Chris Brown Got a Boo-Boo on His Wip

March 1st, 2011 // 111 Comments has posted the police photo of Chris Brown‘s “injury” from the night he brutally bit and beat Rihanna and, thank God, because now we know who the real victim was. All this time I thought it was the physically smaller woman who had her face punched repeatedly into the window and left to bleed out on the sidewalk, but after looking at that scratch and puffy lips (On a black man? Unheard of.) clearly we should’ve held a candlelight vigil for Chris Brown’s recovery. He could’ve died.

Photos:, INFdaily


  1. IntelligentAsFellasGet

    Wow, this story is getting too freaking old. You must have something personal against Chris Brown. All the while, Charlie Sheen or Teflon Charlie gets a pass.

    • WallaWalla

      This guy did a bad thing, yeah, but you never said anything about this completely unrelated guy who did another bad thing! Therefore the first guy is innocent!

    • Any Guy

      your name says it all genius. Charlie Sheen beat the shit out of a woman? do tell.

      your logic escapes me. please provide some shred of evidence that Chris Brown is NOT a piece of shit, woman beating PUSSY.

      Charlie Sheen can fuck all the hookers and do coke until his heart explodes for all I care – but produce PICTURES of a female victim he beat the shit out of, and you may have a point.

      I’ll wait…..

      • sheen IS a woman beater too. but fish HAS been on that too..

      • Hurp

        Using Any Guy’s logic, Charlie Sheen holding a knife up to his ex-wifes throat and threatening to kill her (not to mention the obvious other emotional and physical abuse he’s done in the past) is perfectly fine in his book.

        My guess is your feelings on this subject are largely race driven to warrant such a seething hatred for someone, yet neglecting to realize that Sheen has done much the same in the past, arguably worse. TMZ just didn’t post pictures about it to fuel the hatemongering.

        Be less of a biased, ignorant fuck. Thanks.

    • Uhhhhh. Yes? Everything Chuck has done has been brought out by Fish. Click on the “Charlie Sheen” link and read the history. Chuck isn’t getting a hall pass and neither should Brown. His camp is responsible for leaking these photos in an attempt to downplay the Rihanna photos. The idiot needs to go underground for 18 months if he wants people to forget. Even then who knows? He is human trash and I would be happy to find out he was underground literally.

    • Mandy

      What? There is a story on Charlie Sheen like every 2 hours on this site. And how does Charlie Sheen being an ass somehow make Chris Brown innocent? He did what he did. People aren’t going to forget. He blamed “the devil” for more Rihanna pics being leaked. I wonder who he accounts this gem to – God ?

  2. Bill Clinton's zipper

    thems purty lips

    • Freaky

      Right? He looks like he could give stellar head. For his sake, I hope he stays out of the Pen. Some nazi crackhead would rape him within 2 minutes of walking through the front gate.

    • bitingontinfoil

      Looks like a simple case of anal warts, to me.

  3. the new superman

    Nah Fish is right, he’s a woman beater. Let’s never forget that. Impotent little man wouldn’t last 2 seconds in a fight with a real man.

  4. WallaWalla

    I have something personal against Chris Brown for beating the hell out of a defenseless waif of a woman. I hope that’s okay with the internet morality brigade.

    • Any Guy

      exactly. Chris Brown = woman beater = huge pussy. I’d like to see him pull that shit on someone his size and GENDER. yup, he’d probably get his ass beat. deservedly so.

  5. Bill Clinton's zipper

    them lips kinda remind me of another kind of lips …

  6. Ike Turner

    NO ONE should be throwing punches if they cant back it up, regardless of their sex.

    Hot headed black women and fat white tootsie roll trolls are notorious for swinging and being able to back it up. Obviously Ri-Ri couldnt.

    She needs to chalk it up as “Things not to do anymore” and learn how to control herself better to prevent it from ever happening again.

    This false/ unjustified anger in young black males will never go away, so as long as she continues to date them, she best check herself.

