Chris Brown looks remorseful

March 1st, 2009 // 97 Comments

Here’s Chris Brown in Miami yesterday where he’s currently patching things up with Rihanna who TMZ reports is being shadowed by one of Jay-Z’s bodyguard. That said, clearly, here’s a young man who’s learned to humble himself – by at least not taking out the speedboat made of diamonds. Now’s not the time.

But tomorrow….

Photos: Mavrix

  1. kemp


  2. I love these things! Go Chris!

  3. Darth

    Boo! Boo!

  4. Darth

    #3 Hmm. . . *Fingers are nervously drumming on the mousepad*

  5. Nice G-shock, you can use ‘em as knuckle dusters, you now.

  6. Lowlands

    #4 Ha! You know it yourself,don’t you? *nervous pulling on the mousecord*

  7. amanda


  8. Somebody

    “…yeah, he’s no flight risk (rolls eyes).”
    Is this how Attorney Mark Geragos does image damage control? no wonder why he keeps losing.

  9. It's Me Fuckers

    Rihanna by getting back together with this fucktard has lost the respect of 99% of the people who stood by her when she got the shit kicked out of her. I’m not saying she deserves for it to happen again but if she thinks the people are going to feel bad for her when it happens again, she is going to have a surprise. I think Chris Brown fucked up his career by kicking the shit out of his gf. Rihanna has now fucked up HER career by going back to this cunt.

  10. Somebody

    “…yeah, he’s no flight risk (rolls eyes).”
    Is this how Attorney Mark Geragos does image damage control? no wonder why he keeps losing.

  11. Balack Oboombox, the socialist pig piece of shit


  12. Sauron

    Don’t laugh to hard,you’re in my eye.My other eye is 700 ligh-years from here.

  13. Sauron

    Is he peeing from his butt?

  14. 1sser

    Chris, do you want to leave Rihanana and marry with the model you met on ” C e l e b M i n g l e. C 0 M “? Well, I just want to say you are a dude!!

  15. Mike

    At least he didn’t give the obligatory ‘Give Kanye West a break’ speech, but we all know its coming.

  16. Ted from L

    She should hire Kevin Costner to protect her like Whitney Houston did in that really shitty movie.

  17. mads is a L7

    who cares, shut up already

  18. tahnee

    anything that happens to rihanna after this is her own fault, first time you’re a victim, second time you’re just an idiot

  19. tahnee

    anything that happens to rihanna after this is her own fault, first time you’re a victim, second time you’re just an idiot

  20. mikeock

    Ghetto assclown. I can’t want for rap to die out so all these no talent jag-offs have to get jobs at Wal-Mart.

  21. me

    It’s always funny seeing monkeys on things that humans invented.. LOL!

  22. Jessss

    Well, now she can get beat for-e-e-ever, for-e-e-ever, for-e-e-ever…

  23. Jose Pistola

    They’re so mature about all this. Give him a break already. Sheeet, my cousin killed my other cousin and after she said she was sorry for doing it, we went to Cuck E. Cheese and played skeeball. It was teeeight, but we didn’t get too many tickets.

  24. Fucking appalling.

  25. Lowlands

    Soon i’ll take you out babe! To a great musical,probably in London!

  26. ugugugug

    I find him good.

  27. fabu

    He is busy with his online dating thing, His profile was seen at the millionaire & celebrity dating club ____MillionaireLoving. C O M____ yesterday.

  28. dfunk

    I will kick Chris Brown’s ass. That dude’s gay and he doesn’t even like boys.

  29. Dirk Diggler

    Its all a business decision. Just like Katie Homes marrying Tom Cruise, David Gist and Liza Minelli, etc etc.

    The only way Chris Brown does not come out of this looking like a complete ass clown is for the chick to take him back, forgive him and put a spin on it that love conquers all the they will work it out. She will start getting a piece of his pie in return for her keeping his career in tact. Once it all blows over and everyone has moved on so will she. Its one big soap opera that 99% of the people are too dumb to see.

