Christina Aguilera Met Her New Man’s Mom Already

The Superficial | November 30, 2010 - 11:45 am

Seen here performing on Dancing With The Stars last week, Christina Aguilera met her new boyfriend Matthew Rutler’s mother over the weekend presumably to inform her she’s going to be a grandmother. Apparently, her son Max stayed in Los Angeles with Jordan Bratman who more than likely requested the time to determine if his son’s half-human blood impacts his ability to burrow like a true mole-man. If so, he’ll be forced to defeat a giant earthworm in combat to restore honor to his clan. People reports:

“This is the first Thanksgiving she was without Max,” says a source. “It was really hard for her and she was feeling sad, so she decided to go to the East Coast with Matt and a group of friends.”
On Saturday, Aguilera, Rutler and a few pals went to Rhode Island for a spontaneous visit to Rutler’s family home where they spent time with his mom, Kathleen.
“Since his family lives so close, they decided to drop in for a few hours,” says the source.

I’m going to assume this was an awesome visit for young Matthew considering he’s a production assistant which is basically the Hollywood equivalent of a cashier at Wal-mart, but worse because you work like a slave whenever rich people aren’t shitting on you. Sometimes literally. So, imagine being that guy and getting to go back home to tell everyone you knocked up a pop star. I’d probably write that shit on a T-shirt and start punching people. “Look who’s never gonna amount to anything now, pop! Hey, babe, could you throw a crumpled up five at his face? They paid us in jelly on my last film.”

Photos: WENN