    • Any Guy

      spoken like a true neanderthal. if a chick swings at you, back off or pin her. no excuse for hitting a woman. none. you must be a fucking weakling if you need to hit a woman.

      or a shoe, right Ike?

      • Ike Turner

        @ any gay

        Judging by your comments above, not knowing Charlie has shot a woman, pulled knives on them and admittedly assaulted them, not only are you a stupendous, gentlemanly internet romeo for all the superficial “women”, youre also an ignorant emotionally reacting puss.

        Care to meet at the playground for a rumble after school tough guy?

      • juaquin ingles

        Any Guy, now you sound like a tool for the “no excuse… none” comment. It’s assholes like you who make these fucked up bitches think they have some right to take a swing at dudes.

    • WallaWalla

      This is definitely in the top 5 dumbest things on the internet today. Racism? Check. Misogyny? Check. Posted from a basement that hasn’t seen a woman since that murdered prostitute? Check. Trolling because you’re an empty shell of a human being with no productive output? Check.

      • WallaWalla

        Hey Ike Turner, put down the crack pipe and pull up a chair. Calling someone “gay” isn’t an insult. If you think it is, you’re buying into the heteronormative paradigm that’s more outdated than Strom Thurmond’s racial views.

        Also have you seen titty in the past year? I mean, in real life? I don’t think so. Perhaps it is you who is the gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • Ike Turner

        @ Balla Swallower

        No basements here at the beach, dough boy…and my wife sitting here in our office shares the same view…so Im sorry those of you at the Obama HQ (or is it the SEIU HQ?) are on a different page, but oh well. Different strokes for different stupid folks.

        Are you a public defender or do you just play one on the superficial? I know I know…silly question. There is no way you could work the drive thru and be a lawyer at the same time. Silly me.

        Toodles…Ill let you get back to swallowing balls…h0m0

      • WallaWalla

        So what you’re saying is that Chris Brown shouldn’t face consequences for beating a black woman because Obama and unions are homosexual, which makes them worthy of contempt. Are you mainlining Charlie Sheen or something?

    • Duke

      While for the most part the human race continues to evolve and create social progress, you can still find the odd backwards imbecile who would justify abuse based on the savage premise of the superiority of brute force. But fear not, partners in struggle, you can rest assured these violent cretins are a species on the brink of extinction.

  7. Queequeg

    What’s his point with the shirt??

  8. David

    Looks like the herp to me.

  9. not sure what i’m looking at here chris, but you’re a bigger fool than i thought for taking this pic, let alone posting it. i do see a spot on your lip like lindsay has, maybe that’s it?

  10. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    bitch, please

  11. dont get it

    hmmmm….i wonder who leaked this photo….

  12. Isn’t it a little late for him to be pulling the “Oh yeah? But look, she hit me too!” argument? Seriously? He’d be better off leaving it alone and trying to prove that he’s a better man now, than to turn over the ol’ manure pile to go looking for some sympathy. Bygones and sleeping dogs, and all that stuff.

    • WallaWalla

      That’s the thing, he didn’t do that when he had the chance. That Larry King interview was awful, and he faced almost no consequences from what he calls “the incident”. Bullshit.

    • Blech

      This guy’s digging his own grave. I foresee see Brown throwing a royal tantrum fit for the media because his music and “artistry” is shit and no one wants to buy his CDs. He’s a big baby. A big GAY baby.

  13. RoboZombie

    I’m not a racist!!! But…Here’s a little joke:
    What are three things a black man can never get?
    A black eye, a fat lip and a job!!!
    (Oh come on, lighten up, it’s a joke)

    • jesus i only heard that like 35 years ago on snl

      • RoboZombie

        Hey WallaWalla…you ever work in Oakland, CA for 10 years…as a white man? Try it and let me know how you like it when real racism is turned on you. I repeat some ancient ass joke and you get your pantires in a twist. Live in the real world for a while and get back to me.

