And Now Chris Pratt Remembering Every Word From Eminem’s Verse In ‘Forgot About Dre’

While I did stupid shit like go to college, Chris Pratt spent the early 2000s living in a van in Maui where he smoked weed all day and listened to Eminem. And if you think I’m being sarcastic, I sit in a basement writing about famous tits while Chris Pratt’s basically Space Robert Downey Jr. now thanks to Guardians of The Galaxy making a trillion dollars opening weekend. SAY YES TO DRUGS. STAY OUT OF SCHOOL. So here he is on the The Whoolywood Shuffle making millions of Internet vaginas sploosh by rapping the entire verse to “Forgot About Dre” which I can’t do either, goddamn college diploma. He also talks shit on Orlando Bloom who has it coming for failing to connect with Justin Bieber’s face. And talking seriously for a minute, the state should probably take away his son. The boy deserves a real father.

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