Chris Brown Leaked His Nude Photos

March 7th, 2011 // 49 Comments

Nude photos of Chris Brown briefly appeared on over the weekend and reportedly show his blonde hair that he dyed just last week. The story is that they were meant for an “ex-girlfriend” yet conveniently found their way online right just in time for his new album which has many critics skeptical that this wasn’t a publicity stunt. And if it is, I can only assume it’s to get people to shut up about the new police photos from the night he beat the shit out of Rihanna and got a boo-boo on his wip. Except as much shit as I give Chris Brown for being an abusive spoiled brat who should’ve gone to jail, I can’t really blame him on this one because who doesn’t whip their penis out to get out of a jam? Nobody likes a hypocrite. On that note, if you see me arguing a late fee at Blockbuster, get your kids out.

Photos: Splash News


  1. DogBoy

    he’s a douche.

  2. Cue complaining about Chris Brown posts.

  3. Cock Dr

    I don’t think the photo is real.
    Because this douche probably has a mini Tootsie Roll for a whang, not a big yellow sausage.

  4. revengeoftheblackpenis

    Do the curtains match the drapes?

  5. Fish, you still use Blockbuster? How last millennium lol :)

  6. strit

    ugh, i want to punch him in the hair

  7. Vivian

    And the nude pics are where??

  8. RoboZombie

    OJ approves.

  9. rican

    P-Diddy’s ex girlfriend impersonating Chris Brown

  10. Not Ghey

    Nothing ghey about a guy taking naked pictures of himself. Not ghey at all.

  11. JC

    Jesus and Satan both agreed that he should do this.

  12. Silvio Burlisconni

    In the recorded history of naked celebrity pictures has there ever been a single instance of them NOT making it onto the Internet?

  13. “Hey, look at my cock! Didja know I’ve got a new album coming out?”

    Is that the thought process here? Call me old fashioned, but I prefer that my artists make it on their vocal and lyrical talents rather than exposing themselves. I tend not to look at nude celebrities and say, “Jeez, check out the pork-steeple/ham-wallet on that one. I wonder if they can sing, too?”

    Credit to: Bloodhound Gang – Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

  14. Did he bleach his whole body? He’s a nose job and a molestation settlement away from being Michael Jackson.

  15. IttyBittyTittyCommittee

    “get your kids out”
    I totally visualized you whipping it out. Thanx for that by the way.
    Hilarious Fish!!!

  16. testington

    his penis was weirdly long and skinny

  17. c

    he’s packin. but he’s a fucking douche, and there is no penis in the world that can make up for that amount of pure asshole.

    pic: (obviously NSFW)

  18. Now “Urban Dictionary” needs a entry for “Chris Brown Trouser Pencil”.

  19. puddleduck

    He looks like a fucking idiot with that blonde bleach job.

  20. Patirck

    I’m white and my dick is still bigger.

    • ronda29

      @ Patrick wake up now it was only a dream… now look at your D…..and you will see you belong to the itty bitty penis commitee……the only way your D … is bigger than a black man is because your priest has been slobbing it since you were five and may still be on it……why do you think they call black men Mandingos…because they swing low…..

  21. Oda Mae Brown

    But more to the point…. why does he shave is pubic hair?

    That would have been a better picture if it was left naturally bushy,

  22. EnvyEyes

    Oh ew gross glad im not a girl because that penis looks like a disease.

  23. Chris Brown Nude Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    I did not see his naked photos but i can say that he has a huge something beneath there because of the outline on his short. lol

  24. Bobby Ewing

    Its him (Chris Brown) – just like the ones he did with Rihanna –

  25. Name required, indeed!

    I always thought Chris Brown reminded me of this guy from The Phantom Menace. Not that CB looks exactly like the dude that douche just *reminds* me of him:


  26. Mrs Dan Humphrey

    Every time I see Chris Brown now, I get the Thong Song stuck in my head.

  27. Chris Brown Nude Photos
    Commented on this photo:

    God I wish this prick had gone to jail and got his sphincter tore up by some real bad ass homies who know what to do with a punk-ass’s ass … WHY is he even worth taking a picture of?

  28. ronda29

    For all the negative about the lengh of his D…He is getting new P….. every time he uses it because most men will never touch where he reaches…unexplored territory…GO CHRIS GO!

  29. Mario Figueroa

    I have to admit, his dick does look longer than average. But then you notice how skinnhy and thin it is! It’s gotta be the skinniest dick I’ve ever seen for it’s size in length! If he leaked it himself he should have at least worked it for a while to try to get it plumped up. Or then, maybe he did, and it’s still skinny?

  30. Mario Figueroa

    Or maybe it’s just me that thinks it looks awfully thin. Judge for yourself:

  31. deeznutts

    lmao yall some hatin ass people he beat tha bitch get over it! give that man his props he’s wut u wanna be he’s rich, handsome, talented and can have ANY woman he wants he went to jail for wuteva period of time did his community service and moved on to the next u haters should do the same!

  32. deez you know the rest

    It’s kinda suspect that yall men seen the pics. If its a porn there’s only one swang wang Im lookin at, and its mine. How bout you 1 Stop hating on Brown 2. Get off his nuts. (literally)Dick watchers

  33. j n

    Say watever guy but chris is still fine.He got the moves,financially stable,luks 2,vocals en he is calm cul en collected.Thuz ma opinion anyway.

  34. Deepthroat

    Id suck his dick its on soft I know it will grow

  35. Quiffey

    SUCK ME NIPS CHRIS BROWN, i want you big boy inside of me plzzzzz. ME NIPS ME NIPS ME NIPS ME NIPS ME JUICY NIPS.

  36. Dimplesxx

    I wanna see the pictures ! Buht yall need to qet off his dick ! real shidd ! Etss his real dick !

  37. boom

    Omfg I wuld suck his dick till it goes numb, its Soo long

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