    • WallaWalla

      hohoho, racism! Isn’t it funny how I reinforce negative stereotypes about other races, thus perpetuating centuries of discrimination! Lighten up, it’s a joke that in no way challenges or mocks the underlying racist assumptions upon which it is based! Humor!

      • i get jokes. i laugh at ones that make me have to think. but a joke you’ve heard over and over since the first time, is neither original nor funny. the only thinking i had to do was to remember when i first heard it, which i remembered in less than a tenth of a second. i say that in a lightened up mood, so don’t get defensive

      • Gail Girlfriend!

        WOW…I think my girl Oprah should interview you for carrying the most white guilt of any human being alive…or for being the most sensitive black guy alive.

        Which is it? Im guessing the former from the amount of emotion in your sorrow filled response. Oh the humanity!!

        Dear God where is Air America, Janeane Garofalo or Katie Couric when you need them?

    • WallaWalla

      I used to live in Harlem, actually. It was great.

      It’s not necessarily the racism that’s the most offensive thing here, though. There’s nothing funny about this joke, it’s just pointing to pre-existing stereotypes. Like, the construction of the joke itself has no absurdity or humor, it just reinforces racist ideas. Racism is bad, but bad comedy is worse.

      • WallaWalla

        Also, working in Oakland as a white man doesn’t really expose you to racism. I mean, you may have been discriminated against based on your race, but does that really compare to how black people and other minorities have been and continue to be treated by the government and society at large? Hell no. I got yelled at by 5 Percenters all the time in New York, but I didn’t really get bummed out because white males rule the world.

      • WallaWalla

        So yeah, racism isn’t really funny unless you use it to subvert stereotypes. Comedy school, attend it.

      • Gail Girlfriend!

        … continue to be treated by the government and society at large?


        They (minorities) are recipients of more than 80% of the monies available for help from the government, yet, at most, are 40% of the population (all minorities combined). They are also privy to more scholarships, pell grants and loans than whites. Ironic that they are less than half of the population yet combined, 90% of jail population…yea, theyre “WINNING” arent they?

        Thanks for sharing your completely bizarre & self loathing comments though. I now know who NOT to engage in any sort of discussion with, unless of course its about black reparations.

        I do think they should get california, oregon and washington and all move there. Then we can put a fence up, put cameras every 100 yds and watch them disintegrate from within, because they care about each other (their own race) LESS than you do, MR. WHITE GUILT. It would be a hoot…and give us plenty more material for more jokes.

      • WallaWalla

        White privilege in post form.

      • WallaWalla

        Sorry, ignorant white racist privilege in post form.

      • WallaWalla


        You like how I address the facts posted by others here, diont you?

        Im good like that.

        Its like Im a gay magician that pretends what just happened, didnt happen.

      • WallaWalla

        Wait, why are you criticizing me for not addressing facts? Facts like what, those statistics that one poster made up? You think that minorities don’t face discrimination in America, and I’m the one who has to address the facts. I mean, black males are disproportionately incarcerated, but that has to be because they’re just more criminal, right?

      • WallaWalla

        Legitimately, the gay magician insult is really funny

      • Josef Heimellerman

        wallawalla said:

        “black males are disproportionately incarcerated, but that has to be because they’re just more criminal, right?”

        DUH…yes, they are EXTREMELY more criminal. What world do you live in that you dont know this already? Do you honestly believe that the black population in jail is there for doing nothing and that they are incarcerated because they are black…and not because they committed crimes to get there? REALLY?

      • But why are they “more criminal”? Is is because of their race, or because they’re more likely to be poor and face serious social issues that white people don’t face? I’ll give you a hint: one answer makes you a racist.

  14. TSW

    You must be to tall ride the mustache ride.

  15. TSW

    You must be “this tall” to ride the mustache ride.

  16. Boston_Freek

    Funniest. Fucking. Title. Ever.

  17. The ruler isn’t to show the scale of his scratch, it’s to demonstrate that his mustache is less than 1/2″ thick, thereby legally a “douchebag ‘stache”, which is a misdemeanor in 32 states.

