Chris Brown & Rihanna Are F*cking

October 3rd, 2012 // 54 Comments
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Rumors have been circulating that Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted making out at a club, and possibly banging in the bathroom, earlier in the week, and now here’s pics of him trying to slip out of her hotel last night while she’s walking around panstless around the same time. Then again, he could’ve just punched her so hard she flew out of them like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, so let’s play it safe and assume that’s how he thanked her for the fuckin’. I don’t want to jump to conclusions.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Fame/Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. Zombie Ike Turner

    Evidently she likes getting fisted.

  2. stratacat

    eventually, he’ll just kill her. statistics don’t lie. the interwebs says so.

  3. Chris Brown Sneaking Out Of Rihanna's Hotel
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    Itchy, huh?

  4. Confusus

    At what point do you stop feeling sorry for a girl like Ri-ri?

    Oh right–the first time she called, texted, or blew Chris Brown after he beat the shit out of her.

  5. i see dead people

    She’ll have his kid and it will be the ‘anti-christ’

  6. IAmAGuest

    Big dick > big fist. Every time.

  7. Inmate 12236969

    Its obvious Chris knows how to lay his pipe on her. You see it all the time some dumb bitch being abused by some guy; people ask, “Why does she with him”? Because she likes his dick— it’s that simple.

  8. It was preordained by the gods. Insecure, ghetto bitch probably with daddy issues(Abusive?) goes back to what she considers “normal” Bad Boy image loser who likes beating up women, giving him a sense of power/control, whereas in reality highly sexually impotent unless physically abusive. Hides this by being highly homophobic, angry if called “Little Bitch” by men especially Afro-american?

    • Anon...

      Why is everyone that is black called ghetto on this website. Ghetto, hoodrats etc…Just because she got beaten up doesn’t make her a ghetto statistic with horrendous daddy issues. What about those white women that get beat up by their A-list or Country star boyfriends..are they ghetto, hoodrats with daddy issues too? Are white people always going to be this racist and ignorant?

      • Gigity

        Spare me your knee-jerk, liberal reaction. These two are ghetto, not because they are black, but because they look and act that way. Get a clue.

  9. So we have here a very attractive woman who goes back with an incredibly ugly and immature “rapper” who has already knocked her senseless…oh wait! There’s my answer…

    • so what

      I’d agree if ‘very attractive woman’ was replaced with trashy, cheap-looking unclassy woman. Otherwise, the attractive bar has really gone low.

      • Opinions are subjective. Looking at her from my point of view, I see brown sugar. You see her differently. You’re welcome to your opinion. For that matter, you’re also welcome to mine, but I doubt that’s going to work for you.

  10. Cock Dr

    Yeah, they’re fucking, we figured that out.
    I’m sure that relationship will bring them both a lifetime of herpes and happiness.

  11. El Jefe

    Rihanna continues being Rihanna the Retard. I imagine another stupid tattoo will be on the way soon.

  12. Rihanna Legs Snakeskin Boots
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    Myth Busters should test your claim about whether it is possible to punch someone out of their pants. They disproved that you cannot, indeed, knock your socks off. But Pants…. this needs validation.

  13. tlmck

    Put her on the death watch list.

  14. YoMamma

    I never thought I’d say this but… that bitch deserves every fucking punch he lands on her ugly face.

  15. Alexggb

    Simple… She’s retarded.

  16. richie

    dumbest brawd EVER!!!!

  17. edod

    I know its hypocrisy for me to say this but she is trying to get attention. Don’t feed on it. Make it uninteresting. everytime you see a story on rhianna and chris. don’t click on it. she doesnt deserve attention, not this way. disgusting.

  18. Since Rihanna hasn’t had a hit (musically or physically) lately it makes sense that this would be her way to get attention.

  19. EricLr

    Okay, sweetie, you get one moment of sympathy out of me for a beating. But the second you go back to him, expect no more.

  20. Savalas

    I won’t believe it until I see her with a black eye and some missing teeth.

  21. Rihanna Legs Snakeskin Boots
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    This is very good news. Now I know to ignore anything and everything that’s she’s associated with. She get the Kim Kardashian treatment from me from now on.

    Somebody start the countdown until the day he finally kills her.

  22. spasmoid

    What do a thousand and one battered women have in common?

    They just don’t listen.

    Think about it for a minute.

  23. Chris Brown Sneaking Out Of Rihanna's Hotel
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    Is this shitball EVER not grabbing his junk? Fuck, you’d think he was scared he was gonna lose it or something. Maybe he’s got crabs?

  24. anonym

    they’re fucking?

    yeah, no one cares.
    Rihanna does nothing for my dick. not sexy at all.
    I dunno. I might get a boner and laugh if I see her beat up again though.

  25. Pat C.

    Richard Pryor had a couple of lines on that subject.
    “Why are you guys always holding your thing?”
    “You done took everything else! Nigga be checkin’ !”

  26. Bionic_Crouton

    I had a feeling about those two. May they have many kids and may their kids find Mommy’s twitter pics understanding why everyone is calling her a stupid bitch. KEEP YOUR PIMP HAND STRONG KIDS! Keep your pimp hand strong.

  27. Burt

    “…and possibly banging in the bathroom…”

    If you ignore the fact he beat the crap out of her…Really? They can’t afford a room?

  28. Rihanna Legs Snakeskin Boots
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    Look Great All time Chris

  29. TheCynic

    I don’t really gve a shit if he kills her or not, but has anyone seen a couple of porn stars that look like her, but are hotter: Lavish Styles, and Rihanna? Both have way better tits. Check em out.

  30. Bionic_Crouton

    Here is a look into her future: She will have his kids, they will beat the shit out of her, she will post the pictures on Twitter.

  31. Her next tattoo will be a punching bag on the back of her skull.

  32. Chris Brown Sneaking Out Of Rihanna's Hotel
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    20 seconds before this picture was taken:
    *knock on Rihanna’s door*
    “Who is it?”
    “Flowers for who?”
    “…plumber man.”
    “I don’t need a plumber, you’re that clever Chris Brown aren’t you?”
    “Candygram, my foot. You get out of here before I call the police. You’re Chris Brown and you know it. ”
    “Wait, I-… it’s Rob Kardashian.”
    “Rob? Well OK.”
    *opens door*
    *jab-jab, left hook, right hook, right hook, down she goes*

  33. nowon_yuno

    Beat dogs always come back.

  34. lilgrandma

    she a ass she likes the 15 mins of fuck and get fuck!!!

  35. Herman Bumfudle

    if its true then its pitiful, if not just plain retarded. and i could never respect anyone who loves misery more than their own life.

  36. Chris Brown Sneaking Out Of Rihanna's Hotel
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  37. Cpm

    You mean Chris Brown and Rihanna are F*cking Stupid.

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