Chris Brown Is Just Like Trayvon Martin And Other Bullshit He Actually Said Out Loud

Chris Brown is the cover interview for the October issue of Jet where he whines and bitches about nobody bringing up the fact that Jay Z stabbed a guy while equating himself with Tupac, Michael Jackson and B.I.G. Fortunately, he’s figured out the answer to that, and it’s racism because his life is just like Trayvon Martin’s minus one crucial factor that I’m sure George Zimmerman would love to fix. Chris should give him a call sometime. Anyway, here are the highlights via HuffPost:

On why Jay Z gets a pass for stabbing a guy in 1999, but Chris doesn’t for beating the living shit out of a woman and leaving her for her dead on the side of a road:

“Anybody with a voice – Tupac, Michael Jackson, the Notorious B.I.G. – gets formatted … except maybe for Jay Z, who is accepted by White America because he shakes hands and kisses babies. No disrespect, because I’m a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass.”

On how he can’t take no more lashes from the master, and yes, he uses those words:

“I got to the point where it’s only so much you can take from the master, you feel me?” he told Jet. “I’ve taken my fair share of lashings. I’ve dealt with the media. Instead of being an artist, I’ve been called a woman beater; I’ve been insulted in public and judged. And being able to not want to kill yourself at the end of the day is what made me say, ‘F**k it.'”

And now to drop the T-bomb:

“I identify with Trayvon 100 percent as far as living in 2013 and still dealing with blatant racism,” he told the magazine. “This generation is so used to racism that it’s normal; we don’t care. We aren’t on drugs or catching AIDS, but they still look at us as ni**as.”

As you’ve noticed, my “white liberal guilt” often has me pointing out racism where some would prefer to see a celebration of our constitutional right to gun down black teenagers anytime, anywhere because Chicago. Which is why I don’t say the following lightly: Chris Brown needs to shut the fuck up about racism. For starters, he beat Rihanna to a goddamn pulp and barely got a slap on the wrist from the “system” because he’s a rich celebrity. On top of that, he couldn’t even complete his bullshit community service and got caught forging court documents, and for that he got… another slap on the wrist. If any other 24-year-old black man in America did the same thing, he’d wouldn’t see the outside of a prison until he was 50. But let’s listen to Chris Brown talk about real racism because sometimes people go, “Hey, remember when you hit Rihanna?” and his tears stain the upholstery in his Lamborghini. Which I’m sure is exactly how slaves picking cotton would describe getting lashed by their master. “Like a luxury vehicle caressing my back with fine leather seats while I decide what decadent meal to eat for supper. Mmm hmm, yessir.” (I never saw Roots, but I’ll assume that’s close.)

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