Kelly Osbourne Still Thinks Christina Aguilera is Fat, Has A Point

October 17th, 2011 // 94 Comments

Back in August, Kelly Osbourne called Christina Aguilera a “fat cunt” because when you’re sitting next to Joan Rivers, you gotta keep up. Except over two months later, she’s still saying it, but that’s coming from someone who writes about Jessica Simpson looking pregnant every other day. Via Hollywood Life:

“Trust me. I’m a [size] 2/4. That is not a 2/4,” Kelly, 26, said about Christina, 30, on E!’s Fashion Police Oct. 14.
Kelly is getting even. “She called me fat for years,” she explained. “I was never that fat.”

Even though Kelly was talking about Christina at Michael Jackson’s Forever Tribute concert, I took the liberty of adding pics of her at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch over the weekend because I’m a deep admirer of the female body crammed into tights. In fact, sometimes I just sit outside a trailer park with my brush and canvas until they offer to make me their king in a ceremony lush with coon pelts and Mountain Dew. It’s all very mystical.

Photos: Flynet, Splash News


  1. Oh Hell No

    That bitch got some balls cunt-sidering she was FAT…now she’s just UGLY instead of FAT & UGLY…..

  2. Deacon Jones

    holy shit…..

    I feel like I’m looking at pictures of a WWF match from the 80s

  3. Do Freebird

    What I truly cannot believe is that someone is making some serious coin taking care of that rats nest on top of her head.

    • Deli

      I agree – her hair is appalling, her weight fluctuates and that’s fine, I just take real issue with her weave

  4. Venom

    Kelly Osbourne is a size 2/4???

    In what fucking universe is that sea cow that small?

    • lily

      haha i was going to say the same thing! maybe ONE of kelly’s thunder thighs (yes they are still huge after her weight loss) would fit into a size 4. im 5’4″ 115 and on a good day im a size 4….basically they are both ugly fat irrelevant piggies, kelly just has less class. huge shock there.

      • Michelle

        No fucking way Kelly is size 2/4.
        No way.

      • MJB

        Exactly. I’m 5’5″, 120 lbs. and a solid size 4. No way can I wear a size 2.
        Who do women like Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kim Kardashian think they’re fooling by claiming to be a size 2/4? Their thighs and asses would rip the seams apart clothing that size.

    • Sea cow lol. There is NO WAY Kelly is a 2-4. Kelly speaking out like this repeatedly, only shows how truly insecure and talentless she is because it’s the one “thing” she has against someone. In Kelly’s mind, she’s the girl who got made fun of the by the popular girl in highschool and she is seeking revenge-the only problem is, nobody cares about her and she’s still massively ugly.

    • They preferred nomenclature is manatee.

  5. cc

    Hey, lay off, that’s just her ‘flabby hobo’ Hallowe’en costume.

  6. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    “Let your father bring you pumpkin-picking next year. He has more experience burrowing in the ground.”

  7. Can

    Fat bitches shouldn’t cast Double Quarter Pounders w/ Cheese.

  8. Cock Dr

    Ms Aguilera does have a big fat ass, no doubt about that.
    Although I don’t care for her music she is also an excellent singer and entertainer. What talents does Kelly Osbourne have? Just wondering.

    • XD

      OMFG! She was on Dancing with the Stars! That must mean that she is famous for something!

      …or probably just because she is the crotchfruit of an actual famous person. Take away the famous parents and she would be just another no-name brat with a foul temperament.

  9. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Motorboat Captain
    Commented on this photo:

    When did Bret Michaels trade his bandanna for a hipster trilby?

  10. stevebeagle

    I’ve said it here before & i’ll say it again,,she “WILL” turn into her mother..

    the last few sightings of her are no doubt backing my claim.

  11. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Fat Chuck
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d still rather have the fat Christina on my face than the clown tranny that Kelly Osbourne is!

    • your mom's balls

      hmm – did she find a diet that reduces bone density and the size of one’s cranium as well?

    • Krissy

      I couldn’t believe she said she was never as fat as Christina is now. Has she not looked at pictures of herself from her “The Osbournes”/pre-DWTS days? Girlfriend was probably around 180 or so. Christina has gotten bigger, but based on her short height, I would say she’s nowhere near Kelly’s highest weight. I’d say Christina is around 140-150 right now. Kelly’s just delusional about her past and present weight. She’s a size 2/4, now? Yeah, right!

  12. Bane

    I think the world would be a better place if Ozzy had bitten Kelly’s head off instead of a bat.

  13. SymbolicEnchelladas

    Someone needs to sit down and have a sandwich. Kelly Osbourne was WAY bigger, and it just shows how low-class she is that she’ll tease someone now that she’s smaller.

  14. It looks like someone photoshopped the croissant I had for breakfast to the lower half of her body.

  15. Arzach

    What a loser , yes Aguilera is fat and far away the hotness she used to have, but she has real talent, she always has had it.
    Kelly on the other hand, is ugly a hell , has no class, and no talent, so in the end she is only thinner, big deal.

  16. O_o

    I think Ozzy might have to feed her some hamburgers…
    Really though i don’t get it, you’d thing a woman who used to be as big as the superbowl blimp would know better then to be a pain to somebody else.

  17. ace11

    Wow…Cristina has a might big dumper

    she is fat

    i agree

  18. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    Take note ladies, this is what happens when you cross a mole-man.

  19. suck it

    HAHA Kelly is only calling Christina fat because Christina used to call Kelly fat. So karma is a bitch.

    On the other hand, Kelly has no talent and not pretty at all, CHristina has talent and is still kinda decent looking even with the weight.

