Chris Brown Faked It

July 1st, 2010 // 85 Comments

When Chris Brown broke down crying during his BET Awards tribute to Michael Jackson, America couldn’t trip over themselves fast enough to say he’s off the hook for biting and punching Rihanna about the neck and face. Which, surprise, was his plan all along because he faked it. Us Magazine reports:

Before he took the stage to belt out “Man in the Mirror,” a backstage source tells Us one of Brown’s bodyguards gave the singer, 21, tear-inducing eye drops.
Brown’s rep denies it, telling Us that Brown simply “was moved by the opportunity to pay tribute to his idol.” But the witness says Brown definitely used drops.
Says the source, “He rubbed it in and he started crying.”

I’m actually going to give Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt here and say this story probably didn’t happen, but only because his tears were clearly over how fly his dancing was. “Shit, I nailed that moonwalk! Had I known it was going to be that crisp, I would’ve killed the bitch. *sobs* Thank you, Jesus!”

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  1. emw1

    What a loser

    • carl

      i agree

    • Black Dragon

      So what? The Brutha try to show he needs a break and has the right to go on makin some money entertaining you ungrateful assholes. If he premeditated that proves he feels the pain even before the show.
      Leave him the fuck alone and mind ya own damn buziness.

      • wtf

        fact: chris brown is not entertaining.

      • TS

        Not surprised. You give him a pass because smackin’ ho’s is accepted in your culture. Don’t deny that it happens disproportionately more often in your community and it’s pretty much not that big a deal.

        “Cruising down the street in my ’64, jockin’ the bitches, slappin’ the ho’s…”

      • Savalas

        You’re right. We are ungrateful of his entertaining.

        We’d be grateful if he stopped. And got hit by a bus.

      • jomama

        lol, just another negro defending another piece of shit , woman beating negro. he has no business doing what he does, making the money he does. he should be dropped into the ocean and left to drown.

      • damon

        you are an idiot. you approve of abusing women, huh? I have a couple buddies who can show YOU what it’s like, I’m sure, when they are done with you, you’ll say, ah heck, leave them alone, they just trying to make a living beating a-holes up.

      • Katy

        Oh look it’s a pathetic rant WITH horrific grammar. Two of my favorites.

        The grasp you have on the English language is just phenomenal. Bravo, Black Dragon, bravo.

      • mar

        wow…. what an “n word” reply and beautifully typed message. fucking moron! mel gibson, where the fuck are you?!?

    • missywissy

      I tried to watch the video to see what all the hubub was about, and I just couldn’t even make it to the crying part. This dude cannot dance. just his posture alone is really bad I’m not even a professional critic.

      • Black Dragon

        Big mouths and little dicks. chris got more talent in the pants than yall got in the brain. All you got is jealousy and it come out in your little sqeaky voices honk honk honk Honkys!
        Like I said, leave the boy alone he aint done nuthin to you. And don’t act like you don’t slap yall bitches around either.

      • Wake Up

        Brother….. do you have any idea how many African Americans read the shit you write, and then sit there shaking their head at the embarrassment you bring upon us. Stop talking…. you’re setting us back.

      • mmmhmmm….how is that GED treating you?

      • Quizman

        I have one thing for all you African Americans, Mexican Americans, etc. If you can’t just think of yourself as American, why don’t you go to where you think your “roots” are?

      • Black Dragon

        Missywissy, I got your grown up in the front of my muthafuckin pants ho

    • missywissy

      I’m not saying he is without talent, it’s just that his talent sucks. I think he needs more dance training. He dances like he does it for himself, he should do it for the people he’s entertaining. Crisper moves, not all hunched and bent, limp and with half the motion.

      This is not a black thing. Typing on here and trying to sound “black” just makes you sound like your sixteen and probably need to pull your pants up. In other words it makes you look immature. Use some “grown ass” words when you write and you’ll get more credit. ; )

  2. Sizzle

    This is my “not surprised” face.

  3. laughingiscontagious

    Two Words: Douche, Bag!

  4. high

    Anybody who believes this BS didnt believe him to begin with so oh well. It was heartfelt and the fact that ppl keep making up stories to bring his performance down is sad.

    • Bunny

      I believe the words you are looking for are “rancid stenching cunt”. That’s what s/he/it is.
      Love and kisses

  5. Jr

    God, he’s such a twat. He shouldn’t even bother dating girls anymore because it’s pretty clear he’ll never love any more than himself. Twat.

    • its me fuckers

      he must be taking lessons from Kanye. I think he should become Kanye’s bum buddy… they would make quite the pair.

      • Jr

        There’s a horrifying parody porno in that idea waiting to happen. Glitter, conceit and butt lube. Gaaahhhhhh….

  6. Alli Watermelon

    Anyone who defends this psychologically twisted loser is….well, SAD. ^^^

  7. Bridge

    He is a phony piece of shit, and that is stating it nicely.