  30. L Ron Hubbard

    He looks like a chimp with a sock on its head

  31. Darth

    #25 First row,dinnertable and full service?

  32. Krakow

    If that stupid kunt gets back with him. she deserves to be beaten again!

  33. Ali

    gotta take all that rage out on something… may as well be the jetskit this time….

  34. Ali

    gotta take all that rage out on something… may as well be the jetski this time….

  35. Darth

    #31 ?? Yes,you’re ofcourse staying home.Keeping an eye on the electronics.Good luck with your potatoes and gravy!:)

  36. Oh man, Dirk! I hate 99% of people too! Shall we hug?

  37. Darth

    #35 You know me very well Darth.It shows!:)

  38. Lowlands

    #31,35+37 No words needed this time:) Are you finally learning?

  39. damn...

    Black women are so fucking weak. Never learning their lesson and going back to a guy who treats them like garbage and act like big babies instead of men. I mean it would be one thing if he were her husband- marriages are worth working out and women owe their husbands respect and support, but women don’t owe their *boyfriends* squat. A boyfriend is just a boyfriend, he isn’t owed anything. If black women had any self respect they wouldn’t keep letting violent, unfaithful and/or unemployed losers sleep with them. It just gives them the message it’s ok to be this way, and it’s even more irresponsible and selfish if they bring kids into the relationship. You don’t see this happen as much to Asian and white women because they usually marry winners who are strong, reliable and act like men instead of giant babies or animals. Black women should take a hint from them, or be more like Michelle Obama instead of this dumb ccunt. More men, less thugs. More husbands, less baby daddys. Maybe that way their kids will have fathers that teach them to be civilized so they don’t grow up to be parasites.

    Besides, Rihanna apparently didn’t have any domestic abuse in her family so this makes this all the more puzzling.

  40. Balack Oboombox

    Of course that makes Bill Murray a negger too because he hit his wife for years. And now Brian Austin Green is a negger because he hits Megan Fox and she won’t leave him. I can’t keep track of all the neggers.

  41. WG king of trolls

    Is that all there is here on the ‘Fish anymore is just motherfucking TROLLS?

    Seriously, Darth/Lowlands, this is really getting old. Stop posting your random, nonsensical, gibberish BULLSHIT. It makes no sense, is not relevant, is not remotely funny, and wastes everyones time. It’s like some autistic retard gained access to a computer and is just posting psychotic non sequiturs. Trust me when I say this stuff is only witty/relevant IN YOUR OWN MIND.

    DIAF you waste of space. thx.

  42. Sauron

    I’ll punch that troll Lowlands later in his face.

  43. Better idea:

    Sauron, Lowlands, Darth:

    Please exchange email addys, or try IM-ing each other. Communicate in your primitive chimp-speak all day long. Please do not subject the rest of us innocents to your torturous jibber-jabber.

    Try it. It’s much better than using a celeb-bashing site to communicate with each other about the eventual return of the mothership.

  44. renalove

    he is my hero,and certainly the best player of all time
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  45. Sauron

    #43 We tried,but the postmaster is returning our mails all the time.Isn’t this a post from yesterday anyway?

  46. Lowlands

    Allright,i’m going to try to squeeze another comment of this post out of me.Why is Chris Brown connected with a lease to the waterjet? Because that’s how he can get used to prison life! *loud laughter*

  47. cthula


  48. laurente

    stop with the nigger and black etc ( I am white, by the way)
    Nicole Brown Simpson was white
    there are lots of white women who are beaten by white men
    stop with the racial slurs
    who cares how he looks

    and yes Rihanna is an idiot- for taking him back


  49. The Man

    Wow, she must be Republican. Only someone that stupid could get bitch-slapped & return for more. Like people who voted for McCain.

  50. Sauron

    If he made it up with Rihanna.Why isn’t Rihanna sitting on the back? I’ve my doubts if they really made it up or not.Maybe it’s the work of their managers.

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