  18. CC

    Someone sewed footballs under that guy’s nose. Gross!

  19. kc

    Didn’t he get the scratch from biting her?

    • Jennyjenjen

      That’s what I figured, either it’s from biting her or it’s defense wounds on the part of Rihanna.

  20. Coke Booger

    Looks like a piece of fried chicken to me. =D

  21. adolf hitler

    if chris brown didnt act like such a desperate bitch after the incident, i think people wouldnt be so hard on him, despite the woman beating. the little fuck is a such a douche. he is not likable.

  22. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    Fish man, your remarks lately have been pretty close on the racist border. I usually ride with you, but I’m not a fan of all the racial remarks.

  23. Dodo Uptown

    Sure, yall can go after Chris Brown cause yall hate to see a fenomally talent individual like him get famous when yall can’t get yall own. Jelous haters when its a brother geting his woman in line and Rhiannas a lesbian anyway LOL! Chris Brown haters dont make sense cutting on a man with so much to offer the world when yall cant even get yall own. Jelous and weak yall.

    • TSW

      You spelled, “I’m a moron” wrong.

    • Coke Booger

      I like how you insert the term “brother” for somethin’ else. Clever, clever!!

    • Kelsey

      DoDo Uptown,

      Let me get this straight: Chris Brown is a “fenomal” talent? Assuming you mean phenomenally(in what fucking world?). People who have the audacity to call a fucking moron a fucking moron are haters, correct? “Jelous” are they? I doubt it jackass! Calling this idiot your brother or a brother(whatever the fuck you meant) is enough reason for me to point out your idiocy and take a great deal of pleasure doing it. He has so much to offer the world? Really???!!! Like what? His mediocre voice and bullshit dancing? We totally don’t have enough over paid clowns to entertain us!!! “Getting his woman in line”?? Spoken the douchebag we all know you are. Fuck off Retard!

    • Banquo

      Even if your logic was even remotely correct and you were sticking up for him “cause you all ghetto”

      A. He let that bitch thow 5 back at him then pussed out crying to the po po ’bout how his womans done beat up on him? (Punk ass bitch! Snitchin and cryin?!)
      B. He let that bitch talk to the po-po in the first place? That bitch don feared him enough so that she don’t go snitchin (prolly cause she knew she could drop his ass and send him cryin!)
      C. Yo yo! That bitch pulls down MO MONEY than yo boy? Wassup with dat? Why he gots to be all hittin on the bitch who’s brining the Benjamins? (Yo boy’s talent be WEAK ASS #2 to a bitch)

      Wow,.. I think I’m actually dumber now for having written that way.
      I hope she reads your post,..finds you,.. and does to you what you do to the english language every day.

  24. WallaWalla


    am I doing this right?

  25. Get lost, troll. We’re trying to have a serious discussion about peeing in people’s butts, here.

  26. WallaWalla

    Im crying so hard right now because I hate the white race. Our ancestors bought slave children from their parents who sold them like merchandise…like an apple or orange, nothing more.

    Im so sad that we contributed to slavery for about 500 yrs then realized it was inhumane, unlike almost ALL the rest of the world that has been doing it for thousands of years and is STILL doing it.

    I have no balls to go anywhere in the world to do anything about it so I sit on a hollywood gossip site and bitch about it to make me feel better as a person. Why do anything else when I can selfishly sit here and give myself a false sense of self importance?

    But its just not fair people. I have no rebuttals to anything other than freshman soliloquies, lib website talking points and heartfelt emotional responses that I have come up with based on my own views…and somewhere, someone black (or gay) is suffering because of something Ive done in my life. I feel so bad.

    Aside from having unprotected, gay pity sex with them or giving them $5 for some cheap wine (thats what they all drink right?), I dont know what else to do…

    Help me people. Help me show how bad white people are. I know its hard, considering that there isnt a SINGLE civilized country that exists that wasnt settled by WASPs/Europeans…but hey, I can dream cant I?

