Why Does Christina Aguilera’s Son Have A Black Eye?

Because mommy drinks.

Or maybe this stuff. Who knows? Via TMZ:

The photo was taken yesterday afternoon at LAX — with rumors circulating that Christina’s “erratic behavior and alleged booze-filled outings” somehow contributed to Max’s accident.
But sources tells us, that’s total nonsense — 3-year-old Max was out with his nanny last week, chasing around squirrels … and the kid tripped over a rock and bruised his face.
According to our sources, Max was taken to the doctor immediately and everything was fine.

Taking into account who Max’s father is, I’m actually going to take Christina Aguilera’s word on this one because everyone knows squirrels are the mole-man’s natural enemy. Max can’t help but chase them anymore than he can stop his obsession with drill bits and harvesting tubers. You don’t fight survival instincts honed over millions of years. That’s how those suckers the vole-people got their shit kicked in. “We’re not going to ride ferrets anymore,” they said. There were no survivors.

Photo: Fame, Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News