1. Virgodoll

    wow, he doesn’t know the difference between “there” and “their”

    • hazmatsuits

      or the difference between “praising” charlie sheen and laughing at him,
      or the difference between beating up your girlfriend and not being an angry spoiled POS

      • Jon

        Yeah.. that’s why he’s a fuckwit.. his spelling.. chris brown > you

        And Chris Brown is a fucking idiot

        So they’re..

        or is it their..

        or there..


  2. karl

    he can’t even spell ‘their’ right.

  3. Chris Brown Fan

    No, no sillies, he meant to say “for that there bullshit”

    • C

      Good thing you can read his mind like that. Since he doesn’t feel the need for useless things like grammar and civility.

  4. Kate

    lol he’s such an idiot. I hate when people don’t know how to use there, their and they’re. Go back to school Chris and stop performing. You’re wasting your time. When will he go away?

  5. A Curious Fellow

    Yeah kids, by all means focus on the grammar.

    • Virgodoll

      Hey, English isn’t even my first language, and I know my “there” from “their”. How can someone so dumb get so rich and famous?

  6. Jynx

    If you don’t want past things brought up, you shouldn’t do them.
    Meanwhile, his hair is making me crave some Sisqo. Bring back the thong song!

  7. slappy magoo

    Not that I’m lining up to get in his limo, but he does have a point. Sheen has a history of violence towards women – hell, he shot one – yet America still wants to party with him. I think the main difference twixt Sheen and Brown (aside from the obvious skin differences making their crims seem different i their severity…what? I’m talking about their different tattoos, Chris’ are much scarier, what did you think I meant?) is that even now, at a time Sheen should really STFU, he’s perfectly happy to yak about anything in his past. He might not tell the truth – he might not remember the truth – but you can’t get that guy to shut up. Cut off his mic, he’ll shout from his limo’s sunroof. He doesn’t get all bitchy petulant and start breaking shit that doesn’t belong to him, pretending he’s putting all his previous bullshit behind him while still a powderkeg ready to go off. No, Sheen admits he’s a powderkeg in a constant state of going off and doesn’t have a problem with it. If Brown really wants to go Full Metal Charlie, he’s gotta go FUN-crazy, with a smile on his face and some hookers on his arm, not crazy-crazy as he’s been doing. We’ll all still be laughing AT him, but we’ll be less inclined to party with him, which is what celebrity is all about.

    • dafs

      Tbh, I think the problem is that Charlie mostly beat up prostitutes, drug addicts, and other people who the American public don’t give a shit about. Chris Brown beat up a beautiful pop star.

  8. Zombie Kitty

    I’m actually surprised he played the “Charlie Sheen” card before the “race” one

  9. Gatorbates

    He’s the wad his mom should have swallowed. What a waste. Learn how to spell … learn how to treat women correctly … and thank God you’re not in the pen, where you should be.

  10. GrandDragon


  11. tricia

    perhaps he should learn correct grammar.

    • Jon

      lmfao all the book nerds are out in force today

      Dumb rappers who can’t spell.. 5/10 laffs

      Dumb people who expect rappers to spell.. 9/10 laffs

  12. zach trollifinakis

    Bringing past shit up? They still singing about how Ike beat Tina

  13. Jimbob


  14. Chris Egan

    Chris Brown Losing since does not know the difference betweem there and their. Charlie Sheen still winning!

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