    • WallaWalla

      Pretending to be someone else on the internet is fun, especially when that person is racist. Civilizations other than Europe? Pshaw

    • WallaWalla

      My self of self-importance is based on the fact that I’m not a racist. Makes me feel pretty good. Also I know about the existence of China, which you apparently have forgotten. But you’ve stolen my username, so HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW

      • WallaWalla

        Also, some corrections: racists think black people drink malt liquor, not wine. Step up your racism game, son. Having gay sex isn’t really my bag, but it doesn’t make you less of a person if you’re into that. And finally, there’s a button on your keyboard beside the “Return” or “Enter” key, it has a little dot on it. It’s called the apostrophe. Ask your parents about it.

      • WallaWalla

        And unprotected sex with strangers is just stupid. What do you think I am, a Palin?

    • molly


  27. testington

    Are all the commenters retarded today?

    The reason this is a story is because they were official police photos that were just leaked online now. Fish didn’t just randomly decide to bring this story back up.

    Also who is saying nobody is reporting on Charlie Sheen? There is a story about him every fucking day. When pulled a knife on Brooke fish reported it, and when she changed her story and when charges got droppd…wtf do you want?

  28. Kelsey

    Ummm yeah. Fish how dare you have something personal against Chris Brown!! I mean he never did anything to anybody. He wouldn’t hurt a fly…..

    but he would beat the shit out of a woman he is dating. Where he conjured up enough nerve to even mention a scratch on his lip is beyond me. I’d say put his ass on blast whenever you get the chance! In fact, I’d encourage you to make up some shit from time to time. Maybe you’ll upset him just enough to have a bad morning, get bitchy with the wrong somebody, and get his ass KICKED like he so well deserves.

    In other news: FUCK CHRIS BROWN

  29. Ray's Sister

    What’s the evolutionary advantage of huge ass lips?

    • Jovy

      Evolutionarily, larger lips gave Africans a better advantage over those with thinner lips. Therefore the trait spread throughout the populations. “Larger lips offer several advantages in heat. They are a larger “cooling” surface of the mouth, they help cool the air as it passes the moist lips and enters the lungs which keeps the body cooler”

      Your “huge ass lips” comment shows that youre either a troll, bitter, or both. Either way I think you should know that all humans on this earth today are the descendants of Africans. The theory that life started in Africa is highly supported. So unless your uneducated, feeble mind can come up with an even better hypothesis I suggest you take a fucking biology class or open up a fucking book once in a while.

      Good day :).

  30. eeo

    For fucks sake fish. If she didn’t want to get hit she shouldn’t have thrown the first blow. I have 0 sympathy for either one. Its never ok to use violence.

    • Jovy

      Agreed. Why is it okay for women to hit men? I’m a girl and you can bet your sweet ass that if I ever hit a man I wouldn’t hate him for hitting me back, I would deserve it at that point.

      • Blech

        When a guy hits either of you, and I happen to witness your beat-down, I will be sure to turn the other way because I’ll just assume you deserve it.

        OK? That work?

        Fucking idiots.

    • It’s not okay for anyone to hit anyone, and two wrongs don’t make a right. In no way does anything Rihanna did excuse what Chris Brown did to her. If you think it does, you’re a despicable human being who hasn’t evolved any thought beyond a 12-year-old’s views on morality. Just a tip.

  31. Actually, that’s his mustache. Honest mistake.

  32. m

    Why’d you punch Jay Jay???? I like Good Times!!!!

  33. molly

    Fish we get it, he’s scum and a self-important brat. he’s immature. WE GET IT. stop posting about this idiot, he’s not important.

  34. Spooky

    I can’t believe you are posting pictures from this incident and posting linking that trash of a site Media Take Out. As far as I am concern anybody who profits from the posting of these pictures are just as tacky and abusive as the man that beat the crap out of Rihanna. Because you are getting advertisement money off of someone else’s misery. It exploits Rihanna and women who have been put in this position. I swear gossip sites are just 95% trash.

