And Now For The Time Chris Pratt Showed Amy Poehler His Penis

July 31st, 2014 // 13 Comments
Amy Poehler Chris Pratt
WATCH: Chris Pratt Flashed Amy Poehler On 'Parks & Rec'

Jimmy Fallon has completely turned me off to NBC late night talk shows because instead of actually engaging his guests in interesting conversations, he just makes them do a bunch of stupid viral bullshit so millennials will Tumblr/reddit/Tindrgrind it the next morning. (Por ejemplo.) Which is how I completely missed this Chris Pratt clip from Late Night With Seth Meyers until just now even though it efficiently mops the floor with the James Franco post I put up early today. So forget that even happened and enjoy this tale of penises flying in defiance of corporate brass, and the poor Amy Poehlers who have to react to them.

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  1. Right. Because there’s nothing I miss more than those engaging interviews with Jay Leno.

  2. Fuck NBC. They don’t have much of anything on their schedule that’s worth watching anyway. They apparently don’t know what they’re doing. They should let Pratt run the network. Maybe they wouldn’t suck so badly.

  3. NBC lost the last good thing they had when they let Conan O’Brien go.

  4. I showed Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones my dick once and all I got was a sexual harassment suit.

    • Adía

      That’s exactly what was going to happen to Chris Pratt it sounds like when he said he can’t joke about it

  5. ugh

    Don’t shave your eyebrows.

  6. This was hilarious

  7. cc

    ‘he just makes them do a bunch of stupid viral bullshit’

    Fallon and his guests seem to always be trying waaaaay too hard to laugh.

  8. Slash

    Just a note, fellas: One of the few times in which surprise penis is OK (ignore the NBC powers that be, that shit was hilarious).

  9. Suck It Trebek

    What I want to know who bitched to the brass about it? Is Amy that kind of person?

  10. glad you said that Superficial! I thought maybe I was out of touch by turning off Late Night Talk as soon as that idiot clown took over the Tonight Show. No depth at all. Why not just stand on their heads and spit quarters?

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