Chris Brown & Drake Got Into A Fight Over Rihanna

Apparently Chris Brown and Drake’s entourages got into a bar fight last night, most likely over Rihanna who’s reportedly dating Drake again, and you can tell Chris fought a man this time because he immediately got injured and then threw a hissy fit on Twitter about it after posting a photo of his boo-boo (above). So now you see why he only fights women. Let him let you into his world. TMZ reports:

TMZ has confirmed with the NYPD that the two singers’ crews got into a fight at WIP nightclub — 5 people were injured in the melee.
NYPD arrived on the scene after receiving a call between 4 and 5am. Chris and Drake were not present when cops arrived.
We’re told there were no critical injuries … just bumps, bruises and lacerations. No arrests were made.
After the fight, Brown tweeted a photo of his injury … along with the message, “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.”

I’m sorry, did Chris Brown actually lecture someone on proper fight etiquette. This Chris Brown?

Brown pulled Robyn F. close to him and bit her on her left ear. She was able to feel the vehicle swerving from right to left as Brown sped away. He stopped the vehicle in front of 333 North June Street and Robyn F. turned off the car, removed the key from the ignition and sat on it.
“Brown did not know what she did with the key and began punching her in the face and arms. He then placed her in a head lock positioning the front of her throat between his bicep and forearm. Brown began applying pressure to Robyn F.’s left and right carotid arteries, causing her to be unable to breathe and she began to lose consciousness.
“She reached up with her left hand and began attempting to gouge his eyes in an attempt to free herself. Brown bit her left ring and middle fingers and then released her. While Brown continued to punch her, she turned around and placed her back against the passenger door. She brought her knees to her chest, placed her feet against Brown’s body and began pushing him away. Brown continued to punch her on the legs and feet, causing several contusions.

Wait, my bad, he applied a chokehold after biting Rihanna in the ear. For a minute there I thought he did it before which is why I was about to say Chris Brown doesn’t know dick about proper fisticuffs. Forget I spoke.

Photos: Twitter, Bauer-Griffin