is a version that just got out of a weird “safe” Rob Zombie house. I don’t like it. Take her boobs, and give me my genie in a bottle. Come back to us X-tina, sans boobs, and sans that weirdass hair you had in Burlesque.

  36. Brian0523

    Why does she try so hard to look white? We all know she isn’t a white girl with that last name. Ick.

  37. Brian0523

    Big fake tits, big fat ass, drag superstar makeup, bottle blond hair…..I just lost my boner.

  38. CHoc Donut

    I thought Mae West was dead.

  39. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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    This woman needs to stop trying to be like Marilyn Monroe because she’s nothing like her.Hatchet face, I mean Christina looks terrible.

  40. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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    Why does she open her mouth up like that? ,I know she’s trying to impersonate Marilyn Monroe soo bad but Christina Hatchet face is doing a bad job.Poor poser.

  41. Christina Aguilera Gay Walk Of Fame
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    Holy Whoredom, she looks like shit! Round aging rotund face!

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