    So Kelly looses.

    • False

      Christina never insulted Kelly first. The American public is full of morons and simpletons who will listen to anything as fact.

  20. Jammies

    Ladies, ladies — for the last time, leggings are not pants!

  21. TheDevilYouKnow

    Kelly Osbourne really needs to let the shit with Xtina go. Harping on an old ass feud that the other party has clearly let go of just reeks of desperation.

  22. SIN

    Kelly has lost alot of weight but she is just lying to herself if she thinks she is that size. Hey Kelly, Crank out a kid and go through a divirce and lets see how fat you get.

  23. SIN

    Tell the truth, who here would not fuck either of them? We all know we would do both of htem so what are we complaining about? Oh yean. No tits being shown.

  24. Steelerchick

    So where is Christina? All I see is a fat scarecrow.

  25. Panty Bear

    I thank the pap for not getting a full frontal of these pants on Xtina. Well done, sir!

  26. r

    Kelly let it go already when you were fat you were bigger than Christina.

    Christina might not be sexy anymore but when she gets her figure back she will still be attractive and have talent something you will never have either of those.

    There is no way Kelly is a size 2/4 we aren’t blind.

  27. Dave Mustaine

    Why do girls with ugly bodies think that they can get away with wearing that. No one wants to see a hideous body in tights!

    STOP IT!!!!

  28. Venom

    In addition to the fact that Christina is prettier, skinnier, actually has talent and makes her own money, let’s throw in the fact that Christina had a kid and Kelly has not.

  29. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that her shirt billowing, or a roll of back fat spilling over her tights? *Barf*

  30. m.

    As a man I can say only this:
    Christina (in all sizes) >>>> Kelly (in any size)

  31. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    i usually could care less about celebrities gaining weight, and i still don’t really care about her, but it kind of bugs me just because she’s got a really killer body under all that. she could easily get back into great shape. some people doesn’t matter how hard they work they’ll never really have a great body.

  32. chicken chickenovna chickenova

    Unless this is yet another PR stunt to keep herself relevant by whatever tennuous means, Kelly’s jibe says far more about her than it does about Christina. Not a fan of either of them but at least Christina has talent. Despite her weight loss Kelly seems like a painfully immature, and underneath her bolshiness insecure, person. Christina at least isn’t contributing to it any more.

  33. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Richard McBeef
    Commented on this photo:

    hefty hefty cinch sack

  34. You just know there’s a moose knuckle on the other side of those pants .

  35. I gotta start a new fashion trend… long shirts.

  36. Jess

    Fat or not Christina is a trick

  37. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    Maybe I’m a jerk but I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing celebrities get fat! Makes up for all the freaks of nature who are size 00.

  38. sasha

    So. After claiming to be so hurt by all the mean comments and jokes when you were fat you decided it would be a good idea to make sure someone else suffered the same treatment? What a child.

  39. Mandy

    Fashion Police is my guilty pleasure show. I normally like Kelly, but she shouldn’t be saying this stuff. Even if Christina did call her fat (who knows if that’s true), why does that make it okay for Kelly to call Christina fat? That makes her the same amount of a bitch as Christina. Kelly would have looked better if she had taken the high road.
    Besides, Christina might have gained weight, but she still has an amazing voice and she’s very talented. Can Kelly say the same about herself?
    (This coming from someone who’s not even a fan of Christina … )

  40. aja

    Kelly was fatter. She also doesn’t look good thin, She just looks deflated, but still has a big head. Christina has a certain sexiness, and a really pretty face ( under the clown makeup )…and if she loses about fifteen pounds, will probably snap back excellently.

  41. kate

    I was going to say the same thing, but I looked up some recent pictures and she does look around that size. I think she’s really short which makes her look bigger.

  42. Dan

    I dunno… she still looks totally doable from where I’m sitting.

    I wouldn’t consider her fat. More just chubby.

  43. Christina is indeed a fat, disgusting monster. in fact, she was always hideous. she has always been bow-legged with fucked up non-existent calves.
    she has one of those ugly bodies that possess zero muscle tone.
    her body is condemned and she is just fuckin gross.

  44. Bob

    How big do those thighs and ass get with the sausage casing removed? You can already see the material straining to maintain structural integrity. This pic should be posted in every science classroom to help students visualize what a black hole is like.

  45. Havana

    AHAHAHA Kelly is not a size 2/4. She is a delusional. She used to look like a whale. BY THE WAY, Christina used to be 100 pounds, maybe even less, Kelly will never/has never been that thin. Come on Kelly, Christina is also a mother, 30 years old, EXTREMELY TALENTED, plus she is short, she looks bigger than she actually is. Kelly might have lost weight, but she hasn’t lost her huge weird looking head/face. When Christina loses weight what will Kelly have to say?

  46. Orange

    you were THAT FAT Kelly ! go back and look at your old photos!

  47. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    Kelly Osbourne worked hard to get her body to where it is. She also worked hard to tackle her drug problem, both which are great things to achieve. And I know she is only getting back at Christina for apparently saying something nasty to her about her weight.
    However… she is not a 2. MAYBE a 4, MAYBE.
    I’m short and with a small frame and I am a 2. That girl is simply not a 2 and possibly not a 4. I think it’s safe to say she is more a 6 or and 8.
    She looks great, but not a 2/4.

  48. Christina Aguilera Butt Tights Fat Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    she just got the latin booty, big fucking deal, go to Ecuador, everybody has the same ass.

  49. I think Christina was probably busted for trying to leave the pumpkin patch with an extra pumpkin in the back of her jeans…wait…really?…ohhhh, never mind.

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