Chris Brown Leaked His Nude Photos

Nude photos of Chris Brown briefly appeared on over the weekend and reportedly show his blonde hair that he dyed just last week. The story is that they were meant for an “ex-girlfriend” yet conveniently found their way online right just in time for his new album which has many critics skeptical that this wasn’t a publicity stunt. And if it is, I can only assume it’s to get people to shut up about the new police photos from the night he beat the shit out of Rihanna and got a boo-boo on his wip. Except as much shit as I give Chris Brown for being an abusive spoiled brat who should’ve gone to jail, I can’t really blame him on this one because who doesn’t whip their penis out to get out of a jam? Nobody likes a hypocrite. On that note, if you see me arguing a late fee at Blockbuster, get your kids out.

Photos: Splash News

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