  8. The Truth

    He is an asshole

  9. The Matador

    We forgave Michael Jackson for diddling little boys. … I’m just sayin’

    • the EPA

      What the Fuck do you mean by “we”? I haven’t forgiven that piece of shit for anything. My only satisfaction is that Jackson is burning in hell. Being smothered in toddler butt lube makes you burn for a really long time.

    • the EPA

      What the Fuck do you mean by “we”? I haven’t forgiven that piece of shit for anything. My only satisfaction is that Jackson is burning in hell. Being smothered in toddler butt lube makes you burn for a really long time.

  10. Fester

    So, the top three posts are Lady GaGa as a dude, Michael Jackson in bed with Jeebus, and Chris Brown. It’s a regular Hometown Sausage Jamboree.

  11. Capnawesome

    Who cares! Let it go. The bitch prolly deserved it.

  12. IrememberWhen

    I find it funny how Chris Brown is “forgiven” for his behavior at a tribute for someone “forgiven” for his creepy behavior. I still want to buy MJ’s remains like he tried buying the Elephant Man’s remains. I got $10 just burning a hole in my pocket.

    • PhilDonahue

      Maybe you can give the ten-spot to a toothless, homeless dude who’ll suck your cock for you. You’ll enjoy it, I’m sure, and your pocket will be saved. Go on, douche, do it.

  13. Shantera Jefferson Jones

    Leave Chris bee! You all are jealouse coz hes a fine man and hes so talent! YOU ALL shoul bee ashaimed of youself! Chris is just a amillionair brother and you all are jealouse of him coz you ugly and you poor! HAHA! RIANNA IS A LYING BITCH!!!!AND SHE KNOWS IT!!!!!

    • Chris Brown

      I’m a piece of shit who will be broke soon b/c no one wants to buy my albums and I don’t know how to keep my hands in my pockets. I’m ashamed of myself, everyone here but you is right. ‘Rianna’ as you spelled hasn’t lied so please you’re embarrassing yourself….

    • GP

      I find it hard to take anything you say seriously. First off, learn to spell and then get back to me. Second, are you saying she smashed her own face in a window?

    • Reality

      And the winner of our “most likely to remind us that stereotypes are there for a reason” is…


      Seriously…you’re an idiot ghetto rat who idolizes people because they “gots money”. Go back to trying to have 9 kids with 14 different men and get off the innanets.

    • Vitobonespur

      This is a joke, right?

    • Vitobonespur

      I hope this is a fucking joke, cuz if it isn’t, it’s fucking frightening!

    • absinthe

      Stay in school, sweety!

  14. My wife fakes it then cries for real..

  15. slime

    “Shantera Jefferson Jones”…must be a nice irish girl :) So you’re ok with worms like Brown who beat women huh? Did you see the photos of her after this scumbag smacked her around? Must have been Photoshopped right? You’re pathetic. His crying BS was a publicity stunt, pure and simple. No sympathy here for a so-called man who beats women and fakes crying to win the public back.

  16. Confused

    So how exactly does shedding a tear get you off the hook for beating the shit out of your woman? Dumb. The guy is a douchebag.

  17. Jimbo

    Chris Brown should focus more on putting out a good recording and less on trying to pretend that he really has heartfelt sorrow at Michael Jackson’s passing. The dude says he’s sorry, so you have to take him at his word, but why he feels compelled to act the weeping mourner when it is all designed to reboot his career is the real mystery.

    Say, where’s the guy that always rants about how this stuff is racist? Did he take the day off?

  18. poop

    If that was faked, he should do more acting haha.

  19. Chris Brown is a pathetic woman beating loser….

    As far as Rhianna goes, she’s a talentless skank.

  20. Bert

    What a fucking shock. And how does crying on stage have anything to do with what he did to Rihanna. Americans are stupid.

  21. barroom hero

    douchebag twat.

  22. hellokittylover

    ahaha …this story is so fake. major bull

  23. Telly

    Anyone who’s seen a Curious George cartoon knows that the little monkey cries when he gets sad.

    Apologies to Curious George for putting his name in the same sentence as Chris Brown.

  24. Tylenol Jackson

    I be fed up with yall, Dog. Chris Brown is fly. Or dope. Or whatever that wurd be’s.

  25. Tylenol Jackson

    One mo thang…Rhianna is won HOT mutherfucker. I be getting to bidness wit her all de time. Blowjob. Mutherfucker. Lips.

  26. Bill O'Really?

    I was going to say that Chris Brown, along with Kanye West, is a useless piece of shit. But then I remembered the Gulf needs help getting rid of the oil. Give each of them a tablespoon and an empty Colt .45 40-ounce can and throw them in the Gulf of Mexico so they can each do their part.

  27. LittleSocrates

    You know, nobody would’ve “forgiven” Chris Brown if the reporters hadn’t started saying that he was “back” and “forgiven” to begin with. I honestly wasn’t that moved by his performance, though…his rendition of Remember was REALLY poorly choreographed (with one moment being really functional), he didn’t even perform the most honorable part (Smooth Criminal), and the choreography started to get fuzzy during Billie Jean…

    But as to the claims that his crying’s fake, he must be really, really good at faking not being able to sing, too. I mean, he sounds awful…most of the time someone who sounds as good as Chris Brown will have a really difficult time singing as if they’re crying to the point where they can’t keep the melody or timing straight. I dunno, the crying seems legitimate to me, because CRYING IS ABOUT MORE THAN THE EYES.

    • Darrin

      C’mon, the backlash against him was/is huge. The tears were real – the kid was crying over the damage done to his career.

      Don’t be fooled, if setting himself on fire meant he’d get his reputation back; he’d be begging for matches. He cares about himself, nothing more.

  28. Evan

    When I saw the story about how he cried I said it was fake. US magazine is too damn slow.

  29. SATAN

    The bigger point that people seem to be missing is the fact that even if he never punched Rihanna, he still was, is, and always will be a D-bag, and this is further proof of it.

    And I’ve never heard the sound Verne Toyer makes when he orgasms, but that’s the best way for me to describe Chris Brown’s singing voice.

  30. Jump

    The dude is a douche, for sure….but this racist crap is senseless. I couldn’t tell you a Chris Brown song, from a Lady Gaga song – and couldn’t care less! Both sing trash.
    Forgiving some one because they sing songs?..REALLY? This clown-ass isn’t guilty (some are saying) because he sings freakin’ songs and has money?…There’s the base for the problems right there, people excusing criminal behavior because the person can sing, dance, or hit a fastball 320′….
    THese people “just” sing”…or “act” or Play a game,..that’s it!….Nothing they’ve done grants them immunity for sh*t!
    Just stfu about this being racist. There are assholes of every walk, period.! Just drop your support for them once they cross the damn line,…like this DBag did.

  31. bob


  32. Leon

    Is anyone here really surprised he faked it. What did you expect.

  33. captain america

    he was trying to be a stand up comedian…………..

  34. Darrin

    I say we send a message. Tell the world that violence against Women will not be tolerated, regardless of who you are.

    If that message means denying chris brown (lack of caps purely intentional) a career in the entertainment industry, so be it. That’s a tremendously small price to pay for sending a message of decency to every self important kid in the business.

    ignore him. Simply ignore him.

  35. Brooke

    HA! Fish, you crack me up.

  36. America

    to be honest, i’d way rather fight chris brown than shantera….she types like a big girl…doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, men abusing women is not ok….also: “Black Dragon”, cool of a name as that is, we white people pretend “honky” is offensive to make you feel special and empowered, just like we let you play quarterback for Harvard, knowing you’ll enter the draft junior year…

  37. Deb3000

    OK I think I will forgive and say he might have been overwhelmed at just being able to finally perform again. Maybe (?) he’s been punished enough. Let him get on with his career. So, rag on my if you want. Haters to the left.

  38. Phil

    Even Zomg Cat wasn’t surprised, that cat even lost the expression in his face.

  39. Kaz

    Hi cris brown u know u loser forever ,,

  40. Slig

    He new he fack with rihanna hooker buth bad

  41. Maya

    Wow, people need to grow up. First of all I think he was excellent at the BET Awards. He made bad choices and he realized that. And he was crying during “Man in the Mirror” and think about that song people, it probably reminded Chris of what he did wrong. I find it funny that people call him names like you know him personally, he has talent so who gives a fuck about his personal life? Rihanna isn’t that damn innocent either. You white people are acting like racial slurs.

  42. sa

    Chris Brown’s a idiot. Any black woman or woman or black man who identifies with this creep and defends has no morals.

  43. Gavin

    Never seen this site before but it is pretty funny!

    I’m a brit (this is relavent) and maybe you guys dont know uR over here most americans are sort of joked about being racist idiots who like the smell of their own farts and well…………… guys aint doing much to help the cause here!
    and i know how much our beer drinking/abuse mouth filled isiots are equally hated, i hate them too!

    for the record its pretty obvious that he faked it, but some of the words you people use so freely you obviously shouldnt of been taught.
    and for the black dude who wrote who cares we all hit our women etc etc. wow………just wow…………………… you wear animal clothing and carry a club???? bro that hurt me as a black man that you could bring us so far back with one comment!

    hopefully all races will unite against this “fucking brit” and i’ll be inundated with replies regarding my queen/prime minister/tea/phone boxes and a thousand things that are totally irrelavent to me.

    oh and i know a fuck load more white dudes who have hit their women, maybe only me but that comment is way off the mark.
    difference is most black dudes who do it dont give a shit and will say it load and proud.

    i know there are a thousand clever yanks who this doesnt apply to but fuck it………its monday

  44. Gavin

    wow my spelling was epic there wasnt it…..

  45. dikeba

    he didnt fake it bitches just liein!!!!!

  46. Lydia brown

    Who gv’s a fuck wat u thnk bowt hm.u cn say al u wnt bt he wil always be good nd talented.nd u nt GOD TO JUDGE HM

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