It’s Thor Holding His Baby

“Stars of Asgard, this precious child is like a delicately wrapped sandwich filled with various meats and cheeses and perhaps even adorned with peppercorn.. Wench, I grow hungry!”

By voluminous request, here’s The Avengers/Thor star Chris Hemsworth holding his newborn daughter India Rose in London yesterday because if you didn’t know already, handsome dudes holding babies are to women what a pair of breasts is to men. Granted, I don’t fully understand the genetic undertones of why it works that way, I am willing to bet it has something to do with babies being easy to carve into a new pair of shoes because they’re so tiny. Then again, that’s applying way too much logic, so they probably just like things that cry at the drop of the hat, too. Which is also pretty logical, goddammit.

Photos: Fame/Flynet