    • Banquo

      Yeah but the other 5% is boobies! So,…I think we’re just going to stay right here.
      Olivia Munn *droooool*

  35. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s one fat pair of lips!

  36. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    thats right jagger the tape dont lie… owned

  37. Devil's Advocate

    I think it’s funny that in the US the thought that if something is racist that it can’t possibly be true is so common.

    As to the “lips jokes”

    While someone may be considered un-PC if they make a racist statement it doesn’t automatically mean they’re wrong. (Black people have giant lips) sorry,..statistically they do have larger lips than any other racial profile, it’s a fact no matter how racist it is. A black person (especially an asshat like this) professing injury and one not being easily identified because of “black people having big lips” and furthermore him holding a ruler up to them is absolutely 100% w/out a doubt humorous. to say that humor has to “defuse the racism” is a made up off the cuff BS “love me I’m so PC!” pile of gopher shite.

    As to the whole issue of racism brough up (and similarly in the racist yes, untrue no vein)
    If you’re walking down the street and it’s late at night and there’s a black guy walking towards you, suddenly being on guard is racist, but it’s also a statistically backed reaction that’s 100% logical.

    There’s this grand theory that cops hassle black guys *just* for being black and it’s not true. Sure it’s a convienient crutch/excuse to blame someone else for the fact they’ve ruined their lives. The fact is that the police hassle blacks more than whites because ANY TIME there is a crime of any significant nature (ie one where it may come to life and death) the black suspect is going to be much more likely to have comitted the crime. But if you THINK ABOUT IT, and someone saying “You’re a racist doesn’t keep you from looking at the truth. If you’re in a high crime area, (ie more crimes, more police calls etc..) and you add to that the “culture of same” you see in black culture (everyone wear a black hoodie, one white shoe, and one pants leg up) When the 200 calls a day go out “Be on the lookout for a black male in a black hoodie” you’ve got about 300 people to choose from, so yeah there’s going to be a lot of “whoops wrong guy” issues. And as far as just “black vs. white with cops” If you’re life is on the line daily, and you know one guy in the room is hiding a gun and going to shoot you, and have a choice between the black guy and the white guy, your odds of survival are much better if you take the black guy down first.
    Sounds racist right?
    Statistically BLACK PEOPLE have the EXACT same reaction when asked about who they fear, who they think has a more criminal tendancy, they also pick the black guy. So if it’s if everyone agrees on a racist statement does that make it less true?

    Why is this? Why are blacks more likely to kill/rob/rape/beat you? It all goes back to education and culture. Blacks get 2nd hand education and (largely in the US) have a culture that shuns education.

    I think that all *people* are equal, but the black “community/culture” etc.. in the US embraces ignorance, embraces criminal behavior, and actively reinforces the stereotypes. THAT culture is pandemic.
    If you take two kids one white and one black and you give them both the same education they will be similar in ability, but when you release them into the peer groups and the social constructs of their lives they will diverge based on those interactions (for the most part) There are some parents who have better bonds with their kids and make a difference, and some kids who are just too smart to be taken in by any path other than their own, but those are exeptions that prove the rule.

    I think a lot of the “racists” in the US aren’t white power nuts, they’re just people who see this self destructive culture and assign all the negative aspects of the culture to the people as a whole. In MANY cases it’s the ONLY side of black life white people see (the media doesn’t help this at ALL)

    But that culture has also created the “Racist Gun” where people in the US won’t dare do a study, make a comment, step in when needed, dare to speak out against obvious wrongs etc.. because one charge of “racist” (no matter how true or false) can ruin you in this world. So it’s almost impossible to quell the monster at this point. The only real change will come when people in the black community realize that the only people served by the culture of ignorance are the people who seek to capitalize on them. Of course there’s danger in simply being against “anyone not black” as opposed to the correct white/black/hispanic/asian/etc… people who maintain the current imbalnaces that propetuate black culture. (not sure what the correct term for the prevelant culture is, I would say “Hip hop culture” but I don’t know if that’s broad enough or precise enough to encompass all the negative culture aspects)

    Anywho Racist isn’t synonym for False, the joke was funny, Chris Brown is an Asshat, black people get your shit together.

    • Nobody gives a shit, you racist.

    • Also, that’s a whole ton of words to say “I have never met a black person and don’t know anything about the complexities of modern racial politics”. You could’ve just posted “a bloo bloo bloo I’m a racist idiot” and we would have got the picture.

      • WallaWalla

        Still carrying all that white guilt huh?

        What a waste of hot air you are. Ill bet your “partner” tells you to STFU quite often, doesnt he?

        Youd think if you had any REAL care about the race issue, youd be somewhere else besides the superficial spouting about it. But alas, you dont and work strictly off of your emotions and cant handle getting your ass handed to you in a real discussion with facts, REAL statistics and truths.

        You are just a white guilt riddled troll…

    • Crazy Carpenter

      Some valid points intermingled with some gobbledygook.

      Even if the police did have a reason to accuse/arrest black people more, they could go about it in a much better, less heavyhanded way.
      I agree with whoever said you must not have met many black people in your life.

      The only true thing you said was about education and social peer groups being a huge problem. Hip-hop culture is almost entirely a culture of negatives and stereotypes and that’s pretty much the only way the media displays black people unless it’s black history month.

      If you have a car accident and there are a dozen intelligent black people that could be interviewed the media always run right for the poorest, dumbest, worst looking and sounding black person available to get the story.

  38. yomama

    Who cares. Story is old. Plus I hate both their music, but you guys keep forgetting rihanna hit him too. Yeah he was wrong to have hit her, but she’s JUST as wrong for hitting him as well. We don’t know if maybe she just bruises easily and it wasn’t as bad as it looked, or maybe it wasn’t all just from chris. Basically we DONT KNOW SHIT about what happened. Only they know. He shouldn’t have laid a hand on her, and she shouldn’t have laid a finger on him either, if you women want equality, then don’t just claim it when its convenient for you. SHE should have done the anger management class too instead of playing the victim.

    • Blech

      yomama is the kinda person that almost makes me weep for humanity. Almost.

    • Blech

      Did it ever occur to you that maybe she was defending herself? Probably not because you lack a brain and probably get whipped every so often by your man, who’s likely cheating on you with at least two other women, and you excuse all of that behavior and blame yourself for it… because you, in all actuality, drumroll, are the self-victimized idiot here.

      You know what the problem is? Women don’t defend themselves hard enough. Many don’t learn HOW to either.

      From here on, I hope Rihanna defends herself in such a way that the next guy who hits her loses a testicle. I wish the same for any other woman or REAL victim (male or female) of violence– that they cause their bullies to lose a testicle or nipple. Really, this is the only way for this stuff to go away, not sitting back and talking about it at Anger Management class.

  39. saywhat?!

    What selfrespecting black man would wear a hoody that says ape on it? Oh…….

  40. BB

    Dude… who gives a shit? Seriously.

    *Note: This comment was aimed at every comment on this page.

  41. jusayin

    Thats some big ass dick skinners on that boy.

  42. Chris Brown
    Commented on this photo:

    somebody get that kid some valtrex

  43. Kris

    For starters what Chris brown did wasn’t right, but he wasn’t entirely in the wrong either.

    Look up the circumstances and it is clear that Chris Brown did two things wrong; 1) he let his emotions get the better of him(over reacted) and 2) no one ever taught him how to spot an abusive woman(get real Rhianna started it when she tried to kill both Chris Brown and herself when he was driving that 100k+ car and then she was the one who escalated the situation after Chris brown pulled over; when she snatched the key’s and threw them into the gutter).

    If society is serious about reducing domestic violence against women then the best way to do it is to teach America’s boy’s and men how to spot abusive women(the number one indicator if a woman will be abused in a relationship is if she herself is physically or emotionally abusive to her partner!fact!)

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