Chris Brown’s Charges Dropped To A Misdemeanor Because He’s Just Like Trayvon

October 29th, 2013 // 43 Comments
Arrested Again
Chris Brown
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There are white people who think Joe Paterno did enough. There are white people who think Joe Paterno did enough. There are white people who think Joe Paterno did enough…

Back in August, Chris Brown claimed he was the victim of a racist justice system that dared penalize him for all the community service he faked. After that, he went on to compare himself to Trayvon Martin because he can’t catch a break for that one time he smashed the shit out of Rihanna‘s face then bit her about the face and neck. And now that he’s been arrested for assaulting a man in Washington, D.C., surely Chris Brown is going to be tossed back upon the gears of a legal system that’s stacked against him. People reports:

The charges were reduced Monday afternoon to simple assault. Brown, 24, and Christopher Hollosy, who had spent the previous 36 hours in jail, were freed without bail.

See? His charges were immediately dropped to a misdemeanor letting him walk around free and alive just like Trayvon. They’re practically twins!

NOTE: I’m not even going to pretend Chris Brown’s probation will be revoked because California. He’d literally have to murder a blonde hair, blue-eyed toddler that looks like JonBenét Ramsey directly in front of a judge, and even then, that child’s last name better be Gates or Buffet for it to be a long shot. At best.

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  1. Louis Rukeyser: Nude!

    I really am waiting for the day he picks the wrong guy (or girl) to beat on and gets mashed to a pulp. Of course, I won’t be taking any bets on him screaming racism if that happens, but no intelligent bookie would anyway.

    • Cher X

      Nah, the little baby will have his body guards to “protect” him.

      A true coward, he is.

    • No way. Like any real cowardly punk he would NEVER raise a hand to anyone that could fight back. Unless it was to sucker punch them and then jump behind his security.

      Look at the fight with Drake. If I’m not mistaken, Drake is kind of a little guy. But I’m sure his security detail rivals Chris Brown’s. Drake and his people smashed Chris Brown in the face with a champagne bottle, and like any real thug Chris took the fight to the streets…the Twitter streets. Not the actual streets…’cause somebody could get hurt doin’ that shit. You crazy?

    • cc

      Isn’t Rukeyser dead?

      Anyway, I heard him speak once…he wasn’t very good.

  2. Deacon Jones

    OJ’s is innocent as well, according to 12% of the population

  3. If flip those crumby signs around you would see things like “Free OJ” and “Set the Juice loose”

  4. “Jesus already forgave Chris Brown!”

    I see the Brain Trust is in town.

  5. Thank you Chris Brown supporters for proving my points. I wonder which one of these is J-Sin?

    • Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

      I’m sure that “justifiable” asshole will have his/her usual 500 page response to your comment.

    • El Jefe: The dry cleaners called – they’re having a fuck of a time trying to get the booger and drool stains out of your hood, but they’re going to keep on trying.

      • You don’t even know what color or race I am you fucking imbecile.

      • What you don’t realize is that it’s immaterial whether you’re a self-loathing black, a self-righteous white, a Hispanic who’s not fond of either or something in between, your arguments are based on ignorance, stigmatization and lack both rationality and judgment. You waxed on at great length yesterday about all the things that blacks in America could do to “fix [them]selves”, which included “learn English” (based on the stunning argument that every single immigrant group in this country has already done so), and stop being stupid and poor. You’re also mortally sure that the majority of the black population in this country possessed all of the problems that you identified that stood in the way of their being “civilized”, just as you also know for a fact that Honey Boo-Boo and other sterling examples of how inbreeding can go terribly, terribly wrong are merely a silly little aberration when it comes to representing the white population of this country.

        Now you’re using Chris Brown’s moronic supporters to try to prove how right you were. There’s a shitload of teenage girls who are tweeting that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s too cute to be in jail and his rating proves he couldn’t be guilty – does that mean that women shouldn’t be allowed to serve on juries or hold office because it’s proof positive that the majority of them are irrational and emotional?

      • Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

        Holy fuck. Wordy much? You go on these mega-diatribes, but all I’m starting to read is Charlie Brown’s Teacher rambling on after the first paragraph. “Wha Wha Wha”.

      • Hey Fella et al, if you have a problem with reading comprehension, have a season subscription to the Short Attention Span Theater, or just otherwise expect the rest of the world to function on a 5 word, single-idea, 60- second sound-bite basis so that you can be spoon-fed from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy, that’s not my fucking problem.

        If you find 229 words to be a “mega-diatribe” that puts your poor overtaxed brain on overload, then let me make a very simple, easy-to-grasp, suggestion: Don’t. Read. It.

      • As long as you break it up into paragraphs, justifiable, I’m cool with it. Keep doing your thing.

      • Hey Fella. Are You George Zimmerman?

        Holy Fuck. Do you work?

      • Yeah, and as I told you last night, it’d really chap your ass if you knew just how much I get for doing this.

      • let me take a stab at it- ‘pompous blowhard asshole’?
        what do I win?

      • Ignorance comes in all colors.

      • Hey Fella. Are You George Zimmerman?

        Actually, ignorance comes in the form of pseudo intellectuals that praddle on and on, not realizing that they are rehashing the same old fucking stereotypical bullshit that they profess to hate. I give you, for example, justifiable.

      • Hey Fella. Are You George Zimmerman?

        Oh, yeah. Fell free to pick fun of my English, asshole. It’s pretty much your go to response to any reply you don’t like. Unlike you, I am busy, and can’t look at my post five-freakin’-thousand times to make sure it’s right.

      • No, see, a “pseudo intellectual” is someone who doesn’t know that there’s no such work as “praddle”, and is equally clueless as to what “stereotype” really means, but figures they both sound pretty impressive, and uses them in the hope that something will stick somewhere.

        And if simply ridiculing your language skills is always my “go to response to any reply I don’t like”, then just what the fuck prompted all the mewling, bitching and whining about lengthy responses and “mega diatribes”? Really, you can’t have it both ways, but please do go about your incredibly busy can’t-really-be-concerned-with-my-offhand-reply-which-is-why-I-posted-twice evening. Maybe you’ll finally figure it out.

  6. Mitch

    I guess those Chris Brown supporters took a vacation day from their job to go out and wave signs around.

    Good. Good for them.

  7. cc

    Speaking of JonBenet, anyone think that case will ever get solved? Still stands out to me as being for the weirdest murders ever.

    Chris Brown is an asshole.

    • All jokes aside, it is a travesty that that child’s murderer will probably never be prosecuted. Very sad that a 6-year old can be murdered in her own home and the murderer gets away with it. (BTW — I don’t think the parents did it. For years I did, but no longer.)

      • cc

        I thought for a long time the brother did it and the parents covered it up but had to abandon that theory as well.

      • Yeah, the parents seem to have been ruled out pretty convincingly. I’m a fucking weirdo and I’ve read a lot about various murders and other crimes and it’s the weirdest case I’ve ever read about. There are no real suspects. Maybe it was the Zodiac?

      • Nah, he died in ’92, and I’m just as weird as you are about crime investigation. I never though the brother did it, unlike cc, but the overly-full-of-explanations-as-to-who-we-are two-page kidnap letter demanding the exact amount of Ramsay’s bonus, as well as the fact that the body of that same “kidnap” victim was actually left in the house, always struck me as being jarringly out of place for an “outsider” job.

      • Hey Fella. Are You George Zimmerman?

        It’s “thought”, shitbag. How do you like a little taste of you own medicine?

      • First, nimrod, there’s a fuckload of difference between a simple typo and being utterly ignorant of grammar and word meaning. It’s people who don’t comprehend that distinction who run around leaping on the former, thinking they’ve actually scored something.

        Second, if you want to continue being petulant because you’ve come out on the losing end of numerous exchanges, and insist on clinging to the delusion that you’re actually getting any payback here over a typo, it really, really, really helps if you don’t go and do the exact same thing when writing “you own medicine”.

  8. Hugh G. Rection

    Not that I really support Chris Brown, but there is a difference between him punching a guy who was an asshole and beating the shit out of his girlfriend.

  9. In all fairness, punching someone shouldn’t be a felony. That’s a little ridiculous.

  10. The future leaders of America, right there.

    • Mitch

      Dude, you’re probably not far off the mark. This country is n an accelerating downward spiral. Wait until the cut welfare and you are going to see riots like you have never seen before.

      • cc

        Geez strike a sombre not why don’t you? I come here to mock celebrities, weigh the merits of various behinds, and say nice things about Kelly Brook. You are killing my buzz.

      • D.

        You do know that the majority of welfare recipients are white, don’t you Mitch?

  11. Rihanna Bikini Instagram
    Commented on this photo:

    fucking birds.

  12. Sign Guy #2: you left out the part about forgiveness depending on sincere repentance, but I’m sure Chris has now seen the error of his ways and is on the path to righteousness.
    Sign Guy#3: an excellent way to be left alone is not to punch other people in the nose.
    SignGuy#1: I’m all for free CB, but there’s only so much bandwidth.

  13. Joe Paterno didn’t rape anybody.
    Joe Paterno didn’t rape anybody.
    Joe Paterno didn’t rape anybody.

    It’s asinine to try and argue that nobody can bitch about idiots sticking up for Chris Brown even though he’s repeatedly shown himself to be a violent moron who personally beats on people who he knows can’t or won’t fight back, with someone who personally committed no act of violence against anyone, ever, and (at best) stupidly assumed his reporting what he knew (which was not even first hand information) to the proper authority would lead to it being handled appropriately. That’s like saying that as long as anyone anywhere does anything stupid, everyone everywhere gets a free pass on stupid.

  14. Rihanna Bikini Instagram
    Commented on this photo:

    God Bless Barbados.

  15. Bringbackbabalu

    I dont get the logic? Trayvon tried to jump some Mexican dude, and got shot in the face…his own stupid fault.

    Usually, when white people die or are the victim no one says a damn thing.

    Ever hear of O.J.? Didn’t he murder a blonde woman, and walk?
    Why is it every other day i hear about some black dudes beating a while guy to death and they are yelling racial slurs, and they get away with probation. Yet, when the victim is a minority they have a double standard. If a white guy does it, its racism. Liberals are all such racist bigots. Why do they classify everyone by race? It is sad=( Such